Daniel Reveals How He Destroyed His Marriage, and Christine Flashes Back To Her Relationship With Danny

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Victor tries to get Adam back into the family fold, Daniel reveals what happened between him and Heather, and Chelsea and Billy work on a new project.

In the previous episode, Devon told a story about Drucilla and Sharon unloaded on Chance, as Ashley and Tucker dine at Society when it was closed for business.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for December 26, 2022 episode airs in the USA December 27. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Society’s bar, Adam and Victor talk about Christmas at the ranch and Adam’s glad his dad behaved. They discuss how well Chelsea’s doing and how much time Connor’s spending with her.

Victor wants him to spend more time at the ranch so Chelsea can be by herself to deal with her issues.

Adam gets angry and insists Chelsea’s fine. Victor reminds his son how she faked her paralysis.

Adam says she’s come a long way since then and believes it’s best for both of them to be together.

adam and victor at society Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Vic admits he wants to spend more time with his son, too.

Adam doesn’t miss being under his dad’s thumb.

He thinks his dad’s trying to buy his love instead of giving him love.

Victor’s asking him to quit his job so he can work for him and be Victoria and Nick’s subordinates. Why would he say yes to that? Victor sighs.

“You’re your own worst enemy, son.” He thinks all the hurdles created were done so by him.

“You have nothing, son and it’s your own damned fault.” Adam sighs and takes a drink.

adam snarks at dad  Y&R recap SoapsSpoilers

At her apartment, Chelsea wanders aimlessly, touching things.

She calls Billy to get together.

At Glam Club, Phyllis, Danny and Daniel take selfies and Phyllis says Daniel must miss Lucy.

danny romalotti with phyllis and daniel at glam club Y&R spoilers SoapsSpoilers

Has he called her? He says he hasn’t had a chance.

Danny doesn’t mean to push but he asks what’s going on with his family.

Both of them worry about Daniel and ask him to open up so he admits he’s been jealous of Heather’s career when his took a nosedive.

He got angry at stupid things. Little things and sometimes nothing at all.

phyllis asks daniel to open up Y&R recap SoapsSpoilers

He made their lives so miserable that Heather left for Europe and sent Lucy to a nearby boarding school.

He pushed them to the bring and let them slip away.

He drank too much and couldn’t face himself. Phyllis says she’d have come to him but he couldn’t face her, either.

He felt lost and lonely.

daniel admits he screwed up  Y&R recap SoapsSpoilers

He dug through some of Lucy’s games and became obsessed with it.

He thought if he could finish it, he’d get his life on track.

Phyllis gets it. She’s done that too, escape in games. It helps destress.

Daniel admits it helped him to create something enriching.

It’s how he developed Princess Louisa, a game. Danny tells his son that making mistakes is all about how you get back up after. He offers to help him through this journey.

Daniel says there’s something he could use help with. The game needs a score.

danny listens to son  Y&R recap SoapsSpoilers

He knows his dad’s a famous rock star touring but he wouldn’t mind some music for it. Danny jokes his son can’t afford him.

He’ll work on a family discount. Phyllis says he can’t charge him at all! She says her Instagram photo got 5000 likes.

Later, Daniel asks his mom to respond to his request to work with him. They talk about her issues with Diane and Jack.

Phyllis doesn’t get why they don’t see her as duplicitous. She’s lied since she came back to Genoa City.

She also did terrible things in L.A. Daniel thinks she’s right to feel the way she does about her.

Phyllis agrees but she lost her job. Danny tells her nobody likes to feel like a scapegoat.

She deserves better. Daniel agrees. He’s offering her a brand new career and getting to work together. She nods and smiles. 

danny helps phyllis decide at glam club  Y&R recap SoapsSpoilers

Christine sits at home and looks at Phyllis’ Instagram.

She sees a photo of the trio where they talk about Danny coming back to Genoa City to be with those he loves the most.

She sarcastically says, “Love you too, Danny.”

Cricket looks at Phyllis' instagram Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

She flashes back to better times with Danny at Christmas when they were young. She flashes to Danny talking about cheating on her and that the woman threatened to make it public.

Christine talked about wanting to leave her life and career for her life a year ago and that when he did get back to her, he asked for a divorce. She asked if he understood how much pain he caused.

Now he’s asking her to pick up where they left off?

She says it’s over and then asks if there was a baby. He said there was a son and she cried at him to get out.

She flashes to another time not so long ago when he told her he wants to be with her.

That he always wanted to. She told him they lead different lives. They kissed and she cried.

Christine sighs as she stops reminiscing. 

Lily visits Devon and Dominic at his condo.

She wishes she had more time with him at Christmas.

Devon mentions spending time with Nate and how it came about.

devon lily after christmas Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

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She asks if it’s a real truce since they were pushed into it. “Exactly,” he says. She wonders if the three of them can get together, but doesn’t seem sold on the idea and Devon shakes his head. No.

They talk about Jill wanting to move forth with the IPO. “OMG Why?” He says.

He doesn’t like giving up control and to answer to a board of people they don’t know.

He was talking about it with Tucker. Lily doesn’t like that.

He promises he didn’t say anything confidential. That wasn’t what it was about.

They argue about that and about Jill’s decision.

Abby goes on a run and runs into Chance.

She got the divorce papers this morning. He’s sorry.

chance outside Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

He asked that they be sent after the holidays.

She appreciates that. They talk about her holidays. He can see she left out seeing Devon.

She says she did and Dom is still at Devon’s place.

He doesn’t seem to like that but says he has to get used to the new dynamic.

She calls Devon to ask if Chance can come visit Dom.

Devon’s fine with that. But not today. He’ll get the nanny to get Dominic dressed and ready. 

abby outside with chance  Y&R recap SoapsSpoilers


Chelsea and Billy drink cocoa at Crimson Lights. She says she likes coming here because if it’s too overwhelming she can slip upstairs.

Being at the ranch felt like a collision of her problems at once over Christmas.

She says Victoria, Katie and Johnny were there. Billy asks how Victor was.

She says he tried and Adam watched out for her.

chelsea at crimson lights Y&R recaps SoapsSpoilers

Billy’s grateful to Adam, causing Chelsea to joke that it’s a first. Billy asks her to keep that quiet.

She admits she was getting racing thoughts. A thought spiral is what her therapist calls them. She’s irritated by it.

He blames Victor and they laugh. He asks if she wants to see a movie. She has a better idea.

billy with chelsea crimson lights  Y&R recap SoapsSpoilers

Chelsea and Billy return to her apartment with bags of stuff to make Connor an egg drop device to save eggs if they’re dropped.

chelslea and billy project  Y&R recap SoapsSpoilers

Abby and Chance arrive at the penthouse. Chance gives Devon the dirty eye and takes the baby. When he’s gone, Devon hugs Abby.

Lily sees Danny, Daniel and Phyllis at Glam Club, and hugs Danny. He and Phyllis leave.

lily hugs danny  Y&R recap SoapsSpoilers

Lily asks if Daniel’s sure he wants to bring Phyllis in on the game. Daniel says she’s perfect for this and it’ll help him.

Lily calls it his project and he can staff it how he wants.

Outside, Phyllis thanks Danny for taking Daniel when he was a kid. He did a good job parenting.

Danny’s sorry for taking him away for so long from her. They share a moment and leave.

phyllis thanks danny Y&R recaps

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