Jill Snaps on Lily For Not Knowing How Conniving Her Cousin Was, While Chelsea Eavesdrops on Connor

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Jill is angry about the IPO issue, Chelsea feels bad about Connor’s issues with her.

In the previous episode, Summer confronts Sally and Nick, as Adam learns his son is unsupervised at Crimson Lights, and Nate confesses all to Victoria.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for October 18, 2022 episode airs in the USA October 19. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Adam arrives at Crimson Lights and Sally takes off, leaving him to confront his son about being at the coffee shop unsupervised.

Connor doesn’t think it’s a big deal but he doesn’t think his mother loves him as much as she says. Adam denies it. They both love him. 

Connor says that if she did, she wouldn’t be acting the way she does. She’s always sad these days.

adam confronts son Y&R

Adam sighs and promises him that he’s his mom’s “heart and soul.”

She’s going through something and knows it can be on the other side of that. It’s not his job to help her.

Connor thinks it has to do with Johnny.

Adam calls it complicated and Connor says that if his mom misses Johnny so much, “she never should have given him up in the first place.”

Adam explains that she wasn’t in a place to care for him and let someone else.

Connor thinks it’s black and white and asks why his mom didn’t give him away too. Adam says she did a lot of work on herself since Johnny was born and they wanted to raise him.

connor thinks mom sad Y&R

Adam tells his son that he knows how Johnny feels.

He admits he felt that way when he learned Victor was his father.

He encourages his son to tell him anything.

chelsesa overhears Y&R

Chelsea walks in and overhears him saying that Chelsea came out with the truth because she didn’t want to keep any secrets from him. She eavesdrops for a bit and then approaches with Connor’s backpack.

She sends the kid for a pastry and worries about their son to her ex. She’ll make it right. She knows Adam’s furious and blames her.

He wants to bring in a professional to talk to their son.

She agrees but feels shamed. She failed, miserably. He just wants a way to move on from it. She worries he’s judging her.

Conor reappears and she tells him she loves him. He says the same and the guys leave.

chelsea asks talk dad Young restless cbs soapsspoilers


At Chancellor-Winters, Lily is confused about Nate being willing to hand over their family business to someone else.

They grew up together!

Billy asks her not to second guess herself about this.

She admits she believed her family wasn’t like the Newmans or Abbotts.

Billy’s not offended.

lily confused about nate Y&R

He’s sorry. Lily urges him not to stick around because of this.

He hates the thought of leaving her here to deal with the fallout alone but she wants him to find his path.

They kiss and both agree that at least they’re not leaving each other.

lilly kiss billy after he quits Y&R

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Billy says he emailed his mom to tell her about the IPO. He’s sure she won’t deal with it well.

They video call Jill who barks at them for what Nate did.

She snaps that she’s surprised that Lily didn’t know about how sneaky and conniving her cousin was.

jill pissed off billy lilly Y&R

Billy says that’s below the belt. Jill never saw Nate as a threat, but she didn’t work with him and they did.

She demands to know, “How in the hell did you let this happen?”

Billy tries to smooth things over but Lily interjects.

She’s the CEO and there are no excuses but no permanent damage has been done. Jill appreciates how Lily has handled this.

Billy goes and Jill asks if there still could be damage to come. “What else are you concerned about?”

Lily reveals she has worries about what Tucker is up to.

If he’s not the one after their company, there’s another snake out there. 

liily talks jill and colluding Y&R

At Nate’s apartment, he tells Devon that he wanted to be a success but doesn’t think Devon would let him and this opportunity was the only way he could think of to prove himself.

“You don’t know how to manage people,” he tells his cousin.

nate sees devon door Y&R

Devon argues that his track record with employees speaks for itself. Nate is doubtful. Devon lets Nate know how the boss and employee relationship works.

They argue and Devon says he screwed over his family and lost his girl. Nate thinks Devon must have had her followed as Victor Newman would do.

“You crave nothing more than control.”

nate argue devon Y&R

Devon thinks that’s ridiculous and doesn’t like that Nate’s acting like a victim.

Nate thinks this is about Devon’s need for control. Nate admits this is about his injury. He hasn’t forgiven him. Devon reminds him that he had sex with his girlfriend.

Nate says and in return, Devon took everything he had.

He tried to let go of the pain and anger.

He thinks something is going on with Devon. Devon says that’s not it. Nate was a novice in the business.

He calls him arrogant and thinks it’s best to step back and learn the ropes in a new job.

Nate didn’t think his time would come if he waited.

devon talks respect Young and restless

Devon doesn’t get how he brought himself to try to destroy his family legacy.

It hurts that his cousin wanted to take away the company he built with his dad.

He knows that if Neil were alive, he’d never forgive Nate for what he did. He runs out.

devon yells that neil never forgive Y&R

Nick finds Sally at the office working when Nick pops up. She tells him that his daughter came to confront her about their relationship.

Nick says it’s not cool.

She crossed the line, but Sally says it was sweet. She let Summer know they’re just friends.

Nick says he told her the same thing. They both admit they saw Adam who looked hungover.

sally contracts Nick Y&R

Nick confesses he talked with him on the rooftop. He knows he’s in a lot of pain and brought up their spending time together.

It’s taking a toll. Sally apologizes. It doesn’t change anything.

She brings up seeing Connor alone at Crimson Lights and that Adam was late for picking him up.

They rehash her break up and she can’t ignore the impact she’s had on Adam and thinks the deal with Connor as a result. 

Nick counters that Adam’s a grown man.

She knows but hates seeing him suffer, especially when her career is going well. Nick looks shifty. He admits he knows Adam cares for her.

sally hates suffer Y&R

If she still has feelings for Adam then he has to step away. Sally thinks they’re better at managing business than their emotions.

He thinks it’s clear they’ve loads of chemistry. She laughs and thinks it’s time for her to figure out what she wants.

nick thinks he sally chemistry Y&R

Chelsea sits on a park bench and flashes to telling Connor about being Johnny’s mama. She looks sad. Billy turns up. She’s been on his mind and asks how she’s doing.

She stammers and is tired of feeling sorry for herself.

She’s glad and hopes she can feel strong.

He lets her know he’s pulling for her but Katie and Johnny are coming to the park and it’s best she’s not there. She leaves.

billy talks strength Y&R


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