Young and Restless Spoilers January 9- 13: Phyllis Shares Her Discovery With Nikki — & Victor Enters Enemy Territory As Ashley Kicks Tucker Out

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January 9 to Friday, January 13.

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Coming up!

Chelsea receives an unexpected visitor.

Ashley keeps Tucker in line.

Victor forms an alliance.

ashley annoyed Y&R recaps Soaps Spoilers

Coming up the week of January 9!

Tucker and Ashley are in bed together.

Tucker says, “That’s what I missed.”

tucker sex with ashley Y&R spoilers january 9-13

Devon tells Lily that he’s worried about a different threat. 

He says they have a new traitor in the company. He looks at Audra.

devon finds audra a threat Y&R spoilers january 9-13

Billy cries to Chelsea that he thinks it’s over between him and Lily.

billy cries that it's over with lily Y&R spoilers january 9-13

Monday, January 9

Monday’s Y&R recap: Jeremy gives Diane a deadline to steal

Tucker sees a new side to Ashley.

Phyllis makes a shocking discovery.

tucker yells about IPO to audra at grand phoenix young and the restless recaps spoilers

Tuesday, January 10

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: Jill flies off the handle at Devon

Jack takes a risk to help Diane.

Jill receives a disturbing message.

Phyllis tries to make amends with Summer.

summer wild hair young and restless recaps

Wednesday, January 11

Wednesday’s Y&R reap: Lily dumps Billy for good

Victor loses patience with Adam.

Victor thinks Chelsea is keeping a secret and wants to find out what.

Chance gives Abby a reality check. 

Abby stomps off on Chance after he tells her she doesn’t regret sleeping with Devon.

Sharon counsels Chance.

Devon and Lily disagree on how to handle a crisis.

Devon wants out at Chancellor-Winters.

billy gets dumped Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

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Thursday, January 12

Thursday’s Y&R recap: Chloe badgers Sally

Chelsea gives Billy much-needed moral support.

Chloe badgers Sally to come clean to Nick that she is pregnant.

Chloe sets a trap for Nick.

Daniel makes a promise to Lily.

Chelsea and Billy talk about Delia.

chloe wants to give sally some pills Young and the restless spoiler recaps soapsspoilers

Friday, January 13

Friday’s Y&R recap: Phyllis records Diane with Stark

Victor enters enemy territory.

Kyle and Victor discuss Adam being at Jabot.

Diane targets Nikki.

Diane has to tell Stark what she’s going to steal.

Ashley sets the record straight with Tucker.

Ashley kicks Tucker out, refusing to forgive him.

diane and tucker at glam club Y&R recaps


Coming up on Y&R next week!

Daniel walks in on Summer and Kyle. “Did a bomb go off?”

daniel and kyle and summer at jabot offices Y&R spoiler recaps

Abby asks Devon if he has an update on the merger.

devon updates abby on merger Y&R spoiler recaps

Stark rubs Diane’s shoulders and tells her, “I think we need to seal this new partnership with a kiss.”

She looks nervous as she turns to him and kisses him.

diane kisses stark Y&R spoiler recaps

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