Malcolm’s Return Brings Tears of Joy to Lily and Devon, Who Decides to Change His Surname to Winters, While Daniel’s Conscience Weighs on Him

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Harmony happily greets Devon and credits Tucker for bringing her there, while Ashley shoots daggers at the woman, and Summer freaks out when she sees Diane at home. In the previous episode, the tribute for Neil began, and Diane was welcomed home by Jack.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 4, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 5. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Kyle arrives home and happily hugs Diane, glad she’s home where she belongs. Jack agrees.

He lets her know that Tucker has moved in and is complicating things. She’s shocked.

kyle hugs diane home from prison.

The men relay that Ashley invited him and he’s staying in the guest house for now.

Summer arrives, wondering what Diane’s doing there.

Kyle says she’s out on bail. He tried to call her.

She stammers as she asks if there’s new information.

Diane watches her strange behavior and her pout as Jack insists it’s only a matter of time until they find the truth.

diane shocked tucker moved in

Diane knows her being there is a shock but she promises that she didn’t hurt or kill her mother. Summer snarks. “Because your promises mean so much?”

She accuses her of being responsible for setting up this chain of events.

She gets to be there when her family is ripped apart. Summer apologizes to Jack and Kyle but she won’t celebrate this. Kyle offers to take her for a walk.

Diane says she’ll try to stay out of her way, though she is using an ankle monitor and can’t leave the property.

Summer laughs, incredulously that she can’t avoid her mother-in-law. Kyle thinks they can coexist for Harrison. 

summer with kyle at home

Yolanda/Harmony arrives at GCAC, surprising everyone.

She and Devon hug and his bio-mom reveals she was at a conference when Tucker sent her an invitation to come to the tribute for Neil.

He even sent a car.

Devon’s surprised and calls it an incredible gesture.

He shakes his bio-father’s hand. Harmony wishes Ana could have been there but she’s touring.

yolanda home to see devon.

She can’t wait to see Dominic and wrap him in her arms.

Devon knows he’d love to meet his amazing grandma. He’s thrilled she’s been clean and sober for almost two decades and has a degree.

Harmony’s proud of herself. She loves her job, gets to contribute to the community and help others in need. It’s rewarding.

Her heart wants to burst seeing how well her son is doing, that he’s with Abby and working side by side again with Lily.

Devon feels things in his life are moving in the right direction.

Harmony can see Tucker’s trying to make up for lost time. Devon believes it to be.

devon thanks tucker bringing harmony/yolanda home

Nearby, Tucker and Victor clink glasses and Vic says he has big plans for his company.

He’s touched that Tucker brought Harmony to see her son.

Abby finds Nikki who thanks her for planning this evening.

Abby is learning from the best. Nikki.

They hope tonight has a better ending. Nate arrives, straight from LA.

Abby asks after Elena and he hesitates before he says she couldn’t make it. He is surprised to see Harmony.

victor says a speech neil

Victor gets up and says kind things about Neil who was his friend.

He was a good dad to Devon and Lily and says every parent hopes to create such wonderful people and he did that in those two kids.

They’re honoring the man who raised him which is everything to Victor. “Says everything about family,” he says, lifting a glass to Neil.

raising a glass to neil

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Everyone drinks to Neil. The siblings thanks Victor and Abby hugs her dad, saying she was moved by his speech.

Lily’s gone when Victor says he’s proud of Devon and glad he’s becoming a part of his family. It means a lot that he makes his daughter happy. 

Nikki thinks it’s brave of Daniel to come to this room tonight after it’s the last place where Phyllis was seen alive.

Sharon councils that the pain may never go away and Nikki says she’s deeply sorry for what happened.

Both women give their full support. To lend an ear or pour coffee.

sharon and nikki give daniel condolences

He thanks them and excuses himself. At the bar, Devon sees Nate looking at Neil’s portrait. “Four years. Hard to believe,” Nate says. Devon knows.

Nate goes to find Lily as Mariah and Sharon sit together.

Mariah knows about Harmony from Devon but it’s the first time they met. She doesn’t get how Ashley’s staring daggers at the woman.

Sharon says she slept with Tucker when they were together. Elsewhere, Harmony thanks Tucker for inviting her.

They swoon over how Devon turned out. Tucker credits Ashley with helping him do the right thing. Harmony still feels bad about what they did to her.

She hopes he’s learned his lesson and doesn’t screw it up. He hopes so. Ashley watches the exchange.

Abby approaches and is glad that Tucker made the night great for Devon. She bets her mother wishes Harmony wasn’t there.

Ashley ignores that comment and thinks it’s time she said hello.

Ashley approaches and welcomes her. It means a lot being back there. A lot has changed and yet, some has stayed the same.

She chuckles and says the connection between Ashley and Tucker for one. She calls it a gift that they found their way back to each other and admires them.

Ashley thinks that’s a lovely thing to say.

abby with ashley at neil tribute

Nate tells Lily that he and Devon outdid themselves. It’s a perfect way to keep Neil’s memory alive.

Meanwhile, Nikki, Mariah and Sharon talk about the grandkids and Victor asks Mariah to ensure she and Tessa take full advantage of the grounds at the ranch.

Daniel, who is seated nearby, can’t think about anything but Summer relaying that their mom is alive. Lily notices he’s distant and he tells her he’s fine.

The party is great. Everything is going well. She sees he’s upset but he’s there for her tonight, he says. Everyone starts filing out.

lily and devon talk about his conscious

Nikki notices Lily and Daniel are in a moment and she doesn’t want to intrude so they tell Devon to say goodbye to her as Lily begs Daniel to talk to her.

“My conscience is bothering me,” he says. Lily gives him advice and knows whatever he decides will be the right thing.

She’s off to New York to see Charlie and hugs him before he leaves. Devon and Abby say goodbye to Ashley and Tucker, who is happy to see his son reunited with Harmony.

devon and abby say bye to guests

Later, Malcolm walks in and surprises Lily and Devon. He couldn’t miss paying tribute to the man himself.

When it came to the great Neil Winters, “I show up. Whatever it takes,” he says.

He greets Harmony and tells her Devon’s a blessing to all his parents. He should be proud.

He hugs Nate and says this space has Neil written all over it. Devon says it’s Abby and Victor’s thing. Harmony says Neil was inspiring.

harmony has nice things to say about neil

He learned from his own mistakes and was able to find forgiveness and hope when you didn’t think it was possible. Harmony dries some tears and chokes up.

He raised Devon as if he was his own after she failed her son. He never stopped believing in Devon. Devon gets an epiphany.

There is something he needs to do for himself and Neil. He wants to call himself Devon Winters now, legally. Harmony thinks it’s how it should be and Malcolm agrees.

neil winters son devon winters

Neil would say, “My man.” He’d keep cool on the outside but on the inside he’d be a mess. Maclomn calls him “my brother,” a Winters now.

The men embrace and Abby tears up. Lily hugs her brother. She loves this. “Devon Winters. Devon and Lily Winters!”

They laugh and Devon hugs Harmony and they say I love you.

malcolm and devon

Malcolm has to jump on a plane since he went AWOL from work. Nate hopes he stays longer next time. They shake hands. 

Nate says he’s wiped and will get a room there, lying that Elena’s got an early morning and he doesn’t want to disturb her.

They leave Malcolm with Lily and Devon. He holds Lily and Devon and they gaze at Neil’s portrait.

devon shemare moore as malcolm and lily

Later, Daniel texts Summer to meet and she rushes from the Abbott house saying she can’t be there right now. Kyle gawps after her.

Jack thinks she just needs time alone but Kyle wonders if the text was linked to where she goes. He’s trying to reconnect but she keeps pushing him away.

Jack asks for patience. Kyle can’t wait and rushes to find her. Jack and Diane sit on the sofa, snuggling.

jack and diane snuggle

At Chancellor Park, Daniel meets Summer. He barks that she’s going to listen to what he needs to say.

He tells her he was at GCAC where their mother died and each time he turned around, people offered his condolences and asked how they were coping.

Lily was consoling him as he hated himself for having this big lie inside. He can’t keep doing this. Diane shouldn’t be tried and convinced for something she didn’t do.

They’re going to tell everyone the truth, that Mom is alive and then they’ll find her and bring her home.

daniel yells at summer

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