Summer is Devastated Phyllis Goes Missing and Word of an Accident Spreads, Chance Demands Answers From Diane & Ashley Surprises Tucker

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Phyllis goes missing, Ashley agrees to consider Tucker’s new proposal which isn’t real, and Chance shows up at the gala to find out what happened between Diane and Phyllis. 

In the previous episode, Phyllis collapsed and Stark announced that they were married.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 30, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 31. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Stark whips out a marriage license dated three days ago. Michael says it’s legit. Jack calls it insane and Jeremy says she married him because the people of Genoa City pushed her to a new low — to find one another.

Jack thinks it’s sad he took advantage of her but Jeremy blames them all.

Kyle warns Stark not to point his finger at his mother.

stark produces marriage license

In the other room, Lily comforts Amanda who is upset over Phyllis.

It’s enough she’s had health issues with her mother and now this.

She cries, hating the wait to find out what happened and asks Lily to be careful in trusting her brother because of his recent history.

Lily reminds her that Devon’s her brother but Amanda can’t ignore how what he’s done to them both affect his trustworthiness.

Lily stands her ground. Devon’s loyal to family.

amanda worries about phyllis

At home, Ashley laughs her head off at Tucker’s proposal. He thinks it’s the next step.

It doesn’t have to be fancy.

They could elope. She says no and calls him temporarily insane after hearing her brother’s proposal to Diane.

Tucker won’t take no for an answer and reminds her he hasn’t yet.

tucker says ashley loves him

He lists off things he’s done for her. He gave her a gift, went on a date with her, and gave her intel on Stark and Diane.

Ashley jokes that it was very romantic. He reminds her he offered to set her up with her own company which was an aphrodisiac for her.

He gave his company up for her. She laughs. She bought his debt.

ashley laughs at tucker's proposal

Tucker says they can make it a ploy. Announce their engagement publically. Ashley can see he just wants to stick it to her brother.

Tucker asks if her brother hides the good scotch when he’s around.

Ashley says he had no way of knowing Tucker would be there and admits it’d be gratifying to see Diane’s face at them lying about an engagement.

He still needs to get Devon to buy McCall.

She urges him to hurry it up already. He’s working on it. She lures him in with a future, even a pretend one.

tucker wants to marry ashley

He knows she’s enjoying this power over him and he also knows she sees their chemistry and that they share something deeper.

He accuses her of being scared to admit it. Ashley shrugs and says he can think what he wants. Before he leaves, he tries to kiss her. She backs away. “What are you doing?”

He wanted a traditional goodbye since this was a traditional date.

They make a few attempts to kiss each other that don’t quite work out and finally, share a kiss.

She says goodnight and when she leaves, he watches her from the window, momentarily with a smile on his face.

tucker and ashley kiss at the door

Devon arrives home to Abby who has checked on Dominic who is asleep. She asks how things went with Amanda.

She tells him that Nina let her have it.

Devon says everything got out of control after she left.

He tells her about Jack and Diane’s engagement announcement and Phyllis’ collapse.

They discuss whether it happened before the engagement announcement or not but Devon’s not sure. 

They discuss him dropping the suit.

abby tells devon baby is asleep

Abby asks if this is really what he wants. He’s not sure but something shifted and he thinks it’s because of her.

Their shared connection to their dad brought them together but Abby made him remember how important family was.

He’ll never forget what she did for him tonight. They kiss and snuggle on the sofa when he asks her to consider moving in with him.

abby and devon snuggle

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Chance arrives at the gala saying he was given a hot tip on the other side of the town. He says it was almost as if someone was keeping him from here.

He asks what’s going on. Jeremy tells Chance about the threats from Diane to strangle Phyllis.

Chance says Stark’s claiming that Phyllis had reason to fear her.

They ask about her mental state. Nate says she didn’t seem drunk.

Phyllis thinks it’s insane that they thought she would physically harm her.

chance at the gala

Chance just wants answers from Diane who says Phyllis lured her up to her room under false pretenses.

She texted Kyle to see if he was really sick and Kyle says he left his phone at the bar. Chance asks what happened upstairs.

She says Phyllis provoked her and there was an altercation. She couldn’t take it anymore and responded.

She claims she wasn’t seriously threatening her. Jack pipes up and says they’re not the criminals here.

summer says phyllis is missing

He thinks the detective should get answers from Stark. Like why he married Phyllis. Stark owes Jack nothing and says he’d like to be with his wife but Jack is keeping him here.

Summer and Daniel come rushing in. She cries as she tells them that the ambulance is gone.

They lost track of them at dispatch and don’t know where her mother is. The dispatcher can’t find the vehicle and Phyllis was never taken to the hospital.

Daniel begs Chance to find their mother. He takes off as Stark consults his watch and then stares at his phone for a bit as everyone wonders how an ambulance can disappear.

Lauren thinks something was terribly wrong tonight. Michael says Chance will track the ambulance down.

At the bar in the other room, Nate and Elena discuss possibilities about what happened to Phyllis.

They consider a stroke and Elena wants to call the hospital to see her CAT scans. Nate’s sure the family would appreciate it.

Meanwhile, Victoria watches their exchange and Audra says she can finally see sparks between her boss and Elena.

vicky and audra watch nate

She leaves Victoria with her lips pursed, watching Nate and Elena.

Nearby, Amanda leaves Lily to get an update from Nate.

Elena has just gotten off the phone with Memorial and says the ambulance hasn’t arrived yet. Victoria approaches and the women talk about how incredible it was watching Nate in action as a doctor.

Victoria looks nervous as Elena says she has ideas of how to work together more. 

nate and elena worry

Elsewhere, Leanna tells Sharon this could be the story of a lifetime.

Sharon says gossip isn’t news.

She hopes Phyllis is alright.

leanna with sharon at gala

Leanna says it’s what matters most.

She watches Stark use his phone and tries and fails at looking clandestine.

Leanna gives him a half smile.

stark checks his phone

Chance finds Sharon and tells her he’s curious about how Diane fits into this case.

Sharon asks if he suspects foul play. He says maybe, after what Jack and Diane did, yeah.

Sharon sees Phyllis’s mask on the floor and Chance picks it up with a napkin for evidence.

As everyone mills around Chance reappears to Summer and Daniel and tells them there was an accident on Old Mill road. They don’t know more than that yet.

Nikki clutches her head and Summer cries.

chance suspects foul play

At Society, Tucker finds Audra alone. He projects his insecurities onto her about feeling rejected by the town.

Audra feels fine being accepted. Tucker laughs, calling that bull. He saw Nate had eyes only for Elena.

She brings up Ashley. “Is she paring the car?” He tells Audra things between them are progressing well.

Audra admits she has a plan to get what she’s after, too and wants his help in tracking down JT Helstrom. 

audra and tucker at society

Next week on Y&R!

Tucker tells Audra, “JT Helstrom I’ll find him for you it’ll cost you though.”

audra wanst help finding JT

Daniel is held back as he yells at Stark. “My mother would never marry a lowlife like you.”

daniel yells at stark

Lauren worries to Michael about what happened to Phyllis.

lauren and michael worry about phyllis

Stark goes to Chance and demands answers about Phyllis.

chance talks about phyllis accident

Nikki and Daniel watch as Summer asks Chance to tell them what’s going on with her mother.

nikki and daniel worry about phyllis

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