Young and Restless Spoilers January 30- February 3: Adam Almost Catches on to Sally’s Pregnancy, and Victoria & Nate Make Out Before it Gets Awkward

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Sally confesses to Nick that Adam could be the father of her baby.

Victoria and Nate share a kiss.

Nate asks Audra, “Are you working Tucker, me, or both of us?”

audra works nate Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Phyllis tells Summer, “I’m going out of town. I’m going to meet Heather and will get her to take your brother back.” 

phyllis tells summer leaving town Y&R early recaps

Kyle happily tells Victor that he’s found something of use to get Adam out of the company.

victor learns kyle found dirt on adam Y&R early recaps

Monday, January 30

Monday’s Y&R recap: Mariah and Tessa get to see an ultrasound

Victor conspires with Kyle.

Kyle has dirt on Adam.

Lauren points Phyllis in the right direction.

Phyllis is going to go see Heather.

Elena keeps a watchful eye on Nate.

Tessa gives advice to Elena.

Audra admits to Nate what she was up to.

Victoria and Nate discuss getting Omegasphere.

summer bitches about kyle to daniel Y&R early recaps soapsspoilers

Tuesday, January 31

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: Sally will keep her pregnancy from Adam

Victor targets Tucker.

Tucker tragets Daniel.

Phyllis goes to Portugal.

Daniel and Lily evaluate their partnership.

Sally tells Chloe she’s keeping her pregnancy from Adam.

Nick tells Adam their father is sabotaging his work.

lily talks to daniel about his contract Y&R early recaps

Wednesday, February 1

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Adam admits he’s been slacking

Adam exposes Kyle’s alliance with Victor.

Lily works to repair her relationship with Devon.

Victoria’s forced to defend her actions.

adam angry father Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

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Thursday, February 2

Thursday’s Y&R recap: Summer confronts Victor

Victor plans his next move.

Nikki’s annoyed by Diane.

Nikki backs Diane into a corner.

Jack confronts Kyle about his deception.

Summer confronts  Victor.

Summer confronts Kyle.

Adam tells Summer what Kyle did.

Adam reveals he’s been slacking at work.

Chelsea and Billy go out.

kyle confronted by jack Y&R recaps today february 2

Friday, February 3

Friday’s Y&R recap: Victoria kisses Nate

Billy and Chelsea share mixed signals.

Sally cries, overwhelmed by pregnancy.

Nick comforts Sally.

Adam eavesdrops at Sally’s door. 

The waitress at Society thinks Billy’s dating Chelsea.

Nate and Victoria drink whiskey together.

Victoria leaves her comfort zone.

Victoria kisses Nate.

nate and vicky kissing his office newman media Y&R early recaps


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