Young and Restless Spoilers May 8 – 12: Daniel Makes a Huge Reveal About Phyllis, While Everyone’s Brains Scramble

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for the CBS soap opera, Y&R, from Monday, May 8 to Friday, May 12.

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Sneak peeks for the week of May 8!

Victor stands his ground.

Chelsea confides in Adam.

Elena makes a bold move.

Ashley makes a confession.

This week on Y&R!

Tucker offers Diane a way out.

tucker offers diane way out

Daniel lectures Summer, asking her how she can keep looking Kyle in the eye and lie to him when she has the power to take his pain away. 

daniel lectures summer

Adam offers Sally a job working for him.

adam offers sally a job

Devon and Lily are thrilled when Malcolm arrives at the lounge for the celebration.

malcolm arrives


Monday, May 8

Monday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Devon decides to change his last name

Malcolm returns to Genoa City.

Everyone is thrilled Malcolm is back.

Devon wants to be a Winters and both Malcolm and Lily approve, even Harmony.

Tucker is the one who brought Harmony to town, which made Devon happy.

Diane and Kyle hug, happy she’s back home.

Summer is angry that Diane’s back home.

Diane learns Tucker’s living in the pool house.

Daniel can’t stop thinking about the lie he’s keeping with Summer. He wants to come clean.

Kyle follows Summer to her meeting with Daniel.

malcolm hugs devon

Tuesday, May 9

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead recap: All hell breaks out in a fight at the Abbott’s

Jack defends his actions to Ashley.

Ashley is disgusted by Diane and Jack.

Tucker finds it amusing while he watches the fight between Ashley and Jack.

Elena’s gloomy after break up.

Mariah talks to Kyle about his marriage.

Nate tells Sharon he’s missing his cousins.

Nate talks to Sharon about his ambitions getting in the way of his family.

Elena tells Mariah about her problems with Nate and the breakup.

Elena makes a bold move.

Daniel and Summer have it out.

Daniel gets a call and he thinks it’s from Phyllis.

Summer stands her ground with Kyle.

ashley yells at diane

Wednesday, May 10

Victor loses patience with Nick.

Adam strategizes with Chelsea.

Nikki forces Victoria to come clean.

nikki thinks adam and sally have chemistry

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Thursday, May 11

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead recaps: Diane wants to run

Adam pushes Nick’s buttons.

Diane receives a tempting proposition.

Tucker offers to let Diane disappear. 

Diane has a meltdown.

Jack and Ashley fight.

Adam and Tucker go at it.

Jack receives a cryptic message from Daniel

Daniel tries to talk to Summer.

Sharron gives  Summer a hug.

Chance and Daniel discuss the case.

Sally tries to do what’s best for her and her kid while Nick and Chloe interfere.

adam tells nick to mind his business, he doesn't see sally with a ring yet

Friday, May 12

Friday’s day ahead Y&R recap: Daniel reveals Phyllis is alive

Michael catches a break defending Diane.

Daniel struggles with a moral dilemma.

Harmony and Tucker visit Dom and Devon.

Connor has a meltdown.

Johnny tries to get Connor to listen and the two argue.

chelsea with johnny

Billy tries to find out what’s going on with Connor.

Coming up the week of May 15!

Sally faces a tough decision.

Nick targets Nate.

Jack takes matters into his own hands.

Summer covers for Phyllis.

adam and chelsea talk strategy

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