Lily and Devon’s Raging Fight Almost Gets Them Kicked out of Society, While Nate Lets Victoria Down, Claiming He Can’t Cheat on Elena

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Victoria lets Nate know she’s interested while he can’t cheat on Elena, as Tucker is intimidated by Ashley, and Lily and Devon’s fight almost gets them kicked out of Society.

In the previous episode, Jack and Diane left town and Stark taunted an angry Kyle, Summer sent Phyllis away and Tucker had a proposition for his son.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for March 1, 2023 episode airs in the USA March 2. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Newman Media, Nate tells a surprised Audra he likes country music.

He talks about opening people’s minds to new ideas. Before they get far in his content development strategy, Victoria steals Nate away.

Audra goes to get coffee from Crimson Lights. Victoria tells her to take her time. They’ve a lot to do together.

vicky wants nate Y&R recaps

At the Abbott house, Tucker moves in for a kiss and backs off. He can’t do it. It wouldn’t be right because they’re not equals.

She’s got the upper hand. “Because I own your debt and other parts of you,” she says, talking about his heart. If there’s no equality, there’s no true understanding he says.

She thinks he’s really intimidated by her. He nods, smiling away.

He’s not resentful of her but it feels uncomfortable getting into a situation that’s inherently manipulative.

tucker tries to kiss ashley but can't Y&R recaps

She tells him about her visit with Victor and Victoria who accused her of purchasing his debt.

She didn’t confirm. He thinks she’s testing him, knowing if he sells to Victor, he’d be rich but alone.

She thinks he’s nuts to walk away from a fortune but being with her is worth more.

She’s not convinced he wants to be a better man. He says if she doesn’t, he’ll still try to do better. He asks if she’ll turn her back on him if he can’t work with Devon.

tucker feels weird around ashley now Y&R recaps

Devon arrives at Society and sits with Lily. He took a call with Christine.

Chancellor-Winters filed a response to his lawsuit. Submitted by Amanda Sinclar.

“You hired my ex who hates me.” Lily says she’s familiar with his inability to commit and eager to take it on.

He’s shocked she’s using his personal life against him. Lily says she created the merger and knows them.

She’s sorry if it upsets him. Devon thinks his sister did it on purpose. Besides, she should be in Virginia, taking care of her mother.

lily hollers at devon Y&R recaps

Lily thinks he should have thought of that when he cheated on her.

He wanted a war and this is it! He agreed to the merger, she says and they’ll both lose money, time and dignity but Devon will walk away with nothing.

devon against lily Y&R recaps

Devon didn’t want this fight. He just wanted the company he created with his dad.

Lily says to stop acting like he’s the only one who acts like he can carry their dad’s legacy.

Devon’s almost glad Neil’s not there to see what his sister has turned into. Abby walks up and listens as they argue.

lily yell brother Y&R recaps

She reminds him he still has Tucker. She’s all alone. Devon says she has him. She tells him to honor his contract.

Devon says Tucker will never fill Neil’s shoes. She tells him he won’t, either. He’s throwing her away for a company and she calls him a hypocrite.

Abby interrupts and tells them to keep it down or go to a rage room. Or she’ll kick them both out. Lily’s sorry.

Abby says Louise called and they’re out of diapers.

She has him go with her to get them so his mind will be occupied.

abby interrupts devon and lily fight Y&R recaps

They walk by Daniel on the way out.

He talks to Lily who explains what happened and how it’s torn their family apart.

She feels she needs to fight with everything she has.

daniel an lily talk fighting Y&R recaps

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At Crimson Lights, Audra greets Elena and they talk about how great it is at Newman.

She wonders if she should grab coffee for Nate. She talks up how much she’ll learn working under him.

Elena says he’s great at everything. She goes on about how much she likes working with him. Audra says he’s a good partner.

Elena thought so too. Audra says as close she and Nate are, it doesn’t compare to his closeness with Victoria.

elena learns frrom audra that nate and vicky are close Y&R recaps

She talks about how Victoria has big plans for him. She talks about being booted out of a meeting so they could be alone.

Elena finds that odd. Shouldn’t Audra have been there? She thinks so but says it happens a lot. Vicky must see something good in him.

He’ll be moving up any day now. Elena should be proud. Tucker appears in the door as Audra talks up how smart and handsome Nate is.

If he ran for office, the women would flock. Elena takes off and Tucker approaches with a grin on his face.

She makes it look easy. She claims she’s trying to make friends with Elena.

tucker eavesdrops Y&R recaps

She asks who bought his company. He can’t tell her but asks about how bad the spat is between Devon and Lily.

She snarks that he thinks he can step in and be the dad Devon needs by exploiting their arguing.

She tells him she knows their arguing has become scorched ground so he tells her that he already offered Devon his company.

She leaves and Tucker calls Ashley with his update, that he hasn’t talked with Devon yet. 

tucker with audra Y&R recaps

Back at Newman, Victoria leans into Nate as they go over spreadsheets on his computer.

He stares at her and she apologizes for not bringing her laptop. He tells her it’s time to discuss what’s going on between them.

He feels attracted to her but shouldn’t. She says, “Because of Elena.” He says he and Elena are in a good place. He’s crossed a line. “Twice,” she says.

He talks about wires being crossed. She says she knows what she wants but is unencumbered.

nate and vicky close Y&R recaps

Sadly, it’s not the same for him. He’s sorry. She says he should figure out what he wants because whatever does or doesn’t happen is up to him.

He finds the job exciting and their connection intense. She calls it a pleasant bonus.

He says he lost his job as a surgeon because of an impulse action. He has personal and business concerns.

He calls her irresistible, intoxicating and she makes him feel powerful. He can’t hurt Elena the way they hurt Devon.

nate into vicky Y&R rcaps

Vicky says that’s admirable. He says they can’t kiss again. She jokes that she forgets the kiss. Was it good? “Unforgettable,” he says.

She offers to keep it secret. They just won’t kiss anymore. But she suggests he needs more than Elena can give him.

Audra interrupts to tell them that Tucker wants to sell to Devon. Victoria thinks Ashley did this to strongarm Tucker into redeeming himself.

She calls it noble in a lopsided way. She thinks Nate should tell Devon about this.

He’s shocked she wants him to sabotage the reconciliation but he doesn’t like that. He hates that his cousins are fighting.

Maybe the offer from Tucker can end their feud. Victoria barks at him and goes, leaving Audra to tell him he doesn’t have a choice.

audra with nate and vicky Y&R recaps

Abby and Devon get back to the penthouse and discuss what just happened at Society.

He thinks they’ll bring a hologram of Neil into the courthouse. Abby asks if he’s concerned about coming face-to-face with Amanda.

Devon doesn’t like having to see her in court like this. Abby asks if the lawsuit is worth the destruction it’ll cause. She thinks he should reconsider Tucker’s offer.

abby and devon home Y&R recaps

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