Diane’s Shaken up When Stark Sends Her a Cryptic Message, Chance Blows up at Diane and Jack, and Nate Makes Things Worse for Devon & Lily

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nate’s attempt to smooth things over between his cousins backfires, Daniel says bye to Heather and Lucy, and Stark sends a cryptic message that pisses Chance off.

In the previous episode, Kyle almost messed up his attempt to reconcile with Summer and Jack and Billy caught up while Adam told Chelsea about becoming a father again.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 23, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 24. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Diane finds an envelope outside the door of the Abbott house.

She sets it down, looking frightened and when Jack appears from outside, she jumps.

diane finds envelope outside abbott mansion Y&R early recaps

It’s got her name on it, along with clown stickers.

She thinks it’s from Stark.

Jack tries to comfort her.

She doesn’t want Jack to do anything against Stark. 

jack and diane and letter at home Y&R early recaps

Stark finds Chance at Crimson Lights. They talk about his release.

Stark thinks Chance was duped just as much as he was. He says isn’t Jack his wife’s uncle?

He shouldn’t be playing so dirty. He taunts that the Newmans aren’t related to him anymore.

Chance tells him his personal life is none of his concern. If he has an issue with his case, he should talk to Chicago PD.

stark with chance at crimson lights Y&R recaps

Stark shrugs and says he’s released so he’s good. He thinks Chance is stressed.

“You don’t know me,” Chance says. Stark checked up on him. He assumes he was livid to learn Jack used him.

Chance thinks Stark’s only there to cause trouble and warns it’d be a bad idea.

Stark tells the detective to keep it easy. He’s just there to enjoy the city. He goes.

stark and chance at crimson lights Y&R early recaps

Daniel finds Heather and Lucy in the lobby of Grand Phoenix, and they talk about how they’re headed back home.

Heather’s proud of what he’s accomplishing. He thanks her and wishes the best for her.

She feels the same. Heather takes off and the kid is happy her dad’s wearing the bracelet. He loves it. She feels better that they had their talk.

heather and lucy leave genoa city Y&R recaps

He wants to keep that going. Maybe they can see each other. There or here.

She likes that. He’s determined to earn her trust back.

She wants to beta-test his new game. He’s into that. They embrace and Heather watches from nearby.

daniel hugs lucy grand phoenix Y&R recaps

The ladies leave and Phyllis arrives. She saw the women leaving and tries to comfort her son.

She knows what it’s like to be apart from her kids. She knows they’ll come around. The bond is strong.

It can withstand anything. Daniel drinks and thinks she’s talking about her. “As usual.”

She claims not to be but he thinks she’s self-centered.

phyllis finds daniel at grand phoenix Y&R recaps

He storms off while Stark appears. He feels for Phyllis. It’s rough being attacked from all sides.

She tells the man she’s not at her breaking point and she doesn’t need him. If she needs to get something done, she can do it herself.

Still, Stark wants to help. She tells him once again to keep his schemes to himself.

“I’m not interested.” He says, “Right. You keep telling yourself that.” He walks off. 

phyllis doesn't need stark's help Y&R recaps

Elena and Nate finish takeout at home. He wanted to do something special for her. He has to head back to the office. He’ll meet Lily at Society first. Elena asks what about. “Devon,” he says. Elena encourages him to go next door to talk to the man himself but he senses a showdown between her and Devon.

Nate feels responsible for the breakdown of Devon and Lily’s relationship. He tells her he saw Christine leaving Devon’s earlier. He wants to help diffuse the situation. Elena doesn’t like it. He should mind his business. He can’t sit by and watch, he tells her. “Trust me,” he says before leaving. 


Abby arrives at Devon’s. Dom’s with Louise and so she thought they could go dine. He’s so busy with work.

It’s a priority. She knows but he hasn’t eaten or slept well lately.


He talks about his concerns about his company and relationship with Lily. Abby says this is eating him alive.

He knows but he’s fighting for family. He thanks her for being there for him.

They’re close to kissing when she has to go. He promises to take care of himself. He kisses her hand as she tells him she cares for him.

devon kisses abby hand at home Y&R recaps

Elena spots Abby leaving Devon’s and asks to talk.

They head inside and discuss ways to get the cousins back together.

Abby reveals Devon’s suing Chancellor Williams to regain control of his company. Elena’s eyes widen. They talk about what Nate’s about to do.

The men are stubborn but Abby doesn’t see Nate repairing things. She worries he’ll make it worse.

elena and abby intrude on men's business Y&R recaps

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Chance arrives at the Abbotts to see Jack and Diane. He clues them in about seeing Stark.

He thinks Stark’s trouble but can’t deny that his suspicions about the burglary ringing true.

jack shows chance envelope they received at home Y&R recaps

He’ll be watching the three of them. He’s warning them not to handle Stark themselves.

Jack shows Chance the envelope and Chance blows up. If he thinks it’s from Stark, why not call the cops?

chance blows up at jack and diane Y&R recaps

Diane doesn’t think it’s anything bad.

She opens it up while Chance yells to stop.

It’s just a book. “The Invisible Heist.”

chance yelling at diane and jack Y&R recaps

Chance goes off the rails, telling them not to take the law into their own hands.

“Alert me if it happens again,” he says.

They’re admonished and he goes.

Jack suggests they go on a secret trip to stay away from Stark. She likes that.

diane and jack admonished by chance at home Y&R recaps

Nate meets Lily at Society.

He talks about rumors he’s heard about her and Devon and wants to help.

She smirks. It’s none of his business.

Nate goes on, not really listening.

lily meets with nate at society Y&R recaps

Devon walks in as Lily asks Nate if he’s trying to fix things and that suddenly he’ll be forgiven.

“You betrayed your own family so you are no longer my family.”

Again, she tells him to stay out of it. Devon strolls over and asks what’s going on.

lily angry with devon and nate Y&R recaps

Lily freaks out and thinks Nate asked them both there.

Devon says he didn’t know they’d be here. Devon thinks he’s better than Nate and Lily doesn’t like it.

She thinks they both did the same thing, betraying the family.

They argue about what their father would have done and Lily can’t deal and walks out.

Nate tries harder to get into Devon’s head but Devon doesn’t want to hear him and tells him to keep his thoughts to himself.

devon thinks he knows what neil would have wanted Y&R recaps

Daniel and Lily accidentally meet at the park. Neither wants to talk so they agree to sit in peace.

It’s not long before Lily realizes she could use someone to talk to.

He agrees to listen. She asks why family is so hard. He doesn’t know.

lily asks why family is so hard. Y&R recaps


Coming up on Y&R next week!

Devon reluctantly meets with Tucker at Crimson Lights.  You have 30 minutes to say what you want.”

Tucker says he has a proposition that will change Devon’s life.

tucker meets with devon Y&R recaps spoilers february 27

Adam meets with Victor at the ranch and tells him he wants to hear about his dad’s work opportunity. 

adam talks to victor about his plans for work Y&R recaps


Nate and Victoria make out like crazy.

Victoria tries to get Nate’s tie off.

vicky and nate make out spoilers Y&R recaps

Audra appears outside Victoria’s office with some documents while inside, Vicky and Nate are kissing.

audra at work almost sees nate and vicky kiss Y&R recaps

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