Amanda Explodes in Anger Over Devon Cheating While Chance Admits He Saw it Coming — Plus, Elena and Nate Reunite

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Amanda demands answers from Devon for his cheating, while 

In the previous episode, Devon and Abby were caught having sex, by Amanda and Chance, while Chelsea started her therapy and Billy visited Chelsea.   

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for November 8, 2022 episode airs in the USA November 9. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Amanda and Chance arrive at Devon’s place and find Abby and Devon, naked and in each other’s arms on the sofa.

“What the hell?” Amanda says.

abby runs chance Y&R

Chance takes one look and walks out.

Abby jumps up, covering herself with a throw while she calls out to him.

amanda can't believe abby Y&R

She apologizes to Amanda repeatedly and gets dressed. Amanda sneers.

Once outside, Abby watches Chance get into the elevator.

Back inside, Amanda asks if that’s what he wants. A tall blonde. Devon says it just happened.

She yells wondering what the hell is going on. He has no explanation yet and wants to try to make sense of it, too. She says fine, “But first,” she throws his shirt at him.

“Put the rest of your damned clothes on.”

amanda throws shirt at devon Y&R

She gets a drink and he asks why she returned early. She wants to know why that matters.

He’s worried about her mom. Amanda says her mom isn’t progressing the way doctors hoped but she’s alive.

He’s sorry. Is that why he was rolling around naked with Abby? She says her mom will need constant care and she has to spend more time in Virginia.

amanda freaks out catching devon sex abby Y&R

He’s been “so incredibly patient,” which is why she felt she owed it to him to tell him this in person.

She calls herself clueless but Devon says they were leaning on each other for support and things went there.

That hurts her more. She asks how many times they’ve been having sex.

He says just the once and she asks how he can do this to her again. She thinks it was a mistake in forgiving him the first time. He doesn’t get why it happened.

It wasn’t the same as last time. He won’t insult her by making up excuses. She’s grateful but disgusted. She calls it a relief.

amanda freaks out on devon Y&R

She now knows what he’s capable of and can leave town without a backward glance.

He’s asking if this is it. She says yes. He asks her not to give up on them but she has. “You’re just upset.” She asks if that is what he said to her sister, too. He never cheated on her, he admits.

Amanda’s not the same woman and says her family needs her. He doesn’t. She can’t believe she was across the hall defending him to Nate while he rolled around with Abby.

He loves her. She believes him but doesn’t want it.

The baby cries and she tells him to go to him. She has a life she needs to get back to. She takes off. 

amanda leaves devon Y&R

At Society, Adam and Jack joke about how HR doesn’t joke about anything. They see Nick.

Adam makes jokes at his brother’s expense as Jack and Nick try to talk. Nick leaves and Jack questions Adam who shrugs it off.

He doesn’t want to talk about why he and his brother are sniping at each other.

Jack just wanted to see how Adam’s doing with his new job.

adam jack talk HR Y&R

Adam’s feeling rejuvenated. Jack notices he’s been distracted.

Adam reveals that Chelsea told Johnny about being his birth mother.

Connor knows now and both kids are struggling. They bonded over it but Adam’s unsure of how he’s really feeling.

There’s also something going on with Chelsea, but he doesn’t know what it is. Jack worries it’s bad. Adam says she stopped communicating with him Halloween night.

She’s been confiding in Billy. Jack finds that odd but says to give it time. Billy’s probably trying to help.

Adam says waiting isn’t his strong suit. It’s how he lost Sally.

Jack wants to discuss it but he does anyway, admitting that Sally moved on with Nick.

jack talks agenda Y&R

Jack’s been there with Billy and is sorry he’s dealing with it, knowing it’s not easy.

Adam’s grateful Jack’s listening. He talks about hurting Sally and that he love her more than he thought he could love anyone. Jack tells him to let her know.

adam talks hurt sally Y&R

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Mishael Morgan to recurring

At Victoria’s office, she offers advice to him since she’s good at solving other’s problems, unlike her own.

vicky advice to nate Y&R

He thanks her again and they head into his office only to find Sally packing.

She realizes it’s her replacement. Vicky says she thought they’d be gone by now. Sally welcomes Nate.

She tells him she left some notes for him on the desk. Victoria asks if she needs security to help with the multiple boxes but Sally’s got it.

sally packing sees nate Y&R

Nate hopes she knows it’s business. She knows it’s nothing personal on his part. She wishes him success. He appreciates it.

Vicky takes him to meet his other staff. She trusts Sally will be gone once they’re back. Sally looks at a congratulatory note from Nick and then a card from Adam to “shine bright.”

She leaves and Nate and Victoria return. Vicky is impressed at how he handled himself with Sally and the rest.

sally leave office for good Y&R

He wasn’t overbearing. He feels he knows what employees feel when their ideas were dismissed. He thinks they need balance and stability.

Vicky’s thrilled he’s on board. Elena arrives and congratulates him on the job. Victoria leaves for a budget meeting.

elena office nate Y&R

Nate worried he wouldn’t see her again. She reiterates that she returned to get back together with him but they’re at a stalemate. They both hate it. He wants her back. She rushes him with a kiss.

nate reunites elena Y&R

Chance arrives home and starts pacing and rubbing his chin as he looks at a family photo. Abby arrives asking him to hear her out. 

He tells her to explain. She says neither of them was thinking.

She was in a rough place when Chance didn’t come home and she went to Devon who was going through a hard time.

abby admits why cheated Y&R

They were supporting each other the way they always do and it turned into something else. She’s so shaken up. He says it hasn’t come out of nowhere.

It’s been going on for a while. It was oddly inevitable. She doesn’t get how that’s possible but he’s seen it since he returned from Spain.

Abby cries that they’ve only ever been friends. Chance says she “depends on him more than me.” He asks if she was trying to get revenge on him for their argument.

She denies that. She was upset but only wanted to talk it out.
Chance reminds her that Devon was with her for months alone. He needs time and space so she agrees to let him figure it out. He walks out on her.

abby shaken Y&R

They were growing closer and closer. She knows she hurt him but asks what his expectations are. He sent a voicemail telling her he wanted to come home and work on things.

She’s sorry. He says his expectations changed. He wants to make someone happy and that’s not what they have. It’s time they face that reality. 

chacne says sex inevitable dabby Y&R

Sally arrives at Crimson Lights. She tells Nick she just finished cleaning out her office when Victoria introduced her to her replacement and firmly told her to clear out.

She doesn’t blame Nick. She wishes she was that decisive, especially about romance.

Nick guess she misses Adam. “I miss you,” she confesses. He misses her but doesn’t want to be in a love triangle with his brother. He says this isn’t the first time this has happened and it doesn’t end well. He encourages her to figure out what she wants.

She wants a drama-free relationship and a balance of her personal and professional relationships. She has grown out of the phase of conflict and wants stability and positive energy. 

nick misses sally Y&R

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