Phyllis Gets Sloppy Drunk, Mariah Shows off Baby Photos, Jack asks Diane to Marry Him, and Adam Has Difficulty Staying Away From Sally

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Phyllis gets wasted and her friends try to talk her down, Jack asks Diane if she’ll marry him and Adam is upset that he’s not more a part of Sally’s life, and meanwhile, Mariah shows photos of her newborn baby girl.

In the previous episode, Nate turns Victoria down and she forces him to sabotage Devon, while Devon and Lily have a knockdown drag-out fight and Tucker admits he’s intimidated by Ashley now.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 2, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 3. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the Abbott cabin, Diane cries when the movie they watch ends. She loved it and is surprised that she hasn’t given up on happy endings.

He thinks all the fun is the journey to the happy ending. She never wants this to end. Jack’s happy to get a new beginning. They kiss.

jack and diane canoodle Y&R recaps

He vows to make things special for them. They talk about Stark and she wishes there was an easy way to take care of him.

They hear a big noise and she grabs a poker. “What is that?!” Jack calms her down and opens the door. A tree branch fell. He hugs her and tells her she’s safe.

She’s angry, not wanting to be a victim. His days of larceny are over but she needs to do something to drive Stark away.

jack at abbott cabin Y&R recaps

Jack loves her fire but he’s not sure going on the offensive is the best idea. Instead, they should ignore him and stop talking about him.

He refuses to let anyone take their happiness. They talk about their love for each other and kiss.

Jack asks her to marry him. She smiles.

jack asks diane marry me Y&R recaps

In the lobby of Grand Phoenix, Phyllis leaves a message for Summer, reminding her she gave birth to her in an elevator.

She can’t avoid her forever.

drunk phyllis calls summer Y&R early recaps

She drinks her martini and calls Daniel and leaves a message for him too, knowing he’s avoiding her.

She tells him to call her back and breaks down in tears.

Micahel and Lauren walk in, shocked to see Phyllis in such rough shape. 

Michael notes Phylis is drunk. The Phyllis train has derailed.

He wants to ignore her but Lauren can’t ignore that.

Lauren and Michael Grand phoenix Y&R early recaps

They go to her and she offers a drink. She says her life is spinning out.

They offer to get her some food and Phyllis tells Lauren that her children think she’s the cause of their problems and that she’s interfering in their lives.

phyllis with michael and lauren Y&R early recaps

“Cause you are, aren’t ya!? Micahel says, pissing Phylis off.

Lauren knows she has the best intentions. She and Michael shoot each other a look and though Lauren says they’re there for her, Phyllis doubts it.

“The only person I can rely on is this person here. This beautiful drink, and myself,” she says, holding the martini up.

phyllis drunk martini Y&R early recaps

They give her a meal and she puts it down. Michael practices tough love saying it’ll suck up the booze. He calls them family. She disagrees.

She knows they want to say they told her so. Lauren says they did tell her this would happen.

Phyllis asks how Michael can be her friend and Diane’s. He allowed “that virus” to come to town and latch onto her daughter.

Michael yells that Diane’s not the root of all her problems.

Phyllis wants her dead. Michael says making death threats in the middle of a hotel is a bad idea. She doesn’t care.

She’s done with them and their tough love. She yells at them to let her go and takes off. Lauren asks Michael to go after her.

Later, he returns upset. He was trying to keep things light. Lauren worries how many times she can go down this path and come back. She hasn’t been this way in a while. Michael calls her a survivor. 

phyllis' food Y&R recaps



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Mariah arrives at Crimson Lights and Sharon hugs her. They talk about the birth, her daughter’s chubby legs and Mariah dies when her daughter smiles.

Sharon says that’s what having a child means. Adam walks in as Mariah talks about being a parent and how it makes her see the world differently.

Sharon sees Adam who says there’s nothing like having a child. Mariah shows him photos of the baby.

mariah home and a mother Y&R recaps

She gushes about being proud and shocked they’re a family. He thinks she’s lucky to have Mariah and Tessa.

Mariah runs to get a call from Tessa and Adam moves to leave.

Sharon comments he didn’t even get coffee. What’s up?

mariah shows adam baby photos Y&R recaps

He reveals Sally’s pregnant and the baby is his. “Oh,” she says, not reacting. He realizes she knew.

How could she not tell him? She was sworn to secrecy. At the time, she didn’t know who the dad was.

She tells him that Sally filled her in. Adam hoped he’d reunite with Sally but Nick’s “Mister Wonderful” and he’s out in the cold.

Sharon’s sorry. He wouldn’t want that conversation with him. She tells him he’ll be a great dad. He appreciates it.

He goes and Mariah returns. They discuss how happy they are Delphine made them parents.

They don’t have a name yet and Mariah didn’t want to bring it up since Sharon didn’t get to name her.

Sharon’s fine with it. She has a beautiful name that matches her beautiful soul. That’s what  Mariah and Tessa want to find for their girl.

adam talks sharon about baby Y&R recaps

At home, Sally calls Nick. She’s worried and feels like something is off with the pregnancy.

She has a headache and is concerned for the baby.

He tells her to call the doctor and he’ll be right there.

nick at work Y&R recaps

He leaves Newman as she calls Dr. Chandler’s office.

Later, Nick stops by. Sally says Dr. Chandler says it could be stress or fatigue or related to her blood pressure issue.

He was worried. She feels silly that she overreacted.

Nick’s glad she called him and wants to be there for her. She missed dinner and her prenatal vitamins. He shakes his head. He’ll have to stay on top of her.

“About this situation,” he says as she slightly smirks. They’ll have to spend more time together.

sally not feeling well Y&R recaps

Adam arrives and Nick says he guesses they’ll have to get used to him showing up like this.

Adam says he was just checking in.

Sally tells him she had a bad headache and called the doctor but it’s gone.

adam at sally place Y&R recaps

She tells him he shouldn’t need to check-in.

There’s nothing she needs from him before the baby is born. Nick says he’ll take care of everything. Adam gets it. 

They’re together. He’ll resist the urge to check-in but wants to come to the ultrasound appointments. She’ll think about it. He goes and Sally feels for Adam.

Nick cautions her to be careful where his brother is concerned. The more involved Adam is in her pregnancy, the harder it’ll be for him to let it go.

sally nick and adam awkward meeting Y&R recaps

Adam returns to Crimson Lights. Sharon can see he’s upset and offers to listen.

He’s trying to be a good guy but… “You’re still Adam Newman.” He nods.

adam upset talks to sharon Y&R recaps

Phyllis wakes up on her sofa to Stark who broke in and is sitting there in her chair. “You’re lucky to be alive.”

stark at phyllis place uninvited Y&R recaps


Next week on Y&R!

Stark’s in Phyllis’ room and she tells him she can’t lose everything. He tells her it seems to him that she already has. She asks, “Why do you care?”

stark in phyllis room Y&R recaps

Sally tells Summer she’s pregnant.

summer learrns sally pregnant Y&R recaps


Victoria asks Devon if Tucker approached him to buy his company.

vicky and devon Y&R recaps

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