Jack Tosses The Visitation Room After Diane Tells Him to Move On and Kyle Accidentally Crashes the Baby Shower

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, it’s Tessa and Mariah’s baby shower day, Kyle and Billy argue, and Christine wants Diane to plead guilty while Diane wants Jack to stop visiting her.

In the previous episode, Victor lays into Nick about disrespecting Adam after he learns that Sally’s pregnant with Adam’s kid, and Lily and Daniel kiss.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for April 20, 2023 episode airs in the USA April 21. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Billy’s hard at work at Jabot when Kyle appears. Billy wants to ask how he’s doing but knows better.

Kyle says his life is up in arms with his wife and mother so Billy discusses high numbers and his concerns with Victor foisting troubled factories on Jabot.

billy works at jabot

Kyle says the numbers are high but everything is going according to plan.

He has complete autonomy over Marchetti.

Billy starts in on their advertising strategy. They disagree over that, too. Kyle reminds his uncle that he’s been fired from all of his jobs. Billy says yes but he also knows they’re not maximizing the potential of Marchetti.

billy taunts kyle

Billy says they need to look outside the box. He’ll talk to Jack about it and see what he says. Kyle says fine.

“I’m going to lunch.” He pauses. “I know what you’re trying to do. Distract me with business. Thank you.” Billy grins. “You’re welcome.”

kyle argues billy

CBSOutside Society, Tessa and Mariah are stopped by Abby, who looks at Aria, Sleeping Beauty.

aria porter copeland baby

Tessa’s worried she’ll sleep through her first girls’ night.

They head inside and it’s dark.

They’re shocked when everyone yells, “Surprise!” It’s their baby shower.

tessa mariah baby shower

The women get sasses that read ‘Hey Mama’ and Sharon holds Aria as Abby and Elena touch her feet while they’re thanked for the lovely party.

Abby says there are games, crafts, food and a toast!

teriah baby shower

Elena and Noah clink glasses to the new mamas.

Sharon gives a speech about the birth-mother bond and that Aria has to get used to big crowds since she has a lot of people who love her.

abby and sharon with aria

Aunt Faith wanted to be there. She has the best uncle in the world.

Noah grins and offers free babysitting. Mariah laughs.

She’ll take him up on that.

sharon grandma

Sharon saw the women’s joy and discontentment on their way to motherhood.

She’s so happy they get to go through this now.

teriah and baby girl

Sharon knows in the bling of an eye the baby will be grown.

She’s honored to have the three of them in her life and drinks to family.

Abby talks about how motherhood is like and Noah says Allie got stuck in the lab. He gives them a gift.

abby speech baby shower

It’s several books. “You guys are our favorite couple,” Mariah says.

Noah remembers Mom reading those to him as a kid.

He says he was lucky to have a mom guide him through life and thinks Aria has the coolest moms in the world.

Later, everyone draws some crafts and makes jokes.

mariah holds baby

Mariah thanks them all for coming and for their love and support since day one. The setbacks, the obstacles, the ultrasound photos and finally to being able to bring her home.

In the delivery, there was a scare and the nurse said Aria was lucky to have them for mothers but they know it’s the other way around. 

Tessa hasn’t had much luck with her biological family except for Crystal.

She spent years alone, never with anyone to trust or connect with until Mariah.

She feels on some cosmic level that their daughter chose them.

Jack visits Diane in jail. She tells him she’s fine and can take care of herself.

teriah baby shower with aria on lap

He offers to get her more outdoor time and better accommodations.

She says no and asks him not to come back. Jack refuses to abandon her.

They’re going to prove that Stark set her up. She says she’s been denied bail and it could be ages until her court date.

diane doens't want jack to return

Jack needs to support her but Diane can’t survive this unless she keeps her head down and doesn’t hear his voice.

It only reminds her of what she’s lost. Jack tears up as she talks over him. If he loves her, he’ll stay away.

She doesn’t want Kyle there or Harrison, either.

jack want to keep visiting diane

This place is terrible and she won’t put them through visitation.

Jack jumps up and hollers that she’s being selfish. Harrison won’t know why his Dee Dee stopped being in contact.

jack angry

Diane doesn’t respond and calls the guard.

She takes off to her cell and Jack yells and grabs her chair and throws it across the room in anger.

jack throws chair

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Y&R comings and goings

At Crimson Lights, Chance tells Christine that he thinks Stark was in on the murder with Diane.

He’s trying too hard to cover his tracks which Christine says looks suspicious.

She needs more than his gut feeling to find a way to charge.

Chance says to get her talking. Christine says it requires a deal for leniency.

chance and Christine talk diane prison

They couldn’t have been in contact while he was in prison because proof would have been in the prison’s documentation and they’ve never seen that.

Michael appears and Chance starts in on him.

Has she been in contact with anyone? Michael says he’d never violate client-attorney privilege.

Michael and Christine agree there doesn’t need to be a trial. Christine wants her to plead guilty.

michael smiles

Michael sniffs at that happening. Has she seen Stark’s rap sheet? The murder seems obvious. They’re going to trial and Christine will lose because they’ve fallen for obviously planted evidence.

He demands they “investigate the damned crime.” Chance goes and the two old friends debate over Diane’s privilege and Michael being paid well to defend her.

Jack approaches. “We need to get Diane another bail hearing. Now.”

Christine says it’s doubtful she’ll get to leave on bail. Jack offers to pay millions, get an ankle bracelet fitted for her and pay for an armed guard to stand at the door. He begs them.

jack demands help


Chelsea pokes her head into Billy’s office at Jabot.

He jokes, “How did you get past security.” She tells him she has dumplings for lunch.

As they dine, she asks about his first day back. He says he managed to get into an argument but despite pushing papers and numbers, he feels he can make a go here.

chelsea has dumplings

In his own backyard. She tells him she loves creating a community with the videogame that she can make a difference in.

With Phyllis’ death, she doesn’t feel comfortable approaching him for work.

Billy calls it sensitive and asks how it makes her feel. She laughs. She feels impatient.

billy and chelsea talk privilege

Kyle turns up at Society for lunch.

Abby apologizes when he notices they’re having a baby shower for Mariah and Tessa.

Abby would have told him but she knew he wasn’t feeling great.

He offers to go but Mariah catches his eye and tells him to come over.

kyle at baby shower

She goes to him instead and knows he’s going through hell.

He’s excited for her and Tessa and can’t wait to meet her daughter.

Mariah says she’ll be starting in style with the baby clothes he and Summer sent in Portland.

kyle and mariah baby shower

He’s glad she likes the clothes. Mariah is there for him and for Summer.

She promises to be a good friend to her. Everyone laughs as Mariah listens to Kyle telling her that they’re not getting along.

the shower

He’s not sure how his marriage will survive. Mariah calls her tough and they love each other.

They’ll get through this. She asks him to stay but he hugs her and goes.

kyle and mariah friends

Chance goes to GCAC and looks around the room.

chanced at gcac


Next week on Y&R!

Victoria asks Nate to join her on a business trip.

vicky nate business trip

Tucker tells Ashley that there’s nothing there for him.

Ashley thinks there’s something there for him. She asks him, “Move in with me.”

ashley wants tucker move in with her

Summer sees Phyllis and through tears asks, “Is this for real? Mom are you real?”


Phyllis cries. “This is for real.”

phyllis and summer reunite

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