Stark Manipulates Phyllis Into Confessing, Tucker Makes Ashley a Stunning Offer, and Daniel Accuses Billy of Being Unsupportive of Lily

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Stark tries to pressure Phyllis into working with him to find Diane and make her pay, while Tucker romances Ashlely and Lily talks to Traci about Billy. In the previous episode, Daniel got Lily to open up about Billy, and Sharon urged Chance to take his cues from kids.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for December 13, 2022 episode airs in the USA December 14. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Traci finds Lily at Society and starts talking about Christmas shopping and that she has a few naughty people on her list.

They share a laugh though Lily’s mind is elsewhere.

Lily’s thinking of Billy. Traci imagines things are bumpy.

They don’t seem on the same page.

Lily opens up about him leaving Chancellor-Winters. Traci’s sorry. She tries to get Lily to hang in there but Lily tears up and feels like she’s the only one trying.

Traci tells her to let him know he has work to do.

traci kind Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

She feels like his focus has shifted.

Traci worries he’s gambling but he’s not. He’s just looking for purpose. 

Traci says he’s done it before, a few times.

Lily says it’s taken over his life and in turn, hers.

She can’t stop obsessing over what he’ll do next.

She wants it to stop but doesn’t know how. Traci suggests therapy.

lily talks therapy Y&R Recaps SoapsSpoilers

At  Glam Club, Billy finds Daniel working on his tablet.

He says he comes to get space here this time of day since it’s a ghost town.

Daniel and Billy admit the beverages are a boon.

Billy wants to talk about Daniel’s project but he can’t.

He wants to create something massive.

Daniel thinks he’d be excited about this project.

Billy thinks he should count his blessings that he’s not still at CW.

He’s moving on. Daniel asks what he’s moving on to. Billy likes having options but finds it strange that he “of all people” is questioning him.

Daniel asks what that means. He reminds Billy of the dozens of opportunities he’s had.

He’s lucky and will have a partner that’s supportive if him and thinks one would return the favor and be supportive of Lily.

He chastizes Billy for walking away when Lily was struggling at CW. It’s almost like he abandoned her.

Billy called it a big place. He’ll go elsewhere to work on his emails.

He wishes Daniel luck. Daniel tells him it’s a platform to help people find their purpose. Billy stomps off. 

daniel and bill talk project Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Tucker finds Ashley looking for Jack outside his office at Jabot.

Tucker says he heard Diane’s leaving town.

Ash thinks she’s to blame. He laughs at how angry Jack is with her.

He thought they made progress at lunch and wants to keep the momentum going.

He asks her for a drive. She reminds him it’s the middle of a work day and wonders what he’s driving since he gave his Bentley away.

He claims he has a beat-up pickup truck.

ash free Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

At the manse, Harrison has a drawing he made for DiDi. When is she coming back?

Summer looks worried for her kid.

They tell her that DiDi’s taken a trip and she’ll have extra fun with him then.

They can go sledding and build a snowman.

He likes that but asks if DiDi’s coming after Christmas. They don’t know.

They send him to Mrs. Martinez after Summer lets him call his daddy.

Summer and Jack recap about getting rid of Stark and how it won’t be easy.

Jack hopes he’ll leave town on his own. If not, he’ll find his Achilles heel. 

Jack knows Diane brought some of this on to her but he won’t rest until she’s safe.

Summer calls it sweet that he is protective but she wonders why he forgave her and not her mother.

She’s furious with her mom who crossed the line but how many times did Diane say there were no more secrets?

Jack says she’s tried hard to show him she changed.

Summer shakes her head and he says he’s understanding her more than ever.

He says he has a deep connection with Phyllis that goes back to before Summer was born but he can’t do it anymore.

Can’t say, “That’s who Phyllis is.” Who she is has created danger. Summer understands him.

She admits she thought they’d eventually settle down together.

Jack’s sorry to disappoint her. Summer worries her mom doesn’t notice that what she’s doing is costing her.

She’s her own worst enemy. 

harrison misses didi Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers


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Y&R opinion: Is Stark going to fizzle like Locke?

Y&R comings and goings


Phyllis finds Jeremy at Crimson Lights.

She’s surprised he’s still there.

He admits he’s researched her. She’s on edge.

He wanted to thank her for being the anonymous caller.

Phyllis lies that she didn’t make the call.

She asks why he’s there and what his plans are.

phyllis cared stark Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

He’s there to see an old friend.

He calls Diane special and that she has something that belongs to him.

He wants it. And he wants to get down to business.

He pressures her to spill and she keeps mum. He says if Diane turned him in, he has reason to be angry.

She shrugs. He thinks she has attributes that could be of service to him.

stark at crimson lights Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

He’s motivated to see Diane. She knows what he’s getting at. She doesn’t know where Diane is.

Stark thinks they want the same thing. She huffs out a sigh. She admits she called him. She knew he’d scare Diane out of town.

She puts her head in her hands and admits she has no proof that Diane went to the feds. She made it up.

She’s grateful he got her out of town but she’s sorry she inconvenienced him and that he’s there.

She thinks he could leave now. “We’re done.”

He feels bad he assumed the worst of his old flame.

Phyllis apologizes again. He needs to apologize to Diane. He asks where she is. She seriously has no idea and nobody will tell her.

phyllis thanks jeremy Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers


Tucker brings Ashley to what appears to be Chancellor park.

ash tucker outside Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

It’s set up for romance with a heat lamp.

He tells her it’s outside of the city and he wanted to prove he’s worthy of her.

He lays it on thick and tells her she has beautiful eyes and that he reevaluated his life after the car crash and realized he was missing out on love.

She grins. Is she supposed to believe he’s missed out on romantic love? He means his son Devon and their grandson.

Ashley calls him “a cute little boy.” Tuck wants to create a bond with them.

Work with Devon. Ashley finds this interesting. Is that his intention to get a piece of CW so he can work with Devon?

She draws a parallel between the two.

She recalls Diane admitting that he wanted the financials for Jabot.

Is that what he’s doing to Devon? Is he going after Jabot and Chancellor Winters? He acts put out that they all think he’s got ulterior motives.

She mocks him. He admits he wants to work with her. He calls her brilliant and she rolls her eyes.

Imagine what they can accomplish. She says he’d never be welcomed at Jabot. He asks if she quit and let her build her own empire, what would she say?

tucker ash outside smelling air Y&R recaps soapsspoilers


Phyllis arrives at Jabot to see Summer and Jack. She tells them she met with Jeremy Stark. Jack’s pissed and doesn’t even want to talk to her.

She admits she made the anonymous call and told him so. She told him everything and suggested he go.

Summer’s glad she’s coming clean. She thinks he’s staying.

Jack asks if she’s looking for a pat on the back. She isn’t. He told her to stay away from him. He’s done with her. She tears up. As Jack or the CEO of Jabot. “Both.”

She never changes. She says that’s unfair. He tells her she’ll report to Summer and Kyle from now on. If it was up to him, he’d fire her now.

jack bitchy Y&R recaps Soapsspoilers

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