Chance and Sharon Bond, Devon and Nate Tell Stories About Drucilla and Olivia, and Diane Comes Up With An Idea To Handle Stark

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Sharon unloads on Chance, Ashley and Tucker dine at Society when it’s not open for business, and Nate and Abby try to get Devon and Nate together.

In the previous episode, Tessa and Mariah learned they’re adopting and had a psychic dream that a woman gave birth at Crimson Lights.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for December 23, 2022 episode airs in the USA December 26. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Chance arrives at Crimson Lights to volunteer his time but Sharon says it’s all done. He’s sorry.

Instead, she lets him help clean up as she tells him how gratifying it is to help others this time of year.

chance and sharon crimson lights Y&R recaps

Sharon says she video-chatted with Faith earlier and isn’t doing anything with family until later.

She tells him about the ultrasound photo Tessa and Mariah got and that they’re closer to adopting.

Chance is glad. They agree they deserve all kinds of happiness. Sharon says he does too.

They have lunch and since he’s quiet, she admits she misses Rey a lot.

She calls last year’s precious but low-key. She keeps herself busy so she doesn’t miss him as much. He understands. 

sharon upset missing rey Y&R recaps  SoapsSpoilers

Abby and Dominic find Elena and Nate outside their suite.

They talk about him enjoying Christmas morning and opening gifts.

Elena and Nate just came from a walk in the snow.

Elena asks what Abby and Chance are up to. She tells them about the divorce. Devon pokes his head in and invites Abby in. 

abby with dom christmas Y&R recaps

Inside, Abby finishes opening gifts with Devon. She asks him to thank Lily for the ones she gave.

Abby says they saw Chance last night and thinks Devon lost sight of family since he barely looked at Nate.

Devon doesn’t like how suspicious Nate is about his breakup.

abby with devon christmas day Y&R recaps

He thinks his cousin is trying to find something to use against him. He insists he hasn’t forgotten the meaning of the season.

Abby wants him to put the past in the past and make up with Nate. Besides, what would Neil think?

devon and abby christmas Y&R recaps

At the Abbott’s manse, Traci and Ashley talk to Jack about how cute Dominic was this morning.

The women discuss Abby’s divorce and Jack’s mind is elsewhere.

They think it’s cute that Summer and Kyle took Harrison on a Santa scouting mission.

Ash asks Jack what’s keeping them. Jack’s not sure but they should be back today.

jack at christmas Y&R recaps

Traci wonders if they’re avoiding coming home since Diane’s gone.

Jack assumes they’re having fun. He starts in on Stark’s arrival. Tucker arrives in a Santa hat with a huge sack.

He has presents for everyone.

traci with tucker gift christmas Y&R recaps

Jack finds it unnecessary. They have nothing for him. Tucker laughs. He wouldn’t expect it.

Traci thanks him but says Dominic’s gone. He will see him later and asks if Ashley’s free for lunch.

She’d like that. He gives Traci a gift and they rush out.

Traci tells her brother how unsettled their family is right now. Jack knows he hasn’t made things better.

They embrace and Traci goes upstairs for wine and a bath.

traci jack hug christmas Y&R recaps

At the Abbott cabin, Summer, Kyle, Diane and Harrison unwrap gifts.

Kyle asks Harrison to keep their trip to see Didi quiet. Diane thought she’d be alone like usual.

It’s the greatest gift having them there. She takes Harrison to get ready to build a snowman.

They get a carrot and a hat and need to find rocks for his eyes. Kyle and Harrison go outside.

Summer says that they’re family and supposed to be sticking together and yet she’s still keeping secrets.

diane apologizes Y&R recaps

Diane’s sorry and feels for her because of who her mom is. It’s a balance.

Summer says it is but her mom has been “out of bounds.” Diane’s grateful she admits it.

Summer isn’t going to be sharing information that will put anyone in jeopardy but asks her not to put her husband in a position to choose his mom over his wife.

Diane digs it.

summer rails on didi Y&R recaps

Later, Kyle is warming his hands by the fire when Jack calls.

They talk about Harrison building a snowman and that he’s not sure when they’re going home.

Everyone’s out looking for pine cones.

kyle talks to jack on a call from abbott cabin Y&R recaps

Jack updates his son on how Stark received the first installment of the cash but that Diane’s still in danger.

Diane walks in and eavesdrops.

Harrison and Summer appear and Kyle privately tells his wife that his hopes that his mom could come home soon were dashed.

Later, Diane says she has an idea on how to handle Jeremy Stark. 

diane eavesdrops on kyle Y&R recaps

Elena and Nate arrive at Devon’s and drink some wine. The women look at Devon’s photos. They talk about the kid seeing Santa and that he lost it when they got up there.

Devon remembers a story Dru told her. When she was young, they used to make her and Olivia wear the same clothes.

Nate remembers that. They hated dressing alike. Drew wanted to buy ballet slippers and Olivia wanted a microscope.

But they made them wear cutesy dresses with big bows. Nate laughs and says cutesy isn’t a word he’d call either of them.

Nate recalls them looking at those old photos together. Those photos became treasured memories. Elena and Abby shoot each other a knowing look at the cousins opening up.

cousins drink christmas Y&R

Outside the Abbott mansion, Ashley and Tucker talk about her new company. His dream is to work side by side with her. He kisses her on the lips and goes. Inside, Ashley can see Jack was spying and saw the kiss.

He thinks she’s making one mistake after another. “Oh Jackie,” she says. She knows what she’s doing.

ashley kissing tucker Y&R recaps

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In Nate and Elena’s place, Nate can’t stop thinking about Abby and Devon.

He thinks there’s something going on between them.

nate at Christmas Y&R recaps

Elena says, “Woe. You’re jumping to a huge conclusion.”

Nate argues that Devon shut him down when he asked why he broke up with Amanda.

Elena says it’s not his business. He’s being negative the way he was when they broke up.

elena and nate cocoa Y&R recaps

Instead of focusing on how well they’re doing, he’s looking for a reason to call Devon a hypocrite.

She says it’s unhealthy and he needs to find a way to resolve the conflict.

Later, Abby texts Elena to have a drink — the four of them.

Elena asks if Devon knows but she says not yet. She thinks she can get him to agree to it.

Elena likes it. It’s worth a shot. They stop texting when Devon appears and she grins.

abby texts elena Y&R recaps

Ashley and Tucker arrive at Society.

It’s closed so she pulls out a key and they let themselves in and head to the kitchen and start cooking.

He flirts and she calls him naughty.

They flirt over the vegetables and he says he was taught to be an apprentice chef.

She comments about when this took place.

Before or after the accident. Then she asks what’s next. “Lunch,” he says.

They eat and talk about his idea for a new business that would involve Paris. She admits it’s “not totally unappealing.”

He thinks he’s in fine tune with her. She finds it interesting since sometimes she thinks she knows him and other times, not at all. 

ashley outside society Y&R recaps


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