Audra Reveals Exactly What She Wants From Nate, Summer Snipes at Daniel For Stabbing Her in the Back, and Ashley Invites Tucker to Move Into Her Room

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Nate asks Audra what she wants from him, Summer calls Daniel out for stabbing her in the back, Victoria and Nate make out in her office. In the previous episode, Diane blows up when she learns Phyllis set her up, by faking her own death, while Chelsea and Billy talk about her bad feelings and Kyle tells Summer her mom is alive. 

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for May 16, 2023 episode airs in the USA May 17. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Crimson Lights, Lauren and Michael get coffee and she reels over Phyllis being alive. Daniel knew that Stark was killed with a pair of scissors, which isn’t public knowledge. Lauren’s shocked.

Michael hopes it’s kept from Summer and Diane for now until he gets more evidence.

The whole scenario is insane. Lauren calls it traitorous and doesn’t think she did this willingly.

Michael and lauren wonder where phyllis is

Lauren’s thrilled her BFF is alive but how could she do this to them? Why? “Phyllis would never!” Michael hums. They saw how she was spinning out.

Lauren knows she was unhinged. She’s not a fan of Diane’s but Phyllis could have taken it down a notch.

Michael says she could have gone all out to turn the tables on her. “Perfect revenge,” Lauren says.

lauren cries that phyllis is alive

Lauren cries. How do they come back from this and how does Phyllis? Michael thinks she’s laying low for now so she can decide her options.

He would. Lauren says that was a long time ago. Lauren says this stunt is one of many but this is the biggest. 

Michael calls it brilliant if not horrible.

People will want her head on a platter. Michael thinks they’ll get past it. Eventually. “Of course, I will,” Lauren says, tearing up again.

lauren in pink

Michael says he’s mulling over a few options. She hopes it’s genius because it’ll be hard to find someone as cagey as Phyllis.

Michael takes a call and thanks ‘Allen’ for his excellent work. He grins at Lauren and says his PI hit paydirt.

He thinks this is the big break they’ve been waiting for.

 He learned about where Phyllis might be hiding, having found the paperwork for Stark’s inheritance from Phyllis not being filled out completely by the man.

They did learn that the mailing address was of a P.O box which was registered to Stark with an address of a low rent motel on the outskirts of Genoa City.

He starts texting Jack.

Michael taks to allen his PI

Kyle finds Summer outside on the patio dressed for work.

She thanks him for giving her space last night.

She claims her head exploded from the big reveal that her mama is alive.

He asks her not to shut him out anymore.

summer and kyle outside

He feels like he doesn’t know her anymore and doesn’t know what to do with it.

She apologizes and needs more time. Kyle reminds her that Diane didn’t do anything to Phyllis so he doesn’t get why she still needs time apart.

Summer says there’s no proof and it won’t happen overnight.

She refuses to go to work with him. She has to “do something” first and will meet him there.

summer glad kyle gave her space

Inside Abbott’s manse, Ashley and Diane run right into each other.

Ashley gives a toss of her long blonde tresses and narrows her eyes at the brunette.

Diane tells her they’re soon going to become family.

diane eyes closed at home

Ash doesn’t think she knows what family means and calls her delusional if she thinks she’s not going to prison.

Diane’s confident that she’s not headed to prison but doesn’t reveal the truth about Phyllis.

They go back and forth until Tucker appears. They’re headed for a walk. Tucker invites her and then pretends he forgot she has an ankle bracelet.

Diane does a forced laugh and says she’s going to enjoy watching them eat humble pie soon. She leaves them curious.

ashley pours the tea as she snipes with diane

At Society, Victoira’s in a good mood. Nikki thinks it’s to do with Nate. Vicky suggests a new topic.

“How about how Dad handed Adam a new kingdom.”

ikki says it’s important to her father and asks that she let him have it without the bitter comments.

Vicky sighs that she let it fall into Adam’s clutches.

Nikki says she becomes more than her father daily. She asks if her kid has given any thought to Elena.

Victoria suddenly has to get to the office. She leaves her mom calling after her. “Honey come on!”

nikki talks to victoria about nate

Nate paces Chancellor Park. Audra finds him and hands him coffee, which he takes and sets down in anger. What was she thinking setting up Elena?

She plays coy. He asks what’s wrong with her, why she sent his ex to LA to find him. She smiles.

She didn’t send Elena there. She claims she didn’t know Nate lied to Elena about where she is.

She thinks it’s best for everyone, as devastating as it was for his ex.

Nate doesn’t think it should have gone down this way. She doesn’t deserve this. Audra says they weren’t a match but Elena will be fine.

nate at the park

She wouldn’t have gotten behind his new vision for the future anyway. Nate questions her.

She knows what he’s up to and says Newman Media isn’t enough for him. He wants to run Newman Enterprises alongside Victoria.

Audra says, who knew he’d rise this far this fast?

He’s in with Victoria, personally and professionally, “while making it seem like it was the boss lady driving it all along. Well done, you.”

Nate asks if she’s finished because she has facts wrong. It wasn’t calculated with Victoria.

Their connection took them both by surprise. He calls it strong and real.

audra brings nate coffee

“That sounds lovely,” Audra says, taking a sip of coffee. She admits she was disappointed at first since she was attracted to him.

He’s shocked. Is that why she pushed Elena to go after him in LA? Did she think that’d clear a path for her, getting Elena out of the way?

She would have liked it but won’t compete with Vicotria as it’d be too messy. It’s okay with her. She knows you can’t always get what you want.

She offers to help him get what he wants. He asks what she wants in return.

She wants to be at the top of Newman Media once he gets higher up in the company. “And you want to fill it.”

audra and nate park

Summer meets Chance at GCAC lounge and asks if he’s heard the same rumor she has.

He knows Daniel saw Phyllis alive. He thought it was a ploy to get Diane off at first since it came from Jack.

He also doesn’t think Diane meant to kill her mom and that there is more to the story. It involves Stark.

He thinks this is a stretch, a scheme cooked up by Michael and Victor. Summer claims she can’t wrap her head around it, either.

chance talks to summer about phyllis alive

She wonders if it is true, what would happen to her mom going forward.

What kind of charges would she face? Would she be in prison? Chance says it depends on the evidence.

Summer hates to think she might be afraid to return. She pouts. He tells her not to do this to herself.

chance answer summer questions

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Summer finds Daniel near the bar in the next room and calls him out on stabbing their mom in the back.

Daniel reminds her he left her name out of it. “You’re welcome.”

She snaps that she scrambled to ensure her story matched his. She wanted him to wait. What was he thinking?

daniel at gcac

He doesn’t take orders from her! He wants to find her and sort things out legally or their mom is screwed.

She feels her brother has made things more complicated. Now Christine and Diane know.

That doesn’t make Daniel happy. Kyle appears and hears her jumping on Daniel.

Kyle thinks that she’s blaming him but thinks that Phyllis didn’t tell her that she’s alive because of who Kyle’s mother is. Later, Summer takes off on Kyle, having something else to do.

daniel and summer caught

Victoria returns to work and sees Nate in her office. He tells her she asked if he knew where he wanted things to go.

He moves in for a kiss and soon, they’re making out like bandits.

He says Elena’s a wonderful woman but he can’t ignore what they have. It’s impossible. Victoria agrees. They kiss some more.

She takes off his jacket and a knock is heard. “Vic, it’s me,” shouts Nick.

vicky and nate kiss and nick interrupts

Nate pulls on his jacket and thanks Victoria “for those figures.” He goes and Nick asks if her office is an aphrodisiac.

She doesn’t want his judgment but Nick says Nate has no scruples. “I can smell his ambition from a mile away.”

Victoria likes it but she knows her brother doesn’t. He doesn’t need his name in the press or to use the corporate jet for a tryst with the corporate employees.

nick argues sister

She calls it a business trip and he asks what Elena caught them doing. She tells him this is not his business.

Nick saw Elena last night and says she’s heartbroken and moved out of the condo.

What Vicky’s doing is wrong. Victoria claims she feels bad enough. She says she knows it’s not ideal seeing someone who was taken but he means a lot to her.

Nick sees that she has a pattern with men and brings up JT’s name. Victoria loves him and doesn’t want to be at odds with him.

She assures she knows what she’s doing. Outside, Audra passes Nate in the hall and he glances at her for a moment and then walks away. 

nate and audra outside elevator

At the park, Tucker wonders what Diane meant about the humble pie comment. Ashley thinks she’s just BSing.

He tells her he’s looking to get permission to watch Dominic in his music group. He laughs as she says, “That’s all?”

He says it’s so different from working so much. He wants to do that and prove to her that he’s the man of her dreams. “Uh oh.”

outside tucker and ashley

She knows he has his work cut out for him.

Tucker shows her a video of the kid on percussion.

She laughs that he can sit through all of that but Tucker claims his grandson is the best.

She asks him if he wants to move into her room when he returns and he gazes up.

“I don’t know. I kind of like my room. I’ll think about it,” he says with a grin.

tucker being silly

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