Diane Blows up Over Jack’s Mistrust, Phyllis Gloats, and Noah Accuses Audra of Bringing Chaos Wherever She Goes

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Phyllis, Nikki and Talia get together to scheme, Victoria and Tucker play a game of cat and mouse, and Ashley starts her new plan to get Tucker to open up.

In the previous episode, Chelsea overheard Connor telling his father that he doesn’t think his mom has time for him, while Nate and Devon had it out.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for October 19, 2022 episode airs in the USA October 20. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Jabot, Allie bemoans Audra’s appearance in Genoa City. She’s showing up wherever she and Noah are.

She’s assertive and glamorous.

Jack can’t imagine her being more glam than his granddaughter.

allie talks serum jack young restless

He reminds her that Audra and Noah split for a reason and recommends that she not let the woman give her grief.

They part ways and he runs into Diane, who shows him photos of Kyle and Summer’s honeymoon.

Tucker’s name comes up and Diane puts on the innocent act and blames Phyllis for turning Jack against her.

She starts ranting and yelling that there’s nothing to her and Tucker.

Jack doesn’t believe it. He’s been giving her the benefit of the doubt but he still has trust issues with her.

He’s not sure it’ll change. Diane looks hurt.

diane flips out Y&R

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Noah’s not happy to see Audra at his club.

Why is she there?

She claims she just wanted to sit somewhere vibrant and clear her mind. Noah gets her ginger ale and stares at her. He reminds her she could have gone anywhere else in town.

She says she didn’t come to stir trouble but that’s all he sees. She brings chaos wherever she goes.

“It’s just who you are.” She asks if he really can’t bear to be in the same room as him.

audra at noah club Y&R

She wanted to be civil but he says not after what she said to Allie. She talks about missing him and hating what they lost and he asks why she still needs his attention. He told her he’s done with her.

noah tells off audra Y&R

What does she want?! She says just wanted to be honest.

He knows she wanted a reaction from him and it pisses him off.

Allie watches from nearby and eavesdrops.

allie eavesdrops Y&R

At the Abbott manse, Phyllis, Nikki and Ashley talk about Diane and how she and Tucker know each other.

Ashley thinks he’s there not just to try to win her back but for some other reason.

nikki schemes with women Y&R

Phyllis asks if she’s given more thought to getting closer to the man so she could pick his brain.

Ash admits she agreed to dinner with him and he stood her up.

He had an emergency with Devon.

phyllis talks collab Y&R

Phyllis believes it. Phyllis and Nikki are happy to hear that the man thinks he still has a chance with the Abbott.

Nikki thinks he’ll keep pushing for a relationship.

Phyllis bows to Nikki’s extensive knowledge of men. They’re very encouraging. Ashley goes and Talia, the reporter turns up.

They reveal their new plan to get Tucker to open up to Ashley.

They discuss the influential someone who stopped her article.

Nikki is sure that Tucker McCall is involved. Talia’s tickled. “The Tucker McCall?”

They think the connection between them could push her expose “to another level.”

Ashley’s working on getting proof.

nikki excited with plan Y&R

Tucker sits at Society and thinks about discussing the issues with the IPO with Audra.

Victoria arrives to get takeout and agrees to sit with Tucker.

She assumes he’s interested in Ashley and advises that he rethink his grand gestures and at least ensure that the woman he’s trying to impress is there when he flies in.

victoria plays game tucker society Y&R

He jokes it off and brings up the “Ashland fiasco.”

She doesn’t like to think of it. He noticed that she’s come out of it on top.

She assumes he was getting the business news at the Ashram.

He laughs and pleads the fifth. They talk about Jill stepping back from Chancellor and he claims he’s looking at semi-retirement, there in Genoa City.

Vicky laughs, finding it far-fetched.

tucker talks ashram vicky Y&R

Will he take up pickleball? Vicky’s order is up so she goes to get it while Ashley appears. They talk about him wanting to reconnect with her. She smiles and reminds him he couldn’t be on time for dinner.

He offers to have dinner with her now. She admits she’s hungry, but he should moderate his expectations. They reminisce and talk turns to sex.

She doesn’t remember it being memorable.

He clinks her glass for being honest. He tells her that everything he is he owes to her. As they talk, Ashley’s annoyed and takes off.

Once Ashley leaves, Nikki calls and asks Tucker to come over to the ranch.

ash talks tucker obsession Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Christine sits with Sharon, Tessa and Mariah and tells them there’s a young woman looking to give her baby up for adoption.

She’s considering them.

christine talks adoption teriah Y&R

 Mariah and Tessa are thrilled and shocked.

They thank her for guiding them through this process.

sharon happy adoption coming Y&R

Sharon’s looking forward to reading the profile they write. Christine thinks that their extended family will help. Her name is Joss and Christine has her phone number.

Later, Sharon and Christine reminisce over the past adoption of Mariah. Sharon asks about their chances.

Joss reached out to them, which looks good.

Mariah and Tessa look over the birth mother’s bio and want to speak with her.

Christine will make it happen.

mariah tessa happy adoption coming Y&R

Mariah’s ready to start a family with Tessa no matter how long it takes. Tessa’s nervous as all get out.

tessa worried Y&R

Back at Jabot, Diane’s tirade gets louder and she tears up. She thought that they got beyond his mistrust of her.

He can’t stop his gut instincts he says and tells her he has to get back to work.

Phyllis arrives and grins like the cat who ate the canary as Diane glares.

She tells her not to gloat but Phyllis claims she’s not. She likes their truce and knows it was a matter of time before she self-combusted.

She reveals Talia’s back in town to do more digging on Diane.

Soon, Kyle and Jack will know her secret. Diane looks destroyed.

phyllis gloats Y&R

Diane goes into Jack’s office and tells him that he’s right.

She sobs as she tells him there’s something she didn’t tell him about her time in Los Angeles.

She’s ashamed of it.

diane confesses Jack Y&R

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tucker can't help nikki Y&R