Phyllis Kills Jeremy Stark, Kyle Threatens Chance, and Victor Blows up at Adam for Getting Sally Pregnant

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Jeremy changes the plans with Phyllis and she worries the cops will figure out what they did, while Adam tells Victor he’s going to have a baby with Sally, and Summer feels guilty about her mother’s death. In the previous episode, Stark threatened Phyllis’ life, and Mariah and Tessa introduced the baby to Sharon.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 14, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 17. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the Abbott house, Kyle and Jack yell about needing to post Diane’s bail.

Jack’s not sure she’ll get it because of her history of disappearing.

They need to prove her innocence and Jack vows to do so.

Kyle is frustrated that Summer believes Diane did it.

kyle believes in diane

They need to clear her name. Otherwise, Kyle’s not sure his marriage will survive.

Jack understands why Summer blames Diane. They agree the truth will come out and Summer will see she’s innocent.

Kyle says everyone else believes she killed Phyllis. They wonder what the evidence is that is so damning.

Kyle says whatever it is was planted by Stark. It’s payback for what Diane and Jack did to him.

Jack blames himself but Kyle tells him not to.

jack feels he's to blame

This is on Stark. Jack thought he was neutralizing Stark. “Wow was I wrong,” he says, feeling dumb.

Kyle thinks Stark doesn’t value life which is why he went as far as to kill Phyllis.

Jack says there’s no stopping him from killing again. Jack thought he was neutralizing Stark.

“Wow was I wrong,” he says, feeling dumb. He has to find Diane the right lawyer.

Kyle says he’ll go see her now.

kyle wonders how stark pulled this off

Summer finds Chance at the Athletic Club. Both of them feel something was off the night Phyllis died.

He urges her to go home but she can’t stay away. It’s part of her penance.

Chance says this isn’t her fault. She disagrees. She treated her mom like garbage at the end.

Chance asks her to give herself a break. She is but this will forever be the last place she saw her mom alive.

Chance admits he has no new leads so Summer offers to reenact it. Chance offers to call her dad or Kyle or her brother.

chance at gcac

She says no. Daniel is grieving and her husband thinks his mom is innocent.

The only thing making her feel better is that her mom’s killer is being punished.

She wants to talk about the investigation but he refuses and asks her not to coax reactions out of Diane again.

summer penance at gcac

It was risky enough. She cries. It’s all she can think of. He offers to drive her home but Kyle pokes his head in and thinks Chance has done enough. He blames Chance for filling his wife’s head with trumped-up baseless allegations.

His mom isn’t a cold-blooded killer. Summer defends Chance and Kyle says to stay away from his wife or he’ll find a way to make him pay.

kyle warns chance

In the no-tell-motel, Stark tells Phylis it’s no choice. He’ll kill her before he goes back to prison.

Phyllis vows she’ll tell everyone she came up with the plan.

Stark says there will be holes in it. He’d be implicated.

stark manhandles phyllis

They’ll move on with their plan whether she likes it or not.

Phyllis calls him nothing, compared to other terrifying thoughts of her kids needing them when she’s not there.

Her strength as a mother is fiercer than anything he’s got.

phyllis tells stark off

She says she was wrong to do this. Her children don’t hate her. She can’t put them through this.

Stark shakes his head as she tells him her kids regret how they treated her. Stark says they had a deal and she needs to leave town.

Phyllis did an impulsive thing and each time she looks in the mirror, she regrets it.

Diane did this for years, letting Kyle think she was dead but Phyllis can’t do that for another minute.

Stark yells to shut up and think. The only reason they are suffering is that she’s dead.

If they learn she’s alive it won’t be sunshine and roses. Plus, there’ll be charges she’ll face.Phyllis tries to reason with stark


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She’ll be locked up, not Diane. “Are you gonna let her win?” Jeremy says she made her bed.

Now she has to live with it. Phyllis says he’s right. She needs to stick with the plan and accept that she needs to start life anew.

Jeremy was hoping she’d say that. He asks her to picture a secluded beach.

“Us sipping our tropical drinks” while they watch the sunset.

She gives him a look. “Our drinks?” He says there’s a change of plans. He’s coming with her.

phyllis wants to go home

He’s tired of this town and will be there to remind her there’s no turning back. He gets a text and says an old colleague is helping with his offshore accounts.

He’s arranged to send half her money to the island. She asks why he’d do that. He’ll implicate himself.

Diane hasn’t even been found guilty. Stark doesn’t think anyone will track him but she thinks it’ll make him culpable.

The police will check into him and this will blow up in their faces. Stark says she’s right. He’ll come to join her when it’s safe. 

phyllis shocked stark going with her

Stark takes her in his arms and she asks what he’s doing. He reminds her they’re married and moves in for a kiss.

Phyllis takes off and runs for the door but he catches her and knows she was bluffing but killing her is a victimless crime.

She’s already dead. He grabs scissors. She begs him not to do this but he walks toward her, a menacing look on his face.

She runs into the bathroom and screams, “Jeremy, no!”

stark tries to kiss phyllis

At Crimson Lights, Adam talks to Sally about designing baby clothes.

She’s embarrassed to say she hadn’t thought of it but she can’t resist.

adam and sally talk designing baby clothes

They joke that she can’t wear clothes off the rack.

Victor and Nick walk in at the same time and watch the duo chat.

Nick approaches and kisses Sally’s cheek.

Adam wonders if his dad’s there to dangle a new company in front of his face only to take it away. 

nick finds sally with adam

Adam says he insinuated himself into Sally’s tea time but she’s all Nick’s now.

They go and Victor calls that quite the display of him and Nick fawning over “that woman.” He thinks Adam’s making a mistake with Sally.

“And what did she do now?” Adam says. Victor says she’s with Nick now and Adam needs to move on. Adam sighs.

His dad goes on about how Adam’s wasting his time. Adam knows and says he and Sally are bonded for life.

Victor thought he was more mature than that. He sounds like a teen who is lovestruck.

Adam is shocked his dad doesn’t know. Sally’s having his baby and he’s still in love with her. Victor stares. Is he sure?

Adam believes her and says Nick knows. “Man oh man oh man oh man. What the hell are you two doing?” Adam says there was a paternity test. “I won out.”

victor talks to adam crimson lights

Victor asks if he thinks it’s a victory. It pisses him off that he’s in love with the woman his brother is with.

He should be working, and have direction and purpose in his life.

Adam has purpose and direction in his kids. He takes off.

adam angry father


Sally and Nick arrive at a suite at Atheltic Club. She tells him about seeing Aria and he’s quiet.

He says he’s wiped out. He complains about Summer’s mother-in-law being put away for Phyllis’ murderer and says today was rough but being with her is nice.

They talk about how she invited Adam to join them at the ultrasound. Nick kind of rolls his eyes as he smiles.

nick wiped out

Jack tracks Christine down at Society and asks her to recommend a good defense attorney.

She wishes him luck but can’t talk to him about this case at all. She goes and he calls Michael.

Christine offers a lawyer help

Back at the no-tell-motel, a body is wrapped in a white shower curtain and bloodied scissors lay beside it.

stark dead body

Phyllis grabs the scissors and her hands and face are bloody as she tries wiping the blood off on a towel.

phyllis bloodied after killing stark

She seems in shock as she looks outside to see if the coast is clear and then drags Stark’s dead body out of the motel.

phyllis drags starks dead body


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