Young and Restless Spoilers April 10 – 14: Nick Gives Nate an Ultimatum, Phyllis Tells Stark He Doesn’t Intimidate Her

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Victoria invites Nate for a drink in her office and they wind up on her desk, having sex.

Audra eavesdrops on Victoria and Nate having sex and uses the information to manipulate things to her own advantage to get what and who she wants.

Stark arrives at Phylli’s no-tell-motel room and calls her name. She’s gone.

starak can't find phyllis

Daniel’s daughter Lucy shows up at Phyllis’ memorial.  

daniel sees daughter lucy memorial for phyllis

Summer goes to Chance. “I need your help. You and I are going to expose my mother’s murderer.”

summer wants chance help finding mother murderer

Preview of the week of April 10!

Daniel plots his revenge.

Ashley gives Jack an ultimatum.

Phyllis is backed into a corner.

Victoria and Nate play with fire.

daniel at newman media with nate Y&R recaps

Monday, April 10

Monday’s Y&R day ahead recap – Ashley and Jack fight

Diane comforts Kyle.

Tucker moved to the GCAC since Grand Phoenix is having renovations.

Ashley stands her ground with Jack.

Ashley finds comfort with Tucker, who urges her to consider marriage.

Kyle struggles to connect with Summer.

Summer and Daniel think Stark had something to do with their mother’s demise.

Summer thinks Diane and Starks are in cahoots.

ashley talks to tucker about his 'union of love'

Tuesday, April 11

Y&R day ahead recap – Christine and Paul are over

FYI, Y&R may not air on CBS due to UEFA Soccer tournament in some areas in the USA. Canada will not be affected.

Victor makes a confession.

Nikki is tired of hearing about Phyllis.

Christine commiserates with Lauren.

Christine says she and Paul grew apart and he’s in Portugal now.

Phyllis second-guesses her alliance with Jeremy.

Jeremy talks to Chance about Phyllis.

Chance finds drugs in Phyllis’s room at GCAC.

Devon tells Victor he’s not buying Tucker’s company.

Tucker is hurt that Devon doesn’t trust he’s changed.

devon says hello to victor

Wednesday, April 12

Wednesday’s Y&R day ahead recap – Phyllis attends her memorial

FYI, Y&R may not air on CBS due to UEFA Soccer tournament in some areas in the USA. Canada will not be affected.

Danny keeps a secret from Daniel.

Chance uncovers damaging evidence.

Phyllis stays one step ahead.

Stark shows up at the memorial, causing a stink.

Sally invites Adam to her doctor’s appointment. 

The memorial begins and Phyllis looks like several other women with the same dress and hairstyle.

Lily offers to pause work for Daniel, but he needs to work.

Chance learns Diane bought the strychnine.  

phyllis at her memorial

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Thursday, April 13

Thursday’s Y&R day ahead recap – Diane’s arrested

Phyllis watches her own memorial.

Danny sings at the memorial.

There are a lot of nice speeches.

Nikki and Lauren join forces.

Diane is arrested.

Jack freaks out.

Michael refuses to be Diane’s lawyer.

Abby takes Devon up on an offer.

Abby moves in.


Friday, April 14

Y&R day ahead recap – Stark threatens Phyllis’ life

Jack vows to protect Diane.

Evidence against Diane is solid.

Summer and Kyle disagree on whether Diane is a murderer.

Mariah and Tessa return home.

Aria is introduced around.

Adam and Sally can’t wait for their baby’s birth.

Nick’s angry and confronts Victoria after he sees she and Nate were having sex on her desk.

Nick gives Nate an ultimatum.

stark and phyllis argue

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