Diane Confesses Her Criminal Activity to Jack, While Summer and Kyle Enjoy Honeymooning & Tucker Plays With Talia

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Diane makes a big confession, and Tucker toys with Talia. 

In the previous episode, Victoria and Tucker played games with each other as Nikki and Talia got together to dish on their scheme.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for October 19, 2022 episode airs in the USA October 21. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Tucker visits Nikki at the ranch. He’s enjoying seeing the Grand Dame off GC. She corrects him.

That name belongs to Katherine, his mother. He apologizes. She says this isn’t a social call.

tucker at ranch Y&R

She introduces him to Talia, who immediately puts on her reporter hat and starts asking him questions. Nikki leaves the room.

He says not to ask about the rumor that he’s in town to launch a rocket into space with Victor.

She grins and asks him if he knows why Nikki asked her to write a “profile” on him.

He shrugs and says if she wants to talk about the present they can. She asks why he’s liquifying his assets. Is he retiring?

He gives her a non-answer and says he’s clearing a path to whatever will be revealed. “Did you learn that at the Ashram?”

He laughs. He did. She asks why he was in Los Angeles.

talia reporter bores tucker Y&R

He goes to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Capital Records Building, and the Brown Derby.

She snaps that the Brown Derby has been closed for 30 years.

He says, “That would explain the slow service.”

She gets up. If he becomes serious, she’ll be in touch.

She hands him a card and he says,” How quaint.”

He tells Nikki to come out. She reappears and he confronts her.

She acts innocent. He knows exactly what she’s up to.

nikki pretends innocent Y&R

She just wants him to avoid Diane, but she already thinks there’s a connection between them.

He should understand why she doesn’t want Diane in GC.

If he’s collaborating with her, she wants to know why.

If he is, she’ll hold him responsible if her loved ones get tangled up in it.

He shrugs. He can’t help.

tucker can't help nikki Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Lauren and Phyllis discuss Summer and Kyle’s honeymoon and how he’s accepted Diane in his life.

Lauren needs her friend to get rid of Diane. Phyllis loves how much she can hold a grudge.

They complain that Michael has too much empathy and Phyllis talks about Diane’s misdeeds, calling her evil.

They discuss the theory that Diane hooked up with Tucker in L.A. Lauren’s worried but Phyllis needs to keep this up for Jack and Summer.

lauren and phyllis gossip Y&R

In Jack’s office at Jabot, Diane tells Jack that she found someone to give her a new s social security number and birth certificate. “And Taylor Jensen was born,” he says.

She resumed the life of a dead woman. It was the only thing Diane could do.

She says she didn’t want to be alone. She met charming Jeremy Stark.

She remembers being with him in L.A. and how he kissed her hand and they got serious.

diane with her beau jeremy Y&R

“I fell hard,” she says, calling him a wealthy jet setter. An “international financier,” who flew around the world.  She recalls them at dinner and him gloating about the massive deal he made.

They drank champagne and he gifted her a photo of a private island.

He said he was going tonight for a meeting and wanted her to join him tomorrow.

He offered his assistant to reach out to her to get some clothing for her. She tells Jack that he took care of arrangements for her to follow him around the world.

She felt taken care of. She tears up and realized too late, “That was his trick.” Jack doesn’t get it. How is it a trick?

jeremy stark Y&R

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James Hyde joins Y&R as Jeremy


Diane says she and Jeremy never travelled together. She realized he was using her as a mule.

His assistant or driver hid bundles of cash in her suitcase and then Jeremy would remove them and deposit them in a bank. Jack’s skeptical.

Didn’t she know? She didn’t until Barbados. She saw stacks of hundred dollar bills in her suitcase and later, she saw him remove them when he thought she was asleep.

jack listens diane trapped Y&R

She followed him to a bank. She waited until they were home before she confronted him, asking how much cash he’d put in her suitcase for the next trip.

She cried that she trusted him and thought he was falling for her.

She accused him of using her for money laundering.

He thought she was overreacting and she said it was over. He told her he invested a lot in her.

She says the trips don’t buy her loyalty to commit crimes for him.

He reminded her that social security numbers don’t come cheap.

bad jeremy Y&R

The man who got hers works for him and now, she works for him. He revealed that he knew her name and blackmailed her.

Diane tells Jack that Jeremy was a con man. She was trapped. Jack asks how Diane got out of it.

She says she continued their deal and one day, he told her he was about to be arrested. If the police question her, she needed to keep quiet.

She agreed. Sirens blared and he told her to get out of there. She ran and tells Jack that his whole operation came to light.

The trial lasted four years. They weren’t connected since they never travelled together, which helped.

She was determined to get her life on the right track after. Once Jeremy was convicted, she wanted to get back into Kyle’s life.

diane agreed help tucker Y&R

That’s when Tucker turned up. He uncovered her crimes and blackmailed her. Jack asks what he wanted in return. Tucker says he wanted to return to Genoa City to rekindle things with Ashley.

He discovered Allie and Keemo, then asked Diane to help him connect. He also asked her to spy on Ashley.

Jack’s pissed. She says she sold her expensive gifts to buy Keemo’s house. Phyllis spies from outside and knocks and lets herself in.

“Am I interrupting something?” Jack says he has to get to an appointment. He takes off and Phyllis gloats.

phyllis eavesdrops diane Y&R

In Costa Rica, Kyle and Summer shake the sand out of their hair.

Kyle kisses the places where he thinks Summer got too much sun.

skyle aruba Y&R

She takes off their dressing gowns and they have sex.

Afterward, they agree they have it all. They remember minor bumps in the road.

Stuff that Kyle admits doesn’t bother him anymore.

He admits having his mom around gives him peace.

They tell each other how awesome both are.

skyle sex honeymooon aruba Y&R


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