Amanda Arrives Home Just as Devon’s Making Out With Abby — & Summer’s Cold to Diane Though Kyle Forgives Her

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Kyle accepts Diane for who she is, while Summer reacts coldly to her mother-in-law, and Devon and Abby discuss her problems while Michael and Victor dish on Tucker.

In the previous episode, Chelsea had a visit from Billy in the facility, while Phyllis vented to Summer and Nick and Summer wanted Diane to leave town.   

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for November 4, 2022 episode airs in the USA November 7. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Diane waits for Kyle and Summer the Abbott manse. Summer and Kyle rush inside. She tells them Harrison’s in bed.

They thank her for letting them know about his illness. DiDi would do anything to protect her grandson.

They race upstairs. Later, Jack arrives and they’re all downstairs.

Harrison sucks on a freeze and Summer’s cold to Diane. She wants to explain herself to her daughter-in-law.

harrison very sick Y&R

Summer needs to focus on Harrison right now. Everyone explains while Kyle gets the kid ready for the hospital.

Jack vows to keep his ex apprised of changes with the tyke. DiDi tells Harrison the doctor will make him better. He wants his DiDi to come. 

Everyone reluctantly agrees to let her while Summer gets a work call with Jack.

Diane thanks her but Summer turns her head.

didi and harry Y&R`

At Society, Lauren argues with Michael about Diane colluding with Tucker.

Michael sees the grey areas causing Lauren to call him unbelievable.

Phyllis wanders up. She doesn’t get it either.

lauren talks collusion Y&R

Michael reminds his BFF and his wife that Diane admitted to it.

Phyllis thinks that’s the point. She confessed now, not when she returned.

The women see a pattern but Michael doesn’t. He’s thrilled when a text comes in. The boss needs him.

He takes off. Phyllis groans that they’ve two troublemakers in their lives.

She feels that nobody ever listens to her. Lauren says she does.

Phyllis thinks Diane’s winning Jack over. “She works her game — Oh, we share a child together, we share a grandchild together.”

Red thinks Diane’s there for Jack, not Kyle. She bets the woman wants to marry Jack.

Lauren tells Phyllis to stop this whole thing for her own sanity.

micahel versus wife bff Y&R

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At home, Devon can’t concentrate.

He looks at Neil’s photo and flashes back to graduating and talking to Neil about what he wanted to do in the summer.

neil flashback devon gratuate YR

They talked about music being a tough business but that Neil believed in his son.

Devon remembers his dad supporting him from day one.

He flashes back to Neil wanting to hire him.

They talked about how Devon impressed Victor and became a music producer with a cochlear implant.

Neil proved himself.

neil wanted hire devon Y&R

He couldn’t ask for more in an employee or a son.

Devon wonders if he was wrong in his treatment of Nate.

He flashes back again to Neil and a discussion surrounding holding grudges.

A knock comes to the door. It’s Abby and Dominic.

She hopes it’s okay that she stopped by with him as she gets some coffee after he puts Dom down.

He calls this her home, too. They sit and she asks him to spill.

Why did he come to the restaurant to talk to her?

devon feels bad about nate Y&R

He says Nate’s on his mind. She was right to get him to consider if his relationship with Neil was preventing him from working with Nate.

He talked it over with Lily and can’t stop thinking about how much support and faith Neil had in him.

He didn’t give that to Nate. Not that what he did wasn’t terrible.

But he does wonder if he put up a wall. Abby asks what’s wrong with that.

devon with dom son Y&R

He picks up Dom and tells him that his mother is supportive.

Abby says the same about him. Devon puts the baby to bed upstairs and returns to ask Abby what’s going on.

She wishes she knew her husband’s heart half as much as she understands Devon’s.

dom is adorable omg Y&R

They’ve been having troubles, she says, telling her BFF that her husband never came home and they had a fight before that.

He texted that he needed time alone. She wonders if this is how her marriage ends.

She wonders if he’s right, that he’s not giving her everything she needs and wants.

abby into devon Y&R

It kills her to say that they’re not compatible. Maybe she was blinded by love.

Devon asks her to pinpoint what she wants.

She’s not able to put it into words. There’s a wall between them.

She wants to come first and she wants more.

Devon says there’s nothing wrong with that. He thinks she and Chance see the world differently. He calls chance a fool for not putting her and Dom first.

Devon says for them he’d move heaven and earth. They make eye contact and she moves in and they kiss.

devon kisses abby Y&R

The elevator door opens down the hall and Amanda gets out and approaches the door.

amanda home Y&R

At the ranch, Victor asks how the ‘unholy alliance’ meeting went with her, Ashley and Phyllis.

Nikki says it was fine and tells her husband what they learned, though she thinks he knows it already.

nikki wants diane out of city Y&R

Victor’s pretty sure the man is after something more.

Nikki’s tired of the woman and wants Diane out of Genoa City.

Victor tells her to let it go then. He’ll put his men on it.

She worries about Jack but Victor says he’s always had a penchant for troublesome women.

Nikki reminds him she was with Jack before. Vic says she’s excluded.

For now, he’ll find out what Tucker’s really up to. 

vic jokes Y&R

Michael turns up. He’s glad Victor got him out of a jam.

Nikki leaves and Micahel fills Vic in.

Tucker has a connection to Audra Charles.

michael out of jam Y&R

It’s professional. Victor thinks it’s bull and that the man is up to something.

Michael can see why. They ponder what the man is up to and Victor reveals that Ashley’s on it.

Victor thinks Tucker wants to take over Chancellor-winters and Jabot, and then fuse them and put Ashley in charge of Jabot while he and Devon run the empire.

Michael thinks it sounds risky. Kyle and Devon won’t react kindly to a hostile takeover. Vic says Tucker will tell them he wants to build a family.

michael plays chess vic Y&R

Back at the Abbott manse, Kyle tucks Harrison into bed and heads downstairs to be with his mom.

He’s been on the internet and worries it’s a bug Harrison caught in Costa Rica or a bite.

He recalls being sick as a kid one time and was afraid, wondering if it’d ever end.

kyle recalls hospital stay Y&R

He pushed it and wound up being hospitalized.

He doesn’t want his son to go through that. Diane’s sorry.

She worries about their relationship but his mind is on his kid.

She cries about changing and that she wants him to know who she is now, not that person who let him be sick without a mother.

Her love for him and Harrison is the most real thing about her.

didi feels sickened Y&R

She holds his hand and asks if he knows. Kyle knows Jeremy and Tucker had her boxed in.

He believes she just wanted to come to GC.

kyle believes in diane Y&R

She did what it took to make it happen.

The men took advantage of her.

Whatever she did in L.A. he’s willing to let go.

It brought her back to him and Harrison.

Diane’s verklempt. She wishes Summer would feel the same.

diane is forgiven Y&R

Audra turns up at Tucker’s room at Grand Phoenix.

What the hell? It’s about time,” he says. She’s surprised he moved hotels.

He wants to support the family business.

tucker what the hell Y&*R

Audra’s sorry that Nate has a conscience but she thinks the IPO will eventually go ahead.

Tucker likes the odds. It might be time to turn brother against sister.

audra tells tucker ipo Y&R


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