Young and Restless Spoilers May 29 – June 2: Daniel Reunites With Phyllis, and Kyle Catches Them, While Nick Pounces on Cameron

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What’s coming up on Y&R the week of May 29?

This week, Nate and Audra keep up their conspiring.

He tells her about a chat he has with Victor about his future at Newman Enterprises and thinks it went well. He believes it’s because he was upfront about how he feels about Vicky, but admits Nick’s still a problem.

He thinks it’s time to handle the Newman and wants Audra’s help.

audra drinks with nate

Daniel and Phyllis are reunited after Phyllis sends him an anonymous text to go to a suite at GCAC.

Daniel’s angry with Phyllis but he still rushes into his mom’s arms with a hug. Phyllis understands why he told people she’s alive.

While Summer and Daniel both visit their mother, Kyle’s concerned that Summer has taken off on another mysterious errand. The reunion is cut short when Kyle arrives.

phyllis takes the blame for faking death

Nate says to Victor, “Is this meeting about Newman Media or a barbeque?”   

Chance has news for Sharon about Kirsten. “And it’s not great.” 

Cameron Kirsten meets Faith at Chancellor Park. “Are you Faith Newman?”

faith meets cameron kirsten

“I am,” she says. “Do I know you?”

faith back to genoa city

Who is Cameron Kirsten?

Read this article to find out all about who Cameron Kirsten is, played by Susan Walters’ (Diane Jenkins) husband, Linden Ashby.

Cameron at gcac

Cameron’s last scenes before prison

Special thanks to Paisoaps on Twitter.

Monday, May 29

Friday’s Y&R day ahead – Christine voices how she wishes she could kill Phyllis herself when she learns the truth

Summer gets caught sneaking around by Diane.

Diane is stir-crazy.

Phyllis tries to find dirt on Stark.

Chance and Christine learn the tears and fingerprints on the invitation are Phyllis’ and were printed after she died so she’s alive.

Victor has a little talk with Nate about work and Vicky.

When Victoria asks, Victor says he approves of Nate.

Victor gives Nate the third degree where Victoria is concerned.

Summer plays with fire.

nate vs nick

Tuesday, May 30

Tuesday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Sharon gets a creepy gift from Cameron

Daniel has a change of heart.

Nate tells Audra about his meeting with Victor.

Daniel and Summer argue about their mother.

Diane receives an unexpected apology.

Diane and Jack are thrilled when the charges are dropped.

Nikki confronts Nick about keeping secrets.

Nick worries to Nikki that Victoria’s heading for disaster.

nick joins the ladies

Wednesday, May 31

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead recap – Sally is at risk for preeclampsia 

Chance has disturbing news for Sharon about Cameron.

Cameron is out of prison and beat up his Sharon-look-alike girlfriend.

Sally has double vision and pain and Cameron finds her and helps her.

Sally calls Nick but he’s busy with Sharon and doesn’t see her call.

Sally calls Adam who takes her to the doctor.

Adam proves himself to Sally.

Sally worries when the doctor tells her to take it easy.

Adam is a comfort.

Faith meets Cameron.

adam shocked sally refuses him

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Thursday, June 1

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead: Faith runs right into Cameron who lies to her

Chance is called when Cameron Kristen meets her and calls her CK and asks for directions, stating he’s a friend of her parents.

Nick is torn between Sally and Sharon.

Chelsea empathizes with Adam.

Ashley and Tucker discuss their future.

Ashley is shocked to see Diane at Society and wants to call the cops.

Jack and Ashley argue since she can’t cut Diane a break.

Adam returns to Sally to care for her.

Nick realizes he missed a call from Sally.

Nick drops by Sally’s hotel and she tells him she’s at risk for preeclampsia and ordered her to take it easy. 

ashley reveals her ttrue feelings

Friday, June 2

Friday’s Y&R day ahead recap – Nick comes to Sharon’s rescue

Phyllis tries to make amends.

Daniel agrees to help his mother.

Summer tries to leave and runs right into Kyle who sees Phyllis.

Nikki and Victor are shocked Phyllis is alive.

Cameron has a run in with Diane.

Diane and Jack dance and drink.

Sharon finds herself alone with Cameron.

summer caught in the act

Coming up the week of June 5!

Victor issues a warning.

Phyllis plays with fire.

Ashley plots against Jack.

Victoria and Nate make it official.

Next week on Y&R!

Kyle and Summer are at the Abbott house when he asks how long she’s known her mother was alive.

Victor tells Adam that a move like that could put him into direct competition with Newman Media. Is he sure about this? Adam’s positive and says, “Exactly.”

victor talks to adam about competition

Faith says goodbye to Sharon at her house on the ranch and when Faith goes outside, she screams.

Sharon rushes to Faith’s side, asking what’s the matter.

sharon and faith before her cat is likely killed

Young and Restless Summer Previews!

These previews are from Soap Digest.

Love is in the air…

Billy and Chelsea’s bond grows deeper.

Tessa and Mariah adjust to motherhood.

Lily provides Daniel with tender loving care.

lily dan bed

Kyle and Summer

Kyle and Summer’s marriage is tested because of the antics of Diane and Phyllis.

summer scoffs to diane who she doesn't need to apologize to

Ashley and  Tucker

Tucker’s presence intensifies the rift between Jack and Ashley, who retaliates against her brother by planning a coup at Jabot.

Jack, meanwhile, makes a decision that cements Diane’s presence at home and Jabot. The family caught in the middle?

Traci, who is back from New York City and trying to prevent the family from imploding, while Billy’s caught right in the middle.

traci finds tea sis Y&R

Devon and Abby

Chance surprises Abby and Devon with a decision that will change the dynamics of their relationship.

chance visits summer


Phyllis is still on the run but keeping a low profile.

She reveals herself to Daniel and tries to repair the damage she called by aligning with Jeremy Stark and faking her own death.

summer hugs phyllis

Nick and Sharon

Sharon’s past catches up with her when Cameron Kristen returns to Genoa City and she is haunted by a terrible mistake that affects the whole Newman family including Nick, who runs to Sharon’s rescue instead of Sally’s. 

cameron back in GC

Adam uses the situation with the other Newmans to his advantage and once again professes his love for Sally.

adam and sally talk about little girl

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