Young and Restless Rumor Control: Michelle Stafford Not Pregnant, Eric Braeden is Not Exiting and Mark Grossman Wasn’t Fired

Dispelling the latest batch of Y&R rumors.

It’s astounding, the number of rumors we dispel almost on a daily basis in our Young and Restless Canadian Day Ahead Recaps – Soaps Spoilers.

We’ve gathered the most popular ones in an attempt to let soap viewers know that sometimes a rumor is just that. Someone looking for attention by lying or some website looking to make money off of unsuspecting masses.

Michelle Stafford

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Summers) is not exiting Y&R, she wasn’t fired in order to bring Gina Tognoni back in the role.

The actress is on a regular yearly holiday with her children.

She is not pregnant. The rumor comes from an old article that was written when the actress had a surrogate for her daughter, several years ago. 

How do we know? The actress has been posting images and then she literally returned after a few days away from her role in pre-taped scenes.

phyllis reveals jeremy was going to kill her.

Courtney Hope

Courtney Hope is not pregnant in real life. Just because a character is pregnant, does not necessarily mean the actress is.

The photo she was in with Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea Lawson) that was floating around was Hope showing off her fake baby bump that she wears on Y&R since Sally is pregnant, while Egan’s baby bump was real since she is pregnant in real life. 

sally worries baby will be like her

Trevor St. John

Trevor St. John is not leaving Y&R. The rumor came about because the character, Tucker McCall, told Ashley and Victor that there was nothing left for him in Genoa City and that he was considering leaving.

Also, the Tuesday, April 25 spoiler “Tucker packs his bags,” was about the character getting ready to leave.

Since then, Ashley has invited him to live with her and he moves into the Abbott mansion in the April 27 episode.

Here’s a sneak peek photo taken from an episode he’s on during the week of May 1- May 5 that SoapsSpoilers posted Thursday night

tucker with morning tea

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Mark Grossman

Courtney Hope (Sally Spectra) did not get Mark Grossman (Adam Newman) fired.

There has been no official word that the actor is even exiting Young and Restless.

This is a rumor that came about when there was gossip about the actors’ personal lives and whether or not they were or are in a relationship. (Something that has no bearing on the characters.)

How do we know? Actors have no say in who gets hired, fired or what storyline they get, just like any other job out there. If they did, it’d be mayhem.

adam reassures sally their baby will be happy.

Eric Braeden 

Eric Braeden is not leaving Young and the Restless. This comes up almost every few months.

Whenever the character of Victor Newman sits in a scene, everyone flocks to social media and starts talking about how he must be ill because he’s sitting. 

How do we know? The actor stated last week on Twitter in April that he wasn’t going anywhere. 

If you hear this rumor again, go to his Twitter feed and check for yourself.

True, the actor right now is battling bladder cancer but he’s doing well.

victor tells nick he bought mccall

James Hyde

James Hyde has already exited from Y&R. Since the show tapes at least six weeks in advance, and Jeremy Stark has been killed off, and his body found, he is gone.

How do we know? The actor and Michelle Stafford have posted about the exit and working together on Instagram.

Jeremy finds Phyllis alone and vulnerable Young and the restless recaps soapsspiolers

J.T. Hellstrom

J.T. is not Jeremy Stark’s son. J.T. is only returning so far for one episode in a scene with Elena, which is solely about Victoria.

How we know? With Jeremy dead, there is no point in having yet another story in conjunction with this one to suddenly reveal this. This screams speculation. 

jt hellstrom Y&R

Take care in which soap opera websites you read. Ensure they’re reputable.

Be careful not to blindly believe a random stranger on the internet who tells you something about a character or actor.

Do a Google search to see if there’s a current story written about it.

And remember where you’ve read rumors and if they do not come to fruition, consider that your source may not be a place you want to revisit.  

Feel free to post comments for us below with rumors you’ve heard and we’ll do our best to look them up for you and let you know whether or not they’re based in reality!

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