Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Devon and Elena Have Sex While Rey Becomes Sick

This is the Canadian “day ahead” Y&R episode from the Thursday, March 11, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Friday, March 12. On today’s day ahead, full episode recap of Young and the Restless, Billy’s not happy with Victoria, Adam and Rey’s therapy brings up some difficult feelings, and Rey gets sick.

Elena stops by Devon’s. She lies that she was just passing by. Is he ready to talk? He lies that he has a conference call. She turns to go and he admits he was lying. He lets her in and they discuss their feelings. They’re not over each other but they agree they can’t get back together. Especially since she was so jealous of Amanda. Now that he’s slept with Amanda, she’d be worse than ever. Elena cries. It’s so hard to move on. Devon’s sorry he didn’t tell her what she wanted to hear. He dries her mascara from under her eyes and they share a moment and start making out. Elena lifts off his shirt and her shirt comes off. After sex, they lie in each other’s arms. “I can’t believe we did this again,” she says. He doesn’t think they are making things easier on themselves. Amanda texts. They dress and she says they need to figure out what they’re going to do. “Because I’m not going to be your girl on the side.” He agrees they need to think things through. They kiss and she goes.

elena devon not getting back together young and restless

At the Chancellor manse, Abby is back from the hospital after getting her eggs harvested. She has a little cramping. Ashley jovially says that they harvested ten eggs. Mariah’s happy. Ash points out that Abby was brave and didn’t complain about her hospital gown, “Very much.” It’s now up to Mariah, Abby points out. The doctors are fertilizing them now. Mariah thinks they should bear witness to it. Mariah gives her a honey pot and bee pollen for Ashley. They’re touched. She toddles off to work.

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Sharon dusts her house. “Nobodys going to judge you,” Rey says. He jokes that the therapist won’t run her white glove over the furniture. She laughs. He asks about the statue that went missing. He suggests they check Faith’s room. Sharon doesn’t want to. Iris (Kathryn Browning), their therapist arrives. They get into it about Sharon’s preoccupation with Adam. Sharon sees no issue though Rey does. Iris asks how Sharon feels now about Adam. She’s exasperated with him and says he is the one who won’t let go. She tears up and says they should be in their honeymoon phase but blames Adam because he kissed her. She didn’t expect it, nor did she want it, and she says someone took a photo. Rey calls the kiss the last straw. Rey starts to look as though he’s sweating. Iris thinks Sharon resents therapy, while Sharon sits with her arms crossed, again blaming Adam for putting them in this position. Rey talks about how ignored and disrespected he feels since Sharon allows Adam to come into her coffee shop. He calls Adam a bottomless pit of need and Adam doesn’t deserve her wonderful compassion. Sharon disagrees. He does deserve compassion because of his wife’s stroke. Sharon brings up his past with Mia and thinks he’s judging her because of Mia, “And it’s not fair!” Rey doesn’t like that she brought up Mia. After Iris leaves, Rey thinks she’s minimizing the pull Adam has on her. It’s more than sympathy. She’ll have to be more open and honest if this will work. Rey seems a little red and Sharon asks if he’s okay. “Yeah. I’m just a little dizzy.” He gets up and slowly walks to the kitchen. Sharon looks on, worried. He returns and puts on a jacket. He assumes it’s just stress. He comments on therapy. He’s willing to keep at it. He’s dizzy again and says he has the chils. He passes out on the sofa. “Rey!” Sharon yells, while standing six feet away.

At Chance Comm, Billy feels bad about badmouthing the Newmans. He thinks Victoria might have wowed Ashland.

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At Crimson Lights, Nikki and Victor talk about Victoria’s pitch. Nikki thinks she has a strong pitch. Victor tells her that he taught Adam all of the tricks he’s learned over the years.

In his suite, Ashland asks why Victoria would add another media company to her portfolio. She calls Cyraxeres different from Newman. It’ll drive Newman’s growth, she says. He brings up Adam and calls him cutthroat and says Billy has had struggles but redeemed themselves. Victoria thinks Billy would do a good job with his company, though she suspects she’s who he had in mind to buy his company. He is interested in hearing more and asks her to dinner. She tries to include his wife and he says she’s busy. She invites him to call when she’s available so they can all have dinner. She goes.

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Victoria returns to Newman and Nikki tells her that Victor was confident in Adam’s pitch. Nikki wishes they could play board games as a family instead of one-upping each other in business. “It’s so much more fun this way,” Victoria says. Billy shows up. He’s not happy that she thinks he needs someone to clean up after him. “I thought you had more respect than that.” Victoria worries her father and brother are teaming up to take him down. He should be afraid. Billy says he’s not. He reminds her she told him she wasn’t going to do anything to try to save him again. Why did she try to protect him? “Because I still love you,” she admits.

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