Summer Unloads On Daniel, Devon And Abby Have Sex, And Tucker Offers An Ear When He Finds Phyllis Devastated

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Abby and Devon make love, Phyllis rants to Ashley, and Tucker finds Phyllis in need of a friend. In the previous episode, Lily and Billy reunited and Mariah and Tessa went to meet Delphine.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for January 3, 2022 episode airs in the USA January 4. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Ashley meets Phyllis at Glam Club and learns that Diane’s back and that Summer sided with her.

Ashley tells her that Jack did the same thing to her. Sided with Diane.

They agree she’s dangerous and wonder how far Jack’s willing to go to protect her.

They trash-talk her and then Summer appears, wanting to talk.

phyllis and ashley at glam club Y&R recaps

Phyllis puts her off. Summer apologizes to Ashley and she says it’s fine but they’ll delay their meeting for mother and daughter to talk.

Ashley goes and Phyllis tells her kid she can’t do this right now.

She’s devastated. Summer’s so sorry.

summer sorry Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Phyllis felt undervalued. She’s her mother! She knows she’s made mistakes but she’d move mountains for her kid.

She starts to cry, that she’d walk through fire for her. Summer knows.

Phyllis isn’t sure how to forgive her for taking Diane’s side and believing her over her own mama.

Daniel pokes his head in and Phyllis takes off. When Daniel asks, she comes clean about what happened with Diane hiding out from Stark and how things went bad when Phyllis learned that she kept it from her.

Their mom thinks she’s choosing Diane over her.

daniel interrupts sister and mom Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Daniel sees Phyllis’ side. Summer thinks her position is impossible. She has a kid to protect.

Daniel says their mom is right about everything. Why does she blame her?

Summer claims she blames Diane but isn’t sure she can tell her husband that his mom is the reason her son is in danger and that their marriage is complicated.

summer cries at glam club young and restless recaps

Daniel had no idea things got this bad. She cries.

She’s been bottling it up and going along with Kyle’s wants for the sake of their marriage.

It turns out, she doesn’t believe in Diane at all.

Daniel doesn’t get how Kyle can forgive her for abandoning him. She explains and Daniel tells her to stop bottling all of this up.

daniel lets summer unload Y&R recap

At the Abbott manse, Jack and Diane go over their plan for Diane to seduce Jeremy into thinking she wants him.

Jack is worried about this whole plan.

She wants to go back to her hotel but he asks her to stay with him.

jack and diane discuss stark at abbott manse Y&R recaps

It’d undermine the fight they staged, earlier.

Jack says she could tell him she moved in to ensure he would give him the second half of that fortune he gave to him.

Diane is determined to give that money back to Jack, who urges her to let it go.

jack and diane home Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

She doesn’t want to do this. Kyle appears. She says she needs to help sell this to Stark. She’ll move into Grand Phoenix again.

Kyle worries about that since there is no security.

She insists he will need to know she’s able to work a scam.

Kyle and Jack don’t like this but she finds it necessary.

She needs them on board, she argues. She refuses to let Kyle drive her there.  

kyle worries about his mama Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

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Dominic and Abby arrive at Devon’s place. Devon wants a hat to match Devon’s.

Tucker will be there soon, Devon says and he appreciates her letting him spend time with the boy.

Abby’s changed her tune completely.

devon abby and dominic Y&R recaps

Devon vows to protect the little guy no matter what. Tucker arrives, enjoying seeing the three together.

Tucker holds the little cutie and when it’s apparent he’s tired, Devon puts him to bed while Abby peppers Tucker with questions.

Tucker can see she doesn’t trust him and tells her she shouldn’t.

She just knows his type. Driven and motivated to get what he wants.

tucker with dominic visiting Y&R recaps

He laughs, calling it painfully accurate but he says he’s changed. She asks why. He experienced and event that gave his life deeper meaning.

She assumes it’s due to his time in the Ashram, though she wonders if it’s real.

He says it is and understands why she’s protective of Dominic. He’d never hurt his grandson.

Abby reminds him he hurt her mother. Alarm bells are going off for her. She doesn’t think he’s changed at all.

tucker with abby Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

He thinks her trust has to be earned and asks her to keep an open mind. Because of her son.

Devon returns, finally getting the boy to sleep. Tucker’s phone buzzes and he ignores it.

He thanks them for including him. He goes and Devon’s sorry he left them together for so long.

devon questions abby Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

She says they had an honest conversation so it was fine.

He asks how she’s doing otherwise and she says when they’re together, things feel uncomplicated and easy.

She smiles and he laughs.

He feels the same. They make out.

He wants her to spend the night.

They have sex on the sofa.

devon kissing abby Y&R recaps

As Diane unpacks her stuff at Grand Phoenix, someone bangs on the door.

He jokes that it’s Stark and when she opens it, it’s Tucker. He mocks her.

He wants Stark gone, saying he has big plans. She scoffs.

He gets on her bed and goes through her things. She tells him he turned on her.

He set this in motion, which put her loved ones in danger.

tucker on diane's bed Y&R recap

“Just so what, you could win over Ashley?” She claims she’s lost Jack though he doesn’t see it.

He thinks he could learn a thing or two from her and tells her, “May we both get the Abbott of our dreams.”

He goes.

diane yells at tucker Y&R recaps


Tucker walks into Crimson Lights and eavesdrops on Phyllis leaving a message for Amanda, reminding her she has abandonment issues and needs her. She’s struggling.

She misses her friend. Phyllis disconnects and Tucker approaches.

Sounds like she needs someone to talk to. Phyllis claims she is impervious to his charms.

If she needs a friend, she’ll find hers. He tells her they don’t need to be friends to have a mutually beneficial relationship.

phyllis calls amanda Y&R recaps


Diane returns to the Abbott manse and tells Kyle and Jack she’s settled into the hotel.

Kyle goes to check on Harrison and Jack tells her to let her guard down with him.

Ashley appears and sees the two together. “What’s going on?” Jack cringes.

jack is caught Y&R recaps

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