Victor Gives Victoria an Ultimatum, Devon Might Buy McCall Unlimited as an Insurance Policy & Lily’s Not Happy Nate Was Spying

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Victoria isn’t happy when Victor tells her he wants Adam to run McCall as a separate entity if they buy, while Tucker asks Ashley what their future looks like, and Lily’s not pleased that Nate was spying on her.

In the previous episode, Adam confronted Chelsea about dating Billy and Sharon told Billy that he could be hindering Chelsea’s recovery while Nick tells Summer to stay out of his business.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 7, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 8. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Adam arrives at the ranch to discuss Victor’s offer.

He wants to run McCall Unlimited as its own entity and he never wants to answer to Victoria.

Victor listens but then asks about his job at Jabot. He hates that his son worked with “that man” and asks what the final straw was.

adam talks victor about mccall unlimited Y&R day ahead recaps

Adam says he was half-assing it there and realized he didn’t belong there.

He’s pained to admit his father was right about the job and him. Victor nods.

He knows his son. Adam thanks him for not giving up on him.

He says Sharon made him see he needed a change and asks if Vicky’s on board with his plan.

The Mustache laughs at Sharon’s wisdom and says to leave Victoria to him.

adam and victor talk business at the ranch Y&R recaps

Victoria arrives at Devon’s place. “What the hell do you want?” He asks.

She thinks that’s rude but he points out they’re not friends. She should have called his office.

She’d like to discuss Tucker and the sale of his company.

She tells him she thinks Ashley bought up Tucker’s debt and asks if Tucker came to Devon to ask him to buy his company.

vicky and devon talk tucker debt Y&R day ahead recaps

Devon asks why she cares. She wonders if he knows Tucker came to her first to sell. Devon isn’t sure why he should believe anything Vicky says.

He does admit that Tucker didn’t tell him that he made any other offers.

Vicky says he took the offer off the table after someone mysteriously bought up his debt.

Devon still doesn’t know why she’s there to discuss it. She says Newman still wants to buy McCall Unlimited and asks where he stands.

vicky and devon Y&R recaps

“Just in case I’m forced to play hardball.” Devon isn’t going to answer that.

She literally went after his company. She comments that they’ve been through that but she never admitted it, he points out.

She wants McCall. He shrugs. She says the company is a curse and the opposite of what he built at Hamilton-Winters.

devon vs victoria at his house Y&R recaps

At the Abbott manse, Abby and Ashley have tea and laugh about how adorable Dominic was to play a little toy piano Abby got for him.

Talk turns to how much time Ashley’s spending with Tucker and Abby questions what the “thing” was she was trying to get Tucker to do.

abby and ashley talk about tucker Y&R day ahead recaps

Ashley says she can’t really discuss it but Ashley wants to know if he has changed and if he can be a good man.

Abby talks about watching Lily and Devon’s relationship go up in smoke.

Ashley thinks things will be okay but Abby’s not sure.

abby asks about tucker Y&R recaps

Devon’s already lost so much. Abby asks if Tucker’s acting in the best interest of Devon or is this a grand gesture to impress Ashley?

Tucker arrives and Ashley lets him in.

Abby takes off without greeting the man and Tucker says they could make the sale of the company contingent on charitable donations to groups of Ashley’s choice.

She grins and then laughs. He’d do all that? He says sure.

tucker with ashley abbott home Y&R recaps

She brings Devon’s name up and asks him not to give up on him.

She urges him to figure out a way to sell McCall to him. For the future of his grandson.

He asks about them. “Is there a future for us?” Ashley kisses him.

They make out and she tells him she wants this to work, to know he’s sincere about wanting to heal things with Devon.

ashley kisses tucker at home Y&R recaps

She wants him to be the man Devon can trust and believe in. She admits she’s terrified that she feels anything for him.

He says she’s in a conundrum. He gets a text from Devon saying, “Let’s talk,” and Tucker smiles.

He thinks the kiss was the call. Devon felt the good vibrations. She calls him weird but laughs.

He thinks before this whole thing is over, she’ll see they’re meant to be together. He kisses her and she smiles. “Get out of here,” she says.

tucker with ashley talks about change coming Y&R recaps

Daniel meets Nate at  Newman Media. Daniel’s skeptical about being there at all after Nate screwed his own family over.

Nate knows it was reckless and he’s trying to make amends. This may be a way to do that. He needs Daniel’s help.

Nate talks about having a hard time sleeping at night because of what he did. Daniel gets it.

He’s been there burying himself in his work in order to be worthy of their love and forgiveness.

daniel at newman media with nate Y&R recaps

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Nate nods. It’s crossed his mind. He doesn’t expect Lily to forgive him overnight.

He’s not sure what’ll become of him and Devon but wants Daniel’s help in getting things back on track.

“If we work together —” Daniel interrupts. If he convinces them to forgive Nate, and everything works, is he hoping for a big celebration?

Nate says it’s natural for someone to want this. Daniel says he could make things worse and dig up old feelings of betrayal and then Daniel will get partial blame for helping the most hated guy in the family.

Daniel says it’s a hard pass. Nate asks if Daniel doesn’t care that Lily gets her family back. Daniel rolls his eyes.

Let Devon and Lily work this out between themselves.

nate upset daniel turned him down Y&R recaps

Daniel and Lily run into each other at Crimson Lights.

She talks about the court case with Devon and how it could take years to see any resolution.

She asks why they’re there. He wants to give her a heads-up about Nate eavesdropping on them at Society.

He fills her in on how Nate wanted to try to help put an end to the lawsuit.

Lily laughs of course he thinks this lawsuit is all “about the great, Nate Hastings.”

She wonders if she should be concerned that he’s spying on her conversation.

Daniel doesn’t think it was intentional but he told him to stay out of it. She wonders how things got so bad.

lily and daniel crimson lights Y&R day ahead re cap

Abby drops by Devon’s to see how he is before work.

He’s looking into Tucker’s company and says it fell into bad practices and never recovered.

It’s a mess with good bones. With the right person leading it, it could be valuable.

Abby asks if he’s interested.

devon researching mccall Y&R day ahead recaps

He’s not sure but is worried he could end up with nothing after the lawsuit.

Maybe he should consider buying McCall as an insurance policy.

Still, he’s concerned his dad is using this to manipulate him to get back into his life.

Abby asks what’d happen if Tucker was on the up and up.

Devon calls her positive. She didn’t get that trait from Victor. She thinks she did.

He tells her about Victoria’s visit and how he learned Tucker offered to sell his company to Newman first.

He basically calls Victoria a piece of work and Abby grins. She loves her sister. Devon loves his sister too. 

abby and devon talk victoria Y&R recaps

Victor goes to Victoria’s office to tell her that he wants McCall to be a separate entity from Newman and he wants Adam to run it.

Victoria’s not into that. They agree they want to get rid of the deadweight but Victor tells his daughter that Adam’s going to run it.

She should either accept that or the deal is off the table.

She thinks he’s catering to his son, wanting him to feel like the big man on campus and not worrying if it’s a lucrative move.

Victor says the discussion is over. When Nate appears, Vic leaves.

She tells Nate about what her father said about Adam running McCall as a separate entity.

Nate asks if she’ll kill the deal. She refuses. “McCall is mine.” She tells Nate she always gets what she wants. He trusts her. 

vicky not happy adam running mccall Y&R recaps


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