Phyllis Records Diane & Stark Getting Cozy, Ashley Blows Up At Tucker, While Victor Includes Kyle In His Plan To Target Adam

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Ashley heads to Paris for a few weeks, upsetting Tucker, while Audra makes a big reveal to Nate, and Diane boasts to Stark about her jewelry heist while Phyllis watches. In the previous episode, Chloe sets Sally and Nick up, Noah asked Nick about his relationship with Sally, and Billy and Chelsea watched some dumb movie.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for January 12, 2023 episode airs in the USA January 13. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Society, Nick comments that Sally seems nervous. He thinks he threw her off, taking her away from her work.

She says he throws her off all the time but it’s in a good way. She’s happy he reached out to her.

There’s nobody else she’d rather spend time with. As she says it, Adam walks in and they lock eyes.

Adam walks to the bar and Sally’s glad there was no confrontation.

She starts reading the menu and thinks they can pretend his brother isn’t there.

She asks him for tips on impressing Jill for her presentation. Nick says not to BS her.  

adam spots nick and sally dining at society young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

He calls her straightforward and suggests Sally be real. He gets a text from Christian’s nanny who wants to know if he can watch a movie.

Nick texts that it’s okay as Sally and Adam can’t take their eyes off each other.

Nick calls her smart and beautiful. He keeps up the adjectives on how hot she is and it works.

She has the urge to get him into bed.

nick smiles with sally at society young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

At Crimson Lights outside, Kyle tells his mother that Summer decided not to take Harrison to Paris.

She is a mess. Jack’s doing her dirty work for her, stealing one of Nikki’s necklaces so she can give it to Stark as a token of her trust.

Kyle worries she’s wired and getting a kick out of this like it’s a game. She denies that.

This is about shutting Jeremy down. She takes off to meet Stark for drinks, assuring Kyle she’ll be careful.  

kyle and a nervous diane at crimson lights young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

At her suite at Grand Phoenix, Audra takes a call about being happy to join Newman media when Tucker arrives.

Does she think she could avoid him after what she did? She knew he’d turn up at one point.

He calls her messy and careless and blew it for him and Devon. “You failed me, Audra. I’m not going to forget it, either.”

She thinks he’s threatening her. He calls it a promise. He yells at her that she had one job.

She yells back that he learned that they had the same phone notification.

tucker upset Y&R recaps

She says Devon wondered if he had an agenda to take over his company since he dropped into Genoa City in the helicopter like the narcissist he is.

He glares. She says, “Oh have I crossed a line?” She says his son was smarter.

Tucker says Devon’s relationship meant more than the company and he won’t let him explain. He cut him off from his grandson.

audra tells nate about tucker Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

He wasn’t trying to rob him of anything. He wanted to build something with him. She learns things with Ashley went south too.

She asks if he wants her to cower and beg for forgiveness. It’s not going to happen. She’s as done with him as he is with her.

Nate arrives, sensing the tension. He’s concerned but Tucker takes off. Nate asks what he walked in on.

She confesses she was supposed to help him take over Chancellor-Winters when it came public.

Nate narrows his eyes. He asks when. She says they go back a ways.

He paid off her school loans and she’s been beholden to him.

They shared a business and personal connection. “I see,” Nate says. He tells her about Devon finding out the truth and that she lied about stepping back at CW.

Nate can see she figured she had time. She calls it foolish of her but she wanted to land on her feet and prove her worth. “At my expense,” he says.

It makes him look bad. She’ll understand if he wants to rescind his offer of employment.

He says it makes sense that she wasn’t shocked to learn he was double-crossing his cousins.

If he would have stayed the course, he would have ruined Tucker’s plan. Nate decides to keep her working for him.

nate learns the truth about audra Y&R recaps

Kyle sees Tucker at Crimson Lights and taunts him about losing control over everything he wanted.

Tucker thinks he still has control with Ashley but Kyle says it’s too bad.

“She’s headed to Paris tonight.” He goes.

kyle taunts tucker that ashley left town Y&R spoiler recaps

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Diane meets Jeremy at Glam Club. He asks how their project is going.

He wants details so she starts telling him when Phyllis appears and looks stunned.

She watches their exchange. Diane said they agreed she’d surprise him.

Phyllis records their talk as Diane claims she has it all under control.

stark and diane talk about stealing from nikki Y&R spoiler recaps

Stark still wants more information. She says she’s headed to Chicago tonight and tomorrow, he’ll get a beloved and expensive piece of stolen jewelry.

She walks her fingers up his arm as she tells him, smiling confidently.

She admits she’s stealing from Nikki Newman. She likes payback for her thinking she could pull their strings.

Stark is impressed and hopes she can deliver.

She brags about how great she is, and how she was once married to Victor Newman.

This makes Stark hot. 

phyllis eavesdrops Y&R spoiler recaps

Kyle greets Sally and Nick on their way out of Society and then finds Adam boozing it up. “Something on your mind?”

He asks. Kyle grins. “Is that what passes has hello?” Kyle’s bitchy and Kyle rubs it in that Sally chose the better brother.

They exchange words until Victor arrives.

adam and kyle taunt each other Y&R spoiler recaps

Adam smirks and wonders what this is about. Victor wants to know how his family is doing.

Something Adam’s forgotten about family.

The men go to their own table and Victor asks how everyone is doing.

Kyle says they’re fine and asks why they’re really there. Is it about Diane?

He says no, but wants to know how Adam’s doing at Jabot.

He doesn’t think Kyle wants Adam working there and asks him to work together to change that.

victor asks how adam doing at jabot Y&R spoiler recaps

Tucker goes to the Abbott mansion. Ashley tells him he’s wasting time coming there. She’s off to Paris.

He knows but begs her to hear him out. He hates how things ended.

She lets him in and says he screwed up but he did everything for them.

She didn’t hear an apology in there so he says he’s sorry he hurt her.

It’s the last thing he wanted. He didn’t have a plan to rip Jabot from her or her family.

tucker wants in to see ashley abbott Y&R spoiler recaps

He wanted her to become the star she is and thinks she’s under the shadow of Jack and her dad.

“So you decided what’s best for my life?” He says he knows her and knew she was excited.

He doesn’t think the connection they have can be faked.

He calls his feelings profound for her. Can they find their way back?

ashley lets tucker into the abbott house Y&R spoiler recaps

Ashley admits she is starting to feel things for him again when she didn’t think it was possible.

Even though, her instincts told her not to trust him.

Tucker says it’s all out in the open. Ashley says to stop. There’s no chance in hell. She grabs him by the lapels and swats him.

He’s a crappy partner and always has been.

She can’t wait to get on the plane so she doesn’t have to look at him again.

She kicks him out and once outside, he stands there, staring.

ashley refuses to see tucker again Y&R spoiler recaps

Phyllis meets Nikki at Crimson Lights. Nikki doesn’t even know what she’s up to.

Diane says she was making out with Jack who wanted it. Nikki’s not surprised.

One day he’ll regret it. Phyllis says she’s playing him.

She shows her the video she took of her with Stark.

Nikki hates how she’s cozying up to the criminal. 

nikki learns diane cozying up to stark Y&R spoiler recaps

Back at Sally’s suite at Grand Phoenix, Sally takes off Nick’s clothing.

They kiss.

She sees the prenatal vitamins that Chloe left for her and cringes as Nick kisses her neck.

Sally sends Nick into the shower.

She’ll meet him there. While he’s gone, she shoves the pills in her handbag.

nick and sally sex Y&R spoiler recaps

Coming up on Y&R next week!

Daniel walks in on Summer and Kyle. “Did a bomb go off?”

daniel and kyle and summer at jabot offices Y&R spoiler recaps

Abby asks Devon if he has an update on the merger.

devon updates abby on merger Y&R spoiler recaps

Stark rubs Diane’s shoulders and tells her, “I think we need to seal this new partnership with a kiss.”

She looks nervous as she turns to him and kisses him.

diane kisses stark Y&R spoiler recaps

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