Young and Restless Spoilers Feb 27- Mar 3: Diane’s Surprised, Stark Breaks into Phyllis’ Room, and Michael and Lauren Worry About Their Friend

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February 27 to Friday, March 3.

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Young and the Restless is celebrating 50 years of being on the air. Check out their newest cast photo and the behind-the-scenes video of them preparing for it from People.

Big news! Y&R comings and goings for the 50th anniversary listed!

Coming up the week of February 27!

Summer and Sally have a confrontation at Crimson Lights and Sally admits she’s pregnant with Adam’s child. 

Summer’s convinced Sally’s not good for her father.

Summer thinks Sally’s using Nick to keep Adam away.

Summer meets with Nikki, tells her about Sally’s news and Nikki wants Nick to walk away from Sally before things really get complicated, so the women discuss a plan.

Jack proposes marriage to Diane at the cabin.

Diane gets a threat from Jeremy stating he knows where she’s hiding.

summer talks to diane about phyllis Y&R day ahead recaps SoapsSpoilers

Sneak Peeks for Y&R this week!

Devon reluctantly meets with Tucker at Crimson Lights.  You have 30 minutes to say what you want.”

Tucker says he has a proposition that will change Devon’s life.

tucker meets with devon Y&R recaps spoilers february 27

Adam meets with Victor at the ranch and tells him he wants to hear about his dad’s work opportunity. 

adam talks to victor about his plans for work Y&R recaps


Nate and Victoria make out like crazy.

Victoria tries to get Nate’s tie off.

vicky and nate make out spoilers Y&R recaps

Audra appears outside Victoria’s office with some documents while inside, Vicky and Nate are kissing.

audra at work almost sees nate and vicky kiss Y&R recaps

Monday, February 27

Monday’s Y&R recap: Tucker catches Audra

 Devon and Lily prepare for battle.

Tucker can see right through Audra.

Devon calls Christine about his case.

Abby tells her mom all about Devon’s case with Liily.

Abby and Devon get closer.

Lily almost kisses Daniel.

Chelsea takes on a new venture.

Nate and Victoria fight their attraction but wind up in a kiss.

Ashley visits Tucker.

nate and vicky kiss Y&R spoilers

Tuesday, February 28

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: 

Victor presents Adam with a new opportunity.

Sally has a change of heart.

victor presents adam new opportunity Y&R spoilers

Wednesday, March 1

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Tucker likes being under Ashley’s thumb

Devon gives Tucker the third degree.

Abby thinks  Devon should consider Tucker’s offer.

Ashley plays cat and mouse with Victoria and Victor.

Jack and Diane sneak out of town and head to the Abbott cabin for a break.

Jack and Diane make love and canoodle.

Kyle gets in Stark’s face.

Phyllis can’t apologize.

Phyllis gets deeper in despair where Tucker’s waiting.

jack and diane after sex Y&R recaps

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Thursday, March 2

Thursday’s Y&R recap – Lily plays dirty and Nate’s tasked with sabotage

Lily decides to play dirty.

Abby tries to keep the peace.

Abby almost kicks siblings out of her place.

Victoria is let down by Nate.

Audra taunts Elena. 

Victoria puts Nate in an awkward position.

Tucker feels intimidated with Ashley now.

abby interrupts devon and lily fight Y&R recaps

Friday, March 3

 Phyllis receives a disturbing message.

Mariah shares some surprising news with Sharon.

Nick makes a promise to Sally.

mariah listens to abby Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

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