Summer Confronts Sally and Then Nick About Dating, and After Nate Confesses to Victoria, She Surprises Him

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Sally calls Adam with a 911 situation, Summer confronts Nick about Sally, and Nate gets a new job offer after confessing everything to Victoria. 

In the previous episode, Nick tells Sharon he’s been seeing Sally, as Adam’s bid to win Sally back doesn’t work out.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for October 17, 2022 episode airs in the USA October 18. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

As she works, Sally flashes back to better times with Adam and with Nick. She can’t concentrate and flashes back some more. Summer appears and drags her from her memories.

She tries to get rid of Summer and asks why she’s there.

sally tries to think Y&R

Summer asks why she’s spending so much time with her father outside the office. Sally says people do business over lunch. “There’s nothing happening.” Summer saw her in her dad’s arms and says to “cut the crap.”

Sally says it was a supportive embrace from a friend. Summer scoffs. Sally has friends? She doesn’t trust her. Sally shrugs. The feeling is mutual. Summer remembers how she tried to take her job.

Sally calls it old news and she’s changed. Summer doesn’t believe it. Summer asks if she’s using her dad to make Adam jealous.

Summer says that Nick deserves better — he’s had enough drama. Sally says yea, thanks to your mom!

Summer calls Sally a train wreck and the last thing Nick needs is to be dragged into it. Sally thinks he deserves more credit.

summer tells sally Marchetti amazing Y&R

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Nick finds his brother on the rooftop. Adam is in no mood for company and tells him to turn around and go.

Nick refuses unless he gets answers. He asks why he lured Sally here.

Adam learns Sally ran to him to spill her version of the story. Adam asks if he’s there to knock him down.

Nick isn’t there to do that. He doesn’t want to put Sally in the middle of a Newman brother feud. 

nic visist adam roof Y&R

Adam gets up and tells his brother to keep playing the protector to the hilt. Nick says he didn’t come to her rescue last night.

He gave them space. Adam snarks that his cape must have been at the cleaner.

He tells Nick he got the girl and he’s got the curse of the black sheep. Nick doesn’t believe in curses.

He knows Adam is in love but will he accept it or blame others for what he did? Adam hasn’t even had coffee yet. He goes.

adam roof Y&R

In her office, Lily talks to Devon about how his bio dad said he’d never try to takeover Chancellor-WInters.

She asks if Devon believes him. He’s not sure what to think or who to trust after watching Nate do something that is unforgivable to “his own damned family.”

lily talks about tucker Y&R

They ponder who Nate was working with. Lily calls them an unknown attacker.

Devon wants to pull the plug on the IPO deal but Lily says they can’t right now. It’s up to Jill.

Devon refuses to go forth after what happened. If Jill insists, she can talk to him.

devon wants no part of IPO Y&R

Nate arrives at Victoria’s office. She assumes he’s had a setback but they can handle it.

He admits the plan was exposed. She knows Elena wouldn’t betray him but Nate admits he did it because otherwise, he thought he would lose Elena.

Victoria’s anger turns to sorrow.

vicky freaks Y&R

She ran into her and implied that he was making a wise business decision.

Elena accused her of not caring how it was hurting his relationship with Nate’s family. She’s afraid she made things worse. Nate says she didn’t.

vicky surprised by nate Y&R

When he told her what he did for them, it didn’t matter. She left.

Deep down inside, he knew she was right about him. He didn’t want to lose his family. “Now here I am, having lost them all.” She wonders when Lily and Nate will come after her. He admits that he didn’t expose her.

She smiles. They can still pull off the takeover!

Nate says an over. He has no ownership stake.

They won’t give him shares now. Elena was right about who he was turning into. He does not want to hurt his family anymore and wants to focus on them. Vicky gets it.

She likes his loyalty and that he came to her first. She gives him a job as a reward.

nate talks shares Y&R

At Jabot, Kyle watches Adam stroll in after he disconnects from a call about his honeymoon.

The plane’s ready to take off. He asks what’s going on with Adam. He is always late and looks rough.

Adam shrugs him off. He’s not part of the fashion decision. He’ll leave that up to Kyle.

Kyle thinks his dad made a mistake in hiring the Newman.

He tells Adam to go home and clean up. Adam ignores his advice. Kyle keeps at him. Adam thinks any explanation will go over his head.

Kyle decides he’s done and on vacation. He takes off.

adam thanks kyle advice Y&R

Nick meets Summer at Society and confronts him about dating “that viper” Sally, who isn’t completely over her ex. Nick cringes. He knows what she’s saying but they’re just close friends.

Summer asks if he’s positive.

“It’s nothing for you to worry about,” he says and honestly, he thinks he can take care of himself.

summer talks sally to dad Y&R

He urges her to go pack for her honeymoon. She laughs and says it’s done.

She only needs a few bikinis. She’s worried about leaving Mom and Diane together at Marchetti. Nick says to let it go.

Kyle turns up and Nick runs off. Summer fills her husband in on what they were talking about.

He admits he had a run in with Adam who looked hungover.

Summer’s appropriately shocked. They decide to let it all go.

kyle shocked by wife Y&R

Sally finds Connor alone at Crimson Lights. His mom just dropped him off alone.

He asks if she’s taking him to his dad.

That’s not why she’s there. He seems upset that she and his dad aren’t reunited. Sally texts Adam to get to Crimson Lights ASAP because of Connor.

sally see connor Y&R

Connor says his dad was always in a good mood when they were together. Now he’s back to not smiling much. Sally’s sorry to hear.

Maybe it’s because of his job? Connor thinks his dad misses Sally.

She smiles as Adam receives her text and rushes off to the cafe. Sally talks to Connor about school, hockey and then his mom.

He admits he wanted to get out of the car and lied that his dad was inside so she dropped him off.

Things aren’t good with him and his mom anymore. Adam eavesdrops from the door as his son says this.

connor not kid Y&R

Nick finds his sister at work. She tells him about the deal with Nate falling through. She feels for him and says the deal is over so she’ll refine things closer to home.

She wants to replace Sally with Nate at Newman Media. Nick’s not happy to hear that. Is it a bribe?

No, she says. She trusts Nate and thinks he’d do a good job.

Nick thinks they can find an open position for him but Vicky says this position isn’t right for Sally. She was swayed by Sally’s enthusiasm. She never had the background for the job. Nick says Nate was a doctor.

She reminds him he has an education. They argue and Vicky says they’ll table it for now.

victoria hasn't offered nate job Y&R

Nate arrives home and stares at a photo of him and Elena. A knock comes on the door.

It’s Devon, who wants to know why he tried to screw them over. Nate asks why bother? Devon says they don’t have to hold anything back since there’s no job on the line.

nate sees devon door Y&R