Young and Restless Spoilers March 6-10: Adam Makes Sally a Shocking Offer, and Michael Refuses to get Caught up in Nikki’s Schemes

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March 6 to Friday, March 10.

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Big news! Y&R comings and goings for the 50th anniversary listed!

Coming up the week of March 6!

Stark enlists Phyllis’ help with his search for Diane, Phyllis discovers she’s at the Abbott cabin when she learns Kyle sent a delivery there. Phyllis calls the landline at the cabin and disconnects when Diane picks up. Diane thinks Stark has found her.

Everything is about to blow up in Phylli’s face.

drunk phyllis calls summer Y&R early recaps

Devon and Victoria face off. Devon considers his father’s offer to buy McCall Unlimited but is wary that there are strings attached. He’s not sure if Tucker’s on the up and up but thinks the deal could be a safety net in case he doesn’t get Hamilton-Winters back. 

Victoria goes to Devon to tell him Tucker wants to sell his company because it’s drowning in debt. 

When Victoria asks if Devon knows about the debt, he doesn’t respond. Devon hears that Tucker approached the Newmans first and starts becoming more skeptical about Tucker’s motives for selling.

Victoria overplays her hand, asking Devon to let Newman buy McCall, which makes it obvious how badly they want the company.

vicky and devon Y&R recaps

Sneak Peeks for Y&R this week!

Stark’s in Phyllis’ room and she tells him she can’t lose everything.

He tells her it seems to him that she already has.

She asks, “Why do you care?”

stark in phyllis room Y&R recaps

Sally tells Summer she’s pregnant.

summer learrns sally pregnant Y&R recaps

Victoria asks Devon if Tucker approached him to buy his company.

Monday, March 6

Monday’s Y&R recap: Summer calls Sally selfish

Nick gives Adam a reality check.

Billy shares words of wisdom with Kyle.

Summer thinks Sally’s using Nick.

Diane gets a cryptic message from Stark.

Diane almost says no to Jack’s proposal.

diane gets text stark Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

Tuesday, March 7

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: Nick confronts Summer

Summer confronts Nick.

Nick tells Summer that Sally’s not using him.

Nate discovers a secret. 

Sharon gives Billy a warning about Chelsea.

Chelsea tells Billy about her new possible job with Daniel.

Lily and Daniel talk about bringing Chelsea into the fold at work.

Chelsea notices Billy’s changed a bit.

sharon learns sally pregnant Y&R early recaps

Wednesday, March 8

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Devon asks Tucker to meet to discuss the sale of McCall

Victor strikes a deal.

Adam will run McCall and Victoria’s not going to be involved if they purchase McCall.

Victoria is not happy that her father has given her an ultimatum.

Daniel reveals a secret to Lily.

Lily’s not happy Nate’s been spying on her.

Nate wants Daniel’s help in getting the siblings, Lily and Devon to talk.

abby and devon talk victoria Y&R recaps

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Thursday, March 9

Thursday’s Y&R recap: Phyllis tracks Diane and tips off Stark

Ashley and Billy share a difference of opinion.

Billy and Chelsea discuss her new project.

Chelsea tells Summer she’s taken on a new project.

Summer and Phyllis have a run in.

Phyllis finds Kyle and discusses Summer with her.

Kyle leaves his phone behind while with Phyllis who finds out where Jack and Diane are.

Phyllis tips of Stark.

Diane has a wild fantasy where Ashley reveals she loves Diane and Diane asks her to be her matron of honor.

Spoiler video! Y&R’s 50th anniversary discussion!

stark nightmare Y&R day ahead recap March 9, 2023

Friday, March 10

Friday’s Y&R day ahead recap – Nikki and Summer sabotage Sally

Nikki makes a shocking announcement.

Michael doesn’t want any part of sabotaging McCall’s deal.

Summer strategies against Sally after she and Nikki work to get her to dump Nick.

Billy receives unexpected news.

Adam and Nick discuss Sally after Adam offers to buy Sally a house.

Chloe and Chelsea discuss her feelings for Billy.

nick vs adam bar Y&R day ahead recaps March 10, 2023

Coming up the week of March 13!

Phyllis sets a trap.

Nate creates boundaries with Victoria.

Tucker retaliates against Adam.

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