Devon Faces Chance, Diane Threatens Nikki, Phyllis and Ashley, and Tucker Tells Diane to Go Off The Grid

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Abby begs Chance to work things out while Diane lies to Nikki, Phyllis and Ashley, and Tucker senses something is off with Audra.

In the previous episode, Sharon told Chance people can’t be changed, Phyllis, Ashley, and Nikki looked for a way to take down Diane, and Jack and Summer worried Kyle is too trusting.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for November 14, 2022 episode airs in the USA November 15. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At the Chancellor mansion, Abby begs and pleads with Chance to stay but he says he’s already faced it.

They’re not working. She sobs. He tells her it was inevitable. They’ve repressed feelings for one another.

Abby denies it. There was no forethought. He’s laid out the evidence. Why can’t she accept it?

She tells him he’s not seeing things clearly but Chance believes otherwise.

He saw issues since his return from Spain. He believes he’s just as much to blame as she is.

abby sorry to chance young restless soapsspoilers

Maybe she got tired of vying for his love and attention. Abby gets down on her knees and holds his hand.

She blames herself, completely. He’s not trying to make her feel guilty but to have her face reality.

He says she wants something different from him. He can’t be the man she desires though he tried.

He lets go of her hand. He wants a clean break. What about Dominic? He’s one of his fathers and wants to be a part of his life. 

Abby can’t believe he is showing no feelings and just rationality about this.

He’s trying to be as understanding as possible. But he can’t comfort her. She’s sorry. He takes off.

chance thinks abby feelings for devon young and restless soapsspoilers

At his penthouse, Devon paces and looks at Amanda’s photo, missing her.

He texts her, asking her not to leave.

devon missing amanda young restless soapsspoilers

Audra goes to see Tucker in his room at Grand Phoenix.

He’s excited as she tells him Jill’s still on board with the IPO. Nate could still have the upper hand.

She doesn’t have a lot of optimism and has no information on Jabot’s financials.

tucker excited by audra news young and the restless soapsspoilers

Tucker comments that she’s had plenty of time. What’s going on? She clears her throat.

She doesn’t know what he means. He asks if it’s about Noah. Is her ex becoming an issue?

She denies it. He doesn’t like problems or that his plan has stalled. She blames him for getting in his own way.

His motives are personal. He likes ambition and finds it sexy. So does she.

audra thinks tucker wants too much young and restless soapsspoilers

He sits beside her and asks what the issue is. He wants to reconnect with the love of his life and his son.

She doesn’t see a problem with that. He caresses her coat and sniffs it until she grabs it and gets up.

His scheme relies on actions she never believed he could pull off.

Devon and Ashley would have to turn against their families to work with her. He’s disappointed in her lack of faith.

She obviously doesn’t know him well. 

tucker strokes jacket young and restless soapsspoilers

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Diane arrives at the Abbott’s. She got Ashley’s cryptic note.

Ash lets her in and Phyllis tells Diane that she wants to discuss Jeremy Stark.

Nikki says they know all about Jeremy, the money laundering and that he’s due to be released from prison.

Ashley says she bets that he’s wondering what happened to his accomplice, Diane Jenkins.

ash lets diane inside young and the restless soapsspoilers

Diane thinks they’re absurd and laughs at them. She denies knowing Jeremy well.

They went on a few dates, she didn’t move money illegally around the world for him.

She assumes Tucker told them and lies that they’re gullible. Ashley tells her she keeps making the same mistakes.

Diane keeps up the act. She doesn’t scare easily and calls their latest attempt pathetic.

They’re done. Phyllis stops her. What makes her think they don’t have proof?

Diane knows they’ve got nothing. If they had proof they’d use it. “What makes you think we’re not using it?” Phyllis asks.

She thinks the feds would laugh at them and call them busybodies. The statute of limitations on “supposed crimes” has gone.

Ashey finds it interesting that she knows about that. Phyllis says Jeremy has been in prison for a long time.

He has had time to wonder why “Taylor” is a free bird. Maybe he thinks you ratted him out?

diane snipes young and restless soapsspoilers

Ashley thinks he’s dwelling on her betrayal. Nikki asks if she really wants to stay in Genoa City.

“It’d be a shame if someone were to reach out to him to tell him exactly where you are.”

Diane huffs, exasperated. They remind her of what she did to them.

Diane thinks they’re pathetic and that they’ve nothing to do but try to destroy theirs.

Diane tells them she’s reformed but Ashley yells that Kyle and Jack may believe it but they don’t!

Diane asks if any of them have not done anything regrettable or despicable. Phyllis says she has but blames her for all of them.

“That’s true for all of us,” Nikki sneers. Diane reminds them she’s done nothing to them since she’s been back.

She’s even tried to extend an olive branch to Phyllis. Phyllis thinks it’s a matter of time before Kyle is on to her.

Diane asks her to leave her son out of it. Red says the three of them protect their own.

Diane says she does too and she’s better than the three of them when it comes to playing dirty.

She yells to back off or she’ll turn the tables on them so fast their heads will spin. She rushes out. 

Phyllis thinks it’s boring pretending to be a do-gooder.

Ash says that it’s something she’ll never have to worry about.

Phyllis laughs. True. Nikki says they need to ensure that even though Diane’s bluffing, they don’t fall into one of Tucker’s traps.

The women look at Ashley, pointedly.

phyllis says diane hasn't changed young and restless soapsspoilers

From Chancellor-Winters, Lily calls Amanda and leaves a message about the recording studio they were planning on buying. She gets an email from Amanda and says she must have gotten it now.

She disconnects and is shocked to read Amanda’s letter of resignation.

She thanks Lily for everything including her flexibility but she needs to stay in Virginia.

She’ll work remotely until Lily finds someone new.

She has a list of possible replacements and says she was truly happy working for her.

Lily calls Devon to ask what the hell has happened.

lily asks why amanda resigned young and restless soapsspoilers

Devon arrives at the office to discuss Amanda. He knew about it but didn’t think she’d move so fast.

Devon doesn’t know if Imani’s quitting too. Lily says the timing is terrible.

She apologizes and asks if her brother’s okay. He claims he’s fine and tried to convince her to stay.

They’re working through things. Lily asks if there’s another issue.

Devon doesn’t tell her anything and says if anything, he might have to wrap his head around them parting ways. Lily can see something is wrong. She’ll listen when he’s ready.

lily angry amanda quit young and restless soapsspoilers

Back at Tucker’s suite, he leaves a message for Ashley to ask if she used the information he gave her when Diane arrives.

He laughs to himself that he got his answer when she tells him not to bother hiding in the bathroom.

He gets the door and she yells at him, knowing that he has been feeding information to Ashley, Phyllis and Nikki about Jeremy Stark.

Is he really that vindictive and cruel? He’s clearly bored of her and says he reported the facts.

diane calls tucker vindictive young and restless soapsspoilers

He sits down and puts up his sock feet. He’s only concerned about making Ashley happy.

Diane rants about Ashley wanting Jeremy to think she turned him in. Tucker laughs and says to go off the grid.

She refuses and goes. He calls Ashley to warn her that Diane is on the warpath.

tucker in socks again young and restless soapsspoilers

Devon sits at Chancellor park thinking of sex with Abby when Chance strolls up. Devon’s sure he doesn’t want to hear anything he has to say. That it’ll sound insulting.

He does tell him this wasn’t planned and nothing like it ever happened. Chance disagrees that it’s a moment in time.

He says it started before he got back from Spain but betrayal and infidelity don’t just happen.

chance watches devon young and restless soapsspoilers

Now they have to live with that choice. Devon says he’s right. He knows he doesn’t deserve his forgiveness.

He hopes they can live with it without affecting Dom’s life. Chance can’t discuss that now.

Devon’s sorry. He hopes she can forgive Abby and move forward. Chance says whatever they decide is none of his damned business. 

chance vs devon young and restless soapsspoilers

Diane winds up at Jabot to find Jack. She can’t find him so texts.

Back at the Abbott estate, Phyllis moves her hands over Ashley’s frame and says to do whatever it is she does to get Tucker to notice her.

Ash says, “That’s not very nice.”

Red says, “Well I’m not nice.”

Back at home, as Abby texts her mom to come to talk to her, Chance sits alone at Society, drinking beer.

chance drinks beer young and restless soapsspoilers


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