Hearing Voices, Chelsea Contemplates Ending Things While Abby Complains About Chance to Devon

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Chelsea has a hard time with the state of her mental health, Abby is upset about how much time Chance spends at work, and Connor and Johnny decide to spend more time together.

In the previous episode, Phyllis had awkward conversations with everyone she came across, and Harrison joined his parents in Costa Rica, while Nickki interrogated Nick about his relationship with Sally. 

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for October 27, 2022 episode airs in the USA October 28. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)


In the park, Billy finds Chelsea miserable.

She lets him know that Victoria warned her to stay away from Johnny.

She thinks his ex is right. It’s for the best but it ripped her heart out.

chelsea thinks vicky right Y&R

She wants Johnny’s happiness first. Seeing him today was a wake-up call.

She’s backing off. Billy asks her not to pin her dreams on whether Johnny will one day accept and love her.

She insists she’s grounded in reality.

chelsea cute boots young restless


Connor arrives at Crimson Lights and sees Johnny.

It’s awkward as they greet each other.

They talk about his birth mother and Connor says it’s not his fault.

He was freaked out about it. 

johnny talks to connor about chelsea Y&R

Connor was too. The worst part about it Johnny says is that he thinks Connor’s mom is following him.

Adam appears and asks if the boys are alright. They insist they’re fine.

Victoria shows up and Johnny questions what happened between him and Chelsea at the park.

vicky talks halloween Y&R

Adam perks up. Victoria turns the conversation to the ranch and Halloween.

Connor’s staying at a friend’s house tonight so Victoria will tell him where Grandpa’s secret chocolate stash is when he visits next.

“Wait, he has a secret stash?” Adam jokes.

The adults leave the room and Adam questions what happened with Chelsea.

Victoria had to warn her to stay away because “That woman just won’t quit.”

She doesn’t mean to be insensitive. Adam asks her to see Chelsea’s side.

Victoria finds it hard because of the way Chelsea went about this whole thing.

She sympathizes but is concerned for her son.

Shouldn’t Adam be more worried? Adam nods. 

adam talks costumes Y&R halloween

The kids sit together and talk about wanting to hang out with each other as cousins or brothers.

They agree it’s weird. Johnny asks if he can go with him to the sleepover with him.

Connor thinks he should definitely come.

The parents return and the boys ask if they can both go to the sleepover.

Victoria can see she wants to get out of his sister’s Halloween parade.

Adam’s fine with it. Victoria needs more information before she agrees.

Adam will pick them up in the morning. He knows the parents, who are on the board at Walnut Grove.

Victoria realizes she knows them and agrees to it. The boys go to text Beckett.

Billy appears, shocked that they’re laughing together. Vicky tells him that Connor asked Johnny to a sleepover.

Billy’s glad and hope the kids have a good time. He calls Adam’s face a scary costume.

“Mhmm,” Adam says before he leaves. Billy mentions seeing Chelsea and how she’s adhering to her warning.

Vicky’s glad but Billy says still, there is something about her demeanor that’s off. 

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Lauren Fenmore crosses to B&B


Abby greets Devon and Abby at Society.

She’s dressed up but bemoans her marital discord before the siblings take a seat and begin a gossip fest about how little time Chance spends with Abby.

abby dressed halloween Y&R

Lily points out that it’s a detective’s life.

Devon worries Abby is resenting his commitment to being a cop.

They hope they can work it out. Devon cares about them a lot.

Lily tells her brother that Billy is resigning. “You serious?” He questions the timing.

Lily says he needs to follow his own bliss. Devon gets it but still…the timing.

Lily is sure she can take care of this herself. Devon asks if she’d feel the same if they weren’t living together.

She is hurting but thinks it’s best for their relationship.

Devon agrees that’s most important. She asks after Amanda’s mom.

There’s no change to her condition and the doesn’t think Amanda’s coming home soon.

Lily encourages him to go to Virginia. They talk about the distance between them.

Lily is sure distance is the problem. She hugs her bro and goes. Abby appears and Devon asks her to open up.

He can tell she’s frustrated.

She admits she is and it’s mostly with herself. She feels bad that Chance is so into his job.

Devon understands her feeling. 

lily talks billy dream Y&R

Chelsea arrives home to her suite, sobbing.

She thinks about everyone telling her that she’s had issues since Rey died.

chelsea sobs suite Y&R

Everyone’s voices flow through her head, making her cry harder and shake her head.

She rocks and hears Billy talking about anxiety.

She wipes her tears as she seems to be having a panic attack.

Later, Adam turns up. He tells her the boys are at a sleepover. She’s glad.

He invites her for a drink. 

chelsea losing her mind Y&R

Back at Crimson Lights, Billy and Victoria return from Katie’s Halloween parade.

Katie was the cutest werewolf.

She knows today is tough for him since Deliah’s fave holiday was Halloween.

He admits it’s true. They talk about Johnny not blaming Connor for what’s going on with Chelsea.

They hope it’s a sign that he’s making peace.

billy talks werewolf katie halloween Y&R

Lily appears and they discuss the kids and Halloween.

When Nate texts, Victoria takes off.

Lily’s not mad at Billy for going to Nate behind her back.

She asks him to the Glam Club with her. 

lily talks halloween Y&R

Adam arrives at Chelsea’s place.

He tells her the boys are on a sleepover together.

She’s happy to hear it and he asks her to go get a drink with him.

adam asks chelsea out YR

She goes into the bathroom and stares at her face awhile.

She thinks about Victoria telling her that her goal is to weasel her way into her son’s life.

She thinks of Billy telling her to continue the podcast without her and then Connor’s voice is in her head, complaining about how she’s different.

She starts breathing heavily and crying. She screams as she clutches her head. “Stop! Just stop!”

chelsea freaks out Y&R

Victoria goes to work and texts.

At Noah’s club, Allie and Noah hang out while Billy turns up with Lily.

They greet Adam. Chelsea arrives and Billy watches her.

He thinks Adam’s the last person she should be with. Lily knows they have a long history.

lily billy clubbing Y&R

Nearby, Chelsea asks if Connor said anything about her.

Adam tells her that he wants the best for them and brings up counseling for her.

Now that she’s in a better place.

She agrees he’s right. She needs help ending the cycle of anxiety and depression.

As Adam talks, his voice becomes more distant. She watches Billy dance with Lily and starts hearing voices again.

Connor’s complaints and Victoria’s warning. She excuses herself to the restroom as Billy watches. 

chelea adam clubbing Y&R

Chelsea winds up on the roof. She thinks of Adam telling her she can’t use Connor as a life preserver.

The voices go through her head.

chelsea roof alone Y&R

She can’t think anymore. She needs the pain to go away.

She goes to the edge and breathes in deeply.

She looks down at the traffic.

chelsea almost jumps Y&R

Next week on Y&R!

Billy’s worried about Chelsea.

He asks Lily if she saw her run off.

Lily didn’t see her because she was busy dancing with him.  

Abby finds Chance at the bar. She thought he was on a stakeout.

“We finished early,” he says.

She questions why he chose to go there instead of home.  

Devon is startled to find Victoria and Nate indulging in champagne while they celebrate his new job as CEO of Newman Media.

“You gotta be kidding me,” Devon says, as he realizes Victoria was Nate’s accomplice.

devon finds nate with vicky Y&R

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billy hold chelsea close Y&R