After Fighting With Ashley Over Respect, Jack Invites Diane to Move In & Audra Spills the Newman’s Scheme to Tucker, Angering Nate

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Audra reveals everything to Tucker, Victoria and Victor revel in their plans for Tucker, and Ashley’s back from Paris and pissed off that Diane’s with Jack now.

In the previous episode, Jack read Kyle the riot act, and Adam quit Jabot as Daniel fired Phyllis.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 10, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 13. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the ranch,  Victoria and Victor talk more about Tucker being in debt. She wonders how to take total control.

Victor thinks they should tell him to join them first. They wonder if Tucker will do something to derail their plans.

victor at the ranch Y&R early recaps

Vic wants to contact him directly before they make their move. Talk turns to Johnny.

Vicky’s protective of him but says he’s at ease with Chelsea and Connor and Victoria is fine with it.

He wants to talk about Adam and says he wants his son to run Tucker’s company.

Victoria should have seen it. He’ll regret this. Victor doesn’t share her concern.

She knows and asks if he’ll run it as a private entity or under the Newman umbrella. Vic says they can deal with the hierarchy issue later.

It won’t impact her. She doesn’t see things that way and thinks he’s doing this to make Adam feel better.

Vic says reuniting his family means everything to him. She knows. Now they’ll be dealing with two wild cards though. Vic promises to deal with them.

vicky and victor talk tucker Y&R early recaps

Audra saunters into Society looking for Tucker. He turns up and she says she’s looking for Brad Pitt but since he’s not here, Tucker will do.

He notes her sauciness and she says two friends having dinner is normal.

He calls her beautiful and finds their interactions stimulating but he’s suspicious of her motives.

He asks why Newman Media would care about his enormous debt.

audra at society Y&R early recaps

He knows Newman Enterprises would care and wonders if she’s gathering intel for them.

They have some wine and he says he wouldn’t be angry if she was seeing him for intel.

She wonders if he’d be hurt but he says no. He’d be disappointed.

They’ve always been honest with one another.

She agrees and he asks if she’s gathering information for the Newmans.

audra and tucker society date Y&R early recap

She says they know about his debt and are planning to buy it up to give them leverage over him.

He digests it. “It’s very Victor and his daughters even worse now.

And of course, Nick and Nikki will just stand behind and nod.” That’s the impression she got.

He asks why she told him. She doesn’t give him an answer and he likes that.

She asks what he’ll do about it. Doesn’t he want to scratch her back now?

tucker smile Y&R early recaps

He thinks this sounds more than platonic and wants to take her to his hotel.

They agree it was lip service but she takes a rain check on that. He feels like she’s playing him and he’s so turned on by it.

They’d never been on opposite sides before.

“It’s exhilarating to know we’ll be banging into each other.” She smirks.

tucker and audra drinks Y&R early recaps


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Ashley returns from Paris to Diane at her house. She sneers and Diane tells her to get used to seeing her more.

Jack appears and says hi and Diane tells her they’re together “in every way.”

Ashley tells Jack that she doesn’t want to meet Diane in the middle. She hasn’t changed.

Diane wants an open dialogue to pursue a respectful relationship.

ashley upset diane at abbotts Y&R early recaps

Ashley won’t bend which upsets Jack but Ashley stands her ground that this is on him for parading “whatever this is under our noses.”

Jack thinks she should speak for herself. Everyone else is trying to keep an open mind and trust him to do what’s right.

Ash doesn’t and needs to protect him. He argues that she’s blinded by hatred.

He yells and she tells him she loves him but this isn’t it. He’s going to regret it. He’s a pawn in her game.

Jack’s shocked she’s denying him happiness.

diane with a book Y&R early recaps

“Delusion isn’t happiness,” she says and if she kept falling for Tucker’s BS, he’d feel the same.

Ash is embarrassed for him. “Enough!” He yells. He’s had enough.

She’s upset that this isn’t resolved but Jack says she’s just being negative.

He invites her to leave until she has a meaningful conversation.

She says he can’t kick her out of the family home. “How much?” 

jack yells at ashley to move out Y&R early recaps

He asks. He wants to buy her out if she can’t respect him. “How much?” He hollers.

She says it’s not going to happen. “When hell freezes over!”

She stomps out and Jack makes a nosedive for the whiskey and glugs some.

Diane admits she “might” have gloated with Ash and should have restrained herself.

ashley with jack Y&R early recaps

They discuss Kyle’s reluctance to believe in them but Jack knows they’ll do it right this time.

He’s falling in love with the woman she’s become. He probably should have said it before. “I love you.”

Diane tears up. Her heart is racing. She’s crazy about him and he’s her joy. Her safe place.

The proof she’s done something good and bright in her life. “I love you so much.” They kiss.

He toddles upstairs, grabs some keys and returns and invites her to move in with him. She giggles. 

diane and jack saya they love one another Y&R early recaps

At Jabot, Kyle thinks what he did to Adam worked out but Summer calls him lucky.

He was working with her cutthroat grandfather and didn’t think of the consequences.

Kyle still feels Jabot’s better off without Adam.

Besides, Adam didn’t like being there. Summer calls him out for rationalizing, and says this is about their relationship.

summer not forgiving kyle Y&R early recaps

She begged him not to pursue this and he did it anyway. What does it say about their marriage? “You completely violated my trust!”

Kyle’s sorry. It’s been weighing on him and he wants to make it up to her. She tells him he doesn’t get it.

It’s not a buy flowers type of situation. He can’t expect quick forgiveness. She compares him to his mom and he tells her not to.

It’s a one-off to get rid of Adam and he’s not proud. It’s not going to happen again. “You lied to me,” she reminds him.

Even after he could have come clean. That hurts. He thought he was doing the right thing. Summer says that’s BS. He knew it was wrong and did it anyway.

summer and kyle angry Y&R early recaps

Audra returns to Newman Media to tell Nate that Tucker knew something was up and she told him the truth.

Nate’s shocked. Why the hell would she reveal that? She calls it a smart move.

Newman has the upper hand and he knows. He was rattled.

It was the best way to get him to trust her. He’ll keep her in the loop now, provided she has something to offer him. 

audra tells nate she spilled the tea with tucker Y&R early recaps

From his suite at Grand Phoenix, Tucker calls for information on his debt and cuts his call short when Ashley turns up. She looks him over.

tucker on a call about debt Y&R recaps

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