Y&R Opinion: Lily & Devon’s Juicy Rivalry, Nate Needs to Dump Elena of Perpetual Slumber, and Teriah’s ‘Story’ MIA Along With Tessa

Y&R opinion for February 27 – March  3.

We had some juicy sibling rivalry, some sleazy cheating, and missed out on Tessa and Mariah’s big moment, while Phyllis showed us how deep in despair she is from being shot down by her kids.

Juicy sibling rivalry

Disclaimer, I like Devon and Lily.

I. Love. Sibling. Rivalry. Jack and Ashley gave us a taste of it last week and now we’re seeing the relationship with stubborn siblings Lily and Devon crack into pieces, especially after Thursday’s big fight.

When Lily talked about building Chancellor-Winters she lost me. Didn’t Jill build that company?

I guess what she was saying is that she’s protective of the company since she’s been running it for several months. But that kind of dialogue just makes viewers say hmm…

Lily rages Y&R recap

Some thought that Lily hired Amanda as her lawyer just to stick it to Devon and though the thought of her being that petty makes me snicker, that wasn’t where my mind went.

That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

It just means I have low drama expectations for the show!

Amanda is the one who created the merger. She knows it inside and out. I thought it was obvious that Lily would ask Amanda to take her case. I would have. 

We’ve all seen death in our lives but as a viewer, it gets tiresome, to see Devon constantly going on about the company he built with Neil.

We’ve heard it a thousand times and it’s become a crutch for him not to move on with his life.

I understand why he feels this way and totally get why he doesn’t want to go public but didn’t he consider this when he merged?

lily angry with devon and nate Y&R recaps

If he didn’t want to let go of his company, why merge in the first place? 

I’m not sure how Devon will win the case. Perhaps there’s a loophole in the contract that nobody’s noticed yet that states that he can pull out of the deal if they try to go public.

If not, he could take Tucker up on his offer or suck it up and go along with taking C-W public.

devon against lily Y&R recaps

Just dump Elena already

Y&R loves writing sexual harassment in the workplace as the start of a romance. It’s how Adam and Sally started and how Nick and Sally began. 

Victoria is sexually harassing Nate at work is a lawsuit in the making. For those who don’t know, even if Nate kissed her, it’s still sexual harassment.

victoria kisses nate at work Y&R recaps

And to top it off, Vicky demanded that he sabotage his cousin when he doesn’t want to right after he turned her down.

I love our resident bitchy CEO. And I love her chemistry with Nate. But for a woman who is as cutthroat as her, she sure is blind to what she’s doing and to the consequences.

Nate basically told her he was power hungry, and after what he did to his own family, she somehow doesn’t think he’d screw her over? It’d be deliciously dramatic if he did!

And I know a lot of you hate Victoria so you’d have a good time watching her go down. But sadly, the Newmans seem untouchable. 

And even though this is sexual harassment, I want an affair from them. Yeah. Despite all that. We missed out on Nate cheating with Imani and Audra so I’m down for a sleazy affair between him and his boss.

That hot chemistry is welcomed respite on a show filled with couples with no heat. This is what happens when you’re desperate for drama on a soapless soap opera!

nate and vicky making out like bandits in her office Y&R early recaps

Nate said things are going well between him and Elena of Perpetual Slumber but are they really?

Maybe Victoria has a point. Maybe poor Elena isn’t who he needs.

He wants power, Victoria makes him feel powerful, and all his sleepy girlfriend does is bring him down. All Nate does is shove her away.

Frankly, I’m tired of Elena’s only story being that she’s tired. We’ve sat through a year of this shit to no avail.

I say let her go. Life is too short to be with someone you don’t have big feelings for.

Let her find someone who can treat her like she’s the only woman in his life.

Most hate Audra for almost spilling the tea to Elena but honestly, I was almost glad someone tried to open the woman’s eyes to what her boyfriend is up to!

elena listens to tessa Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Ashley toys with Victor and Victoria

Viewers complain all the time that the Newmans always end up on top, so when Ashley swanned on into Newman and refused to admit she bought Tucker’s debt, I found it deliciously soapy.

But they’ll find out soon anyway, so I wasn’t sure why she was playing it so close to the vest.

ashley pretends she didn't buy tucker's debt Y&R early recaps soaps spoilers

When Tucker went to kiss Ashley after she rescued his debt, he couldn’t do it.

He’s now intimidated by her but finds it a little hot that she’s the one driving. I like it. A lot.

It’s sexy to see a woman in charge and funny that he’s having mixed feelings about this.

tucker feels weird around ashley now Y&R recaps


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Teriah’s baby

Thinking about the mistreatment of this couple always gives me a headache.

Mariah returned to Genoa City babyless and wifeless. Where’s Tessa?

Why didn’t we see the women bringing their new baby to see family?

We didn’t see photos of the kid, no flashbacks, and the baby has no name.

I don’t often compare storylines but in this case, I can’t help myself.

mariah home and a mother Y&R recaps

Sally’s baby story is front and center and we’re seeing details such as morning sickness and headaches because they’ve turned her into someone I don’t recognize who doesn’t know enough to eat dinner.

They have the whole brothers fighting over her BS and Mariah gets to show her photos of her kid to Adam in what became a prop of Adam’s baby story. 

mariah shows adam baby photos Y&R recaps

Why give the couple a big adoption storyline if they’re not actually going to write it on screen?

And head writer Josh Griffith has fired his breakdown writers and thinks he can write the story and the breakdowns all on his own.

I wish him all the best. It’s a lot of work to take on for someone who is already not writing what the majority has so consistently voiced that they wanted to see. 

Phyllis, the legend

I laughed, I cried…Phyllis down and out is a sight to behold. Michelle Stafford, whether you like Phyllis or not, is dedicated to her role.

Sure, she stomps over boundaries but everything she does for her kids comes from the heart.

phyllis drunk martini Y&R early recaps

And they know this. They also know she won’t change. I think they can forgive her if she’d actually apologize for once. But that’s not going to happen.

Instead, we’re finally going to get some soapiness with her and Stark working to take down Diane.

And hopefully, she’ll come out on top. Because otherwise, I don’t see a point to drag this story on.

If Jack and Diane are just going to live happily ever after, then is this really a soap opera?!

stark in phyllis room Y&R recaps

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