Young and Restless Spoilers June 12 – 16: Sharon Kills Cameron, and Faith’s Live Remains in Danger From a Bomb

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for the CBS soap opera, Y&R, from Monday, June 12 to Friday, June 16.

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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of June 12?

Nick learns that Cameron has planted a listening device in Sharon’s house.

When Faith doesn’t call Sharon from the airport, Sharon begins to worry. She receives a text from Kirsten with a photo of Faith bound and gagged. Faith has been kidnapped by Cameron Kirsten.

Kirsten tells Sharon where to meet and that she must come alone.

Sharon leans on Chance in her time of need.

Kyle drinks alone to let off steam after uncovering the depths of Summer’s lies. Audra sees him and sees him being alone as an opportunity. She tells him, “Some people are afraid of their own desires.”

audra talks about desire

Kyle stares at Audra as she waxes on about desire, with a twinkle in his eye.

kyle hot for audra

At Society, Sally is dining with Adam when she doubles over in pain.

Adam asks what’s going on and she yells. 

sally doubles over

At Sharon’s place, she is in hysterics as she sobs and tells Nick, “It’s Faith. He took her. He took our baby.”

sharon sobs over faith going missing


Monday, June 12

Monday’s Y&R day ahead: Faith goes missing

Victor vows to clear Nick’s name.

Summer asks for Victor’s help.

Michael tells Nick to cool his heels.

Phyllis reaches out to Daniel.

Daniel goes to Kyle for help with his sister.

Victoria does damage control at Newman.

Vicky wants Nate to take over as COO if Nick needs to step down.

sharon sobs into hands

Tuesday, June 13

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead recap – Sharon gets a photo of Faith tied up

Ashley and Tucker argue with Jack and Diane.

Abby gets between her parents and uncle.

Jack and Diane make a decision.

Ashley says their wedding is in August while Jack’s is in September.

Billy comes to Chelsea’s rescue.

Connor has been locking himself in his room.

Nick finds a bug in the house.

Cameron sends a photo of Faith tied up.

Adam sits with Sally.

faith tied up

Wednesday, June 14

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead recap – Cameron finds Sharon alone 

Daniel defends Phyllis.

Lily thinks Phyllis belongs in prison.

Summer finds Mariah has no sympathy.

Summer loses it on Diane.

Diane doesn’t like what Summer did to her, leaving her in jail.

Chance goes off to find Cameron.

Victor will move mountains to find Faith.

cameron creeps up on sharon at home

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Thursday, June 15

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead – Cameron attacks but escapes

Sally leans on Adam for support.

Sally’s pain returns and she is taken to hospital by Adam.

Elena spars with Victoria.

Elena cares for Sally.

Cameron lets himself into the house and Sharon tries to get him to let Faith go.

Nick attacks Cameron.

Cameron escapes.

Nick learns how Cameron got into the house.

nick attacks

Friday, June 16

Friday’s day ahead Y&R recap: Sally loses the baby & Sharon kills Cameron

Nick and Sharon face off with Cameron.

Sharon knifes Cameron.

Cameron has Faith fitted with a bomb.

Faith’s life is in danger.

Chance and Nick and Sharon come to save Faith.

Sally is in pain and trouble. She loses the baby.

cameron forces nick to choose who dies

What’s happening on Y&R the week of June 20?

Victor sees another side of Adam.

Traci does some damage control with the rest of the Abbotts.

Nikki questions what Victoria’s motives are.

nikki concerned about cameron

Young and Restless Summer Previews!

These previews are from Soap Digest.

Ashley and  Tucker

Tucker’s presence intensifies the rift between Jack and Ashley, who retaliates against her brother by planning a coup at Jabot.

Jack, meanwhile, makes a decision that cements Diane’s presence at home and Jabot. The family caught in the middle?

Traci, who is back from New York City and trying to prevent the family from imploding, while Billy’s caught right in the middle.

traci finds tea sis Y&R

Devon and Abby

Chance surprises Abby and Devon with a decision that will change the dynamics of their relationship.

chance visits summer

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