After Sharing a Psychic Dream, Tessa and Mariah Are Overcome, Receiving Word They’re Adopting a Baby Girl In The New Year

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Tessa and Mariah have a shared psychic dream that a woman comes into Crimson Lights only for them to help her through labor and the birth of her daughter, and then they learn they’ll be adopting soon! In the previous episode, Sally had abdominal issues, and Diane had Christmas with Kyle, Harrison and Summer, while Danny returned to Genoa City.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for December 22, 2022 episode airs in the USA December 23. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Mariah, Tessa, Sharon, Noah and Nick celebrate on Christmas Eve at Glam Club.

Noah wants to make it a tradition. Sharon was feeling lonely so they drink to Rey.

They talk about how Faith’s in Switzerland and sophisticated. Mariah wants to be skiing in the Alps.

tessa mariah sharon noah nick christmas Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Sharon thinks it must be nice to get the Christmas magic with Christian.

Nick remembers Noah being a challenge to get to sleep on Christmas Eve while Christian is easy.

Mariah and Tessa share a loving look as Nick says there’s nothing like seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child.

After viewing the Santa Tracker online, Christian realized Santa wasn’t going to get there until he went to bed.

sharon celebrates Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Mariah and Tessa finish a bottle, and Noah jokes that he’s going to run out of champagne if they don’t slow down a bit.

Sharon asks if Mariah and Tessa will be there to help out tomorrow morning at the homeless shelter.

Nick too, he says and tomorrow, he, Noah, and Christian will be at the Newman ranch. 

tessa being silly Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Tessa booked a suite downstairs tonight for their first Christmas, as a gift to Mariah.

She details the romantic night ahead with rose petals, a bath and those fuzzy robes.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas plays as they head down to their suite.

christmas with tessa and mariah Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Later, they’ve dated and are in robes.

Mariah gifts her an ornament for their tree as wife and wife.

Tessa says they’ll do it yearly and they may have one for a baby.

Their kid will have a big happy family to celebrate the holiday with.

Mariah wants that so much. So does Tessa.

teriah kiss Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

It’s Christmas morning and Tessa and Mariah awaken, holding hands and calling each other gorgeous.

Tessa glows with the holiday spirit and Mariah comments about her pretty hair.

They realized it’s snowed outside.

teriah Christmas morning Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Tessa’s thrilled. Mariah tries to get her to hurry since they need to get to Crimson Lights.

Tessa’s got the car filled with winter wear so they’ll be warm when the deliver.

teriah bed Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Mariah and Tessa arrive at Crimson Lights to Sharon and Noah, who teases her about how late she is.

Mariah says they were throwing snowballs at each other. They get the deliveries started and a woman comes into the coffee shop who has skidded out in her car and slid into a pole.

She’s overcome and teary-eyed because it was traumatic.

She asks to sit and when she does, she reveals a heavily pregnant belly.

pregnant sonja Y&R recaps SoapsSPoilers

Tessa and Mariah stare and Sharon looks at them as though it’s a Christmas miracle.

They get her some water and though they try, they can’t get a tow truck. It’s too snowy. Sonja introduces herself and Sharon gets her something to nibble on.

Sonja admits she was driving away from her family.

They know what that’s like. She says her parents don’t agree on anything, not even on Christmas.

Sonja cries. They’re sorry.

tessa and mariah worry Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Tessa says they’re glad to have her company. Sharon brings her a muffin and then she recognizes Tessa.

“Your song is playing right now.” Sharon says it’s her playlist. Sharon calls it her favorite

. Sonja talks about being a mom at 22 not being in the plans but things change.

The baby’s father isn’t in the picture.

She wants to go to grad school in the spring and her parents promised to help care for the baby but Sonja doesn’t know if she can be the mother this baby deserves.

Tessa’s sure she’ll make the right decision for her baby.

Mariah calls it her story to write. Sonja heads to the bathroom and returns right away.

Her water broke. Mariah calls the paramedics and Sharon helps Sonja breathe.

sonja labor Y&R recaps

Mariah says the EMTs are having a hard time getting anyone to them. Sharon labor can last a long time with the first baby.

Sonja walks around a little and talks to her about contractions while Mariah struggles with tears.

Tessa knows she’s thinking about labor with Dominic. Mariah was scared. Being there alone while in labor was terrifying.

tessa helps mariah feel better Y&R day ahead recaps

Tessa reminds her it worked out. They’ll help Sonja together. Sonja assumes they have a child but she says no, she was a surrogate.

Mariah does want a family as soon as possible. Sonja leans over and shouts as she has a contraction.

Sharon sends Tessa to get blankets from the back room and Sharon calls Elena for help as Mariah gets Sonja to focus on good thoughts. 

sonja labor Y&R recaps

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Elena arrives as Sonja is screaming on the floor into her contractions. Mariah tells her to breathe until Sonja can’t take it anymore and asks her not to. They laugh and Elena tries to get her not to push just yet. This goes on a while and Tessa and Mariah hold her hand and help her breathe more.

elena helps sonja  Y&R day ahead recaps

Finally, she starts pushing and the baby is born with a cry. Everyone laughs. It’s a girl! The EMT arrive and Sharon directs them. The women look at the beautiful baby. Sharon takes a call from Noah and Sonja, and Mariah and Tessa cry together.

sonja with her baby and teriah  Y&R day ahead recaps

Sonja knows she was supposed to meet them. They’re so happy they met her. Sonja’s grateful to know them and thinks they’ll make great parents.

She hopes she can be a good mother, too. Sonja’s wheeled to the hospital.

Later, Mariah sits in bed, pensive as Tessa dozes off. They embrace and Mariah says she had the most intense dream.

mariah sad no baby  Y&R day ahead recaps

Tessa says she did too. They haven’t had a psychic connection since Mariah was kidnapped.

They’re crushed and emotionally drained.

They talk about keeping the faith.

They kiss and their tears dry.

teriah kissing bed  Y&R day ahead recaps

Mariah and Tessa arrive at Crimson Lights.

They joke about too much champagne and need coffee.

Noah gets it and Sharon questions them.

sharon christmas Y&R recaps

They lie that they’re fine and then Delphine, a woman who is pregnant, texts Mariah an ultrasound photo of her baby girl.

They get excited when Delphine says they’re looking forward to meeting Mariah and Tessa in the new year.

Mariah and Tessa show the ultrasound around and hug happily.

mariah hug tessa adopting  Y&R day ahead recaps

They’ll be adopting next year!

tessa happy hearing adoption  Y&R day ahead recaps


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