Lily Dumps Billy, Then Rails on Devon For Stabbing Her In The Back, Victor Thinks Chelsea’s Keeping Secrets & Chance Blows Up At Abby

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Victor has a chat with Chelsea about her well-being, Lily and Billy break up, and Lily learns about Devon’s plans while Abby tells Chance she wants to move out.

In the previous episode, Audra got a new job and Ashley revealed she slept with Tucker, Devon told Jill he wants his company back.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for January 10, 2023 episode airs in the USA January 11. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Chelsea’s on a call at her apartment when Victor shows up. She disconnects and they talk about the soccer game he got Connor for Christmas.

He really liked it. He reminds her of how he prevented the cops from having her charged with the attempted murder of Rey.

victor wants to help chelsea Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

He’s there to help her again if she needs it. She thanks him but doesn’t need it.

He doesn’t want Connor to be burdened by adult problems. She’s part of their family and when someone falls down, the rest help them get up.

He and Nikki love her boy and says being a grandparent is like being a parent.

One is only as happy as the unhappiest child. She says Connor’s happy and thriving.

adam not happy finding victor with chelsea Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

He offers to take care of the boy if she needs a break. Adam arrives, pissed off that his father is there.

“Consider her off limits,” he says, asserting himself. Victor will see who he wants and again offers Chelsea the same thing.

She can come to him when she needs to. He goes and Chelsea says she’s fine.

adam angry father Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Adam thinks he has no boundaries but Chelsea says he helped her see things more clearly. She realizes if she got the help back when she had the first therapist, she might have moved on. She’s starting to see where her darkness came from and what lead her to the rooftop. She tears up and says she thought she’d have been better off if she wasn’t there and didn’t think of the pain she’d cause especially with Connor. He calls it one terrible moment in time and she’s working on herself.

adam and chelsea on sofa Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Billy surprises Lily in her office. He talks about waking up in the guest room and asks her to play a game with him.

He holds out his fists. She chooses the right and finds a chocolate heart.

She remembers them from Valentine’s Day last year. He filled her desk with them.

They agree it was special. He doesn’t want to give up on them. Does she? She says they can’t go back. He knows.

lily and billy breaking up Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

He calls therapy a disaster but he knows he needs to try harder. Lily says she’s loved him but they still drifted apart. He’s dissatisfied with their life and relationship. He denies it and she says that’s worse. She calls them ‘barely roommates’ but he thinks they can get past it.

She doesn’t think relationships should hurt this much. He’s sorry he caused her pain.

She’s not blaming him. She’s emotionally exhausted. She cries that she has the nightmare with the IPO and can’t talk to him about it.

He says she can but it’s classified. He asks if this ends like a bad business meeting she wants to move on from.

billy gets dumped Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

She says it’s not easy for her but he walked away from them a long time ago.

She gets his need to find where he belongs and wants his happiness but it doesn’t include her.

What they had was beautiful. She loved working with him and the romantic dinners afterward.

lily dumps billy Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

They were perfect and now it’s over, she cries. He finds this the most adult break up he’s had and wishes he was as strong as her.

They hug and she tells him he is. They cry and then she has to take a call.

She won’t tell Jill. He goes and Lily answers the call and learns about Devon wanting his company back. “He did what!”

lily and billy cry Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

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Y&R comings and goings


At Crimson Lights, Sharon gives Chance a Moroccan spice coffee she prepared just for him. She’s done research for their supper club.

So has he and asks how far off the beaten path she’s willing to go. She says she’ll try anything and everything. “No more solo dinner ruts.”

He tries the coffee and likes it. Abby walks in and glares. Chance says they should get a huge mat and darts.

Abby interrupts and Sharon leaves them to talk. Abby hasn’t seen him this happy in a  while.

He asks what’s going on. Dom’s fine. She just wanted to say she’s considering moving out. He thinks she’s moving in with Devon.

She’s not and hadn’t given that thought. He prefers she not upset their son’s life so she agrees to stay for now.

chance and abby yelling Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

She’s shocked he’d think she would move into Devon’s house. He doesn’t know her anymore, he says.

He tells her if she thought what she did was a mistake, she wouldn’t feel the need to spend every waking moment with the guy who ruined their marriage. Abby stomps off and Chance and Sharon lock eyes.

Chance apologizes to Sharon but she thinks he needed to get that off his chest. It’s natural and healthy.

Chance admits he had this sense of failure he can’t shake. She doesn’t think he should blame himself for the marriage failing.

He didn’t cheat. He knows he got lost in his job and wonders if he forgot how to be a man.

He’s put his job above all and without that he’s not sure who he is.

sharon counsels chance young and restless spoiler recaps

At the penthouse, Devon calls Lily and leaves a message to meet, later.

He’s worried Jill is disappointed in him and that Lily will be too.

Lily drops by and yells at her brother for his plans.

devon Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

She can’t believe he didn’t even tell her about this and accuses him of stabbing her in the back.

When was he going to tell her? He says today. He doesn’t want to fight with her but she says he made this decision before he told her.

He just wants his company back. He thinks it can be easy. She wants to find a way to give him more autonomy without splitting up.

He doubts that with the IPO coming. They disagree. He’s made too many mistakes in not listening to his instincts.

Jill thinks he made this decision because of Abby but he says it’s been a long time coming.

He’s sorry but he’s coming to her now and asks if she’ll allow him to step back in this partnership. She feels burned. They were a team.

She asks how he’s different from Nate. She says he sounds more like Victor Newman and not like Neil. She stomps off.

lily yells at devon Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Nikki and Victor dine at Society. He tells her about his visit with Chelsea.

They wonder if she has an illness, which would explain why Adam and Victoria were so attentive to her at Christmas.

Nikki doubts it but thinks something is up.

He says they need to find out what it is. Nikki agrees since they know what Chelsea’s capable of when things don’t go her own way.

Vic’s concerned about Johnny, too. He tells her about Adam interrupting his discussion and Nikki sniffs.

Adam shows up and tells his father to back off. They will never live under his thumb! He rants and says he’s done.

When he goes, Nikki says that this is just what he does. Victor wants to give his son a wake-up call, and give him a massive failure so he can finally figure out where he belongs.

“That boy has been getting out of line and I’ve had it.”

victor and nikki talk chelsea Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Abby shows up at Devon’s. He’s happy to see her.

She’s near tears and he hugs her.

devon hugging abby Y&R recap

Billy’s sitting on Chelsea’s doorstep.

She opens the door, surprised to see him. He looks as though he’s been crying.

billy on chelsea's doorstep Y&R recaps

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