Adam & Sally Have Sex, Then She Tells Him it’s Over, While Abby Yells at Devon For Letting Tucker Hold Dominic and Jeremy Intimidates Diane

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Kyle has it out with Summer and then Phyllis over Diane, then goes to Stark and tells him off, while Abby yells at Devon for letting Tucker hold Dominic, and Adam and Sally have sex and Nick arrives after, with a pretty good idea of what happened.

In the previous episode, Sally and Adam kissed, Tucker met his grandson, and Stark found Diane at Jack’s.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for December 2, 2022 episode airs in the USA December 5. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Jabot, Summer and Kyle bicker over what Phyllis did to his mom. Summer asks Kyle to listen to her mother’s side before pointing fingers.

They agree to table things and let them simmer down.

Phyllis appears and invites them to dinner. It’s uncomfortable.

Kyle doesn’t smile as Phyllis says nothing is more important than family.

summer upset kye kept truth young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

Adam and Sally make out in her room at Grand Phoenix.

They take each other’s clothes off as they kiss.

He tosses pillows from the bed and then they’re under the covers, making out.

They have sex and afterward, stare deeply into one another’s eyes.

sally adam make love Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

She seems upset and he tells her this doesn’t have to be the end.

“Doesn’t have to be but it is,” she says.

He says they feel something powerful and meaningful for each other.

She knows it’s why it happened but it can’t again.

sally and adam making love Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

She’ll always be grateful to him for helping her see herself in a new way.

She cries and he grimaces. He doesn’t regret a moment with her. Neither does she.

He’s loving and supportive, she says, even though his intentions to protect her were misguided.

He caresses her cheek. “We almost made it,” she cries.

They agree they have feelings for one another still. They’ll be okay, she assures him.

They dress and he tells her she deserves the world. He’s sorry he couldn’t give it to her.

He doesn’t want her to settle for anything. They kiss and he goes.

sally dumps adam in bed Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Sharon brings Chance coffee. She startles him and he realizes he’s been sitting there for a while.

She doesn’t want to intrude but she knows they both lost someone they could confide in when Rey died. He’s sorry.

chance opens up to sharon Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

He can’t talk about it yet. She turns to go and he blurts that he’s divorcing Abby.

Sharon suggests they take time to reconsider but he says he’s gone over the missteps that took him to this point.

He wonders if it’d have been better if they never started a relationship in the first place.

Sharon tries not to regret things. He agrees she’s right. She says it’s the end of a chapter.

What’s he supposed to do now? She says to take it step by step.

He loves her but they weren’t a good fit.

sharon learns abby and chance divorcing Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

He’s not sure how it’ll be co-parenting. Sharon says Devon could be a great buffer.

He says, “Maybe,” as Victor strolls in, narrowing his eyes at his son-in-law.

He asks if he’s spoken with Abby. Chance has and takes off.

Sharon’s surprised Victor’s so dismissive. He says Chance caused pain for her daughter.

Sharon says there might be more to the story. He might be too hard on Chance. “What do you know?”

Jeremy Stark arrives at the Abbott’s.

He’s happy to see Diane. She’s clearly nervous about the man who brushes past her and wanders inside.

He says they’ve so much to discuss. Jack arrives. The men are introduced.

jeremy stark with diane Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Jack welcomes him as Diane calls him an old friend.

Jeremy was fond of Diane when she was back in LA. He knew her as Taylor. Diane seems to shrink before his eyes.

Jeremy says  he’s in town for “a little of this and that.” He hopes he can see Diane before he goes.

She nods fast, looking frightened. They ask how he found her. Jeremy says he learned she was a grandmother and took it from there.

“We all know how much Diane loves family.” He winks at her and goes. She has a meltdown.

diane meltdown on jack Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

She can’t believe he just came there. “He just showed up.”

Jack holds her. She knows he’s trying to send a message.

Jack says no harm will come to the family. She thinks Ashley, Nikki and Phyllis did this.

“Those  bitches have gone too far!”

diane angry about phyllis Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

At Devon’s, Tucker reads the ABCs to his grandson.

Devon likes this. A few minutes with the cutie erases everything going on in the world.

Tucker asks how business is but Devon thought they agreed not to discuss that. Tucker’s sorry.

It was an innocent question. He’d never use his grandson as a pawn.

Devon appreciates that.

Devon gives the baby to Tucker and he snuggles in.

tucker reads abc to dom Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

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Abby arrives to get Tucker.

“What is he doing here?”

She asks when she sees Tucker holding her baby.

abby angry devon let tucker in Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

She takes the baby and he starts to bawl. Devon gives him a treat and he eats it while he cries softly. Tucker says he’s in love with that little guy. He didn’t get to be around when Devon was young. He feels fortunate to be in their lives. Dominic stops crying. Tucker thanks Devon and hopes they can do it soon with Abby’s blessing. She gives him a half smile and he meanders out. Devon apologizes.

abby shocked tucker with dom Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

She started to come around to the idea but there’s a lot of messy history.

She agrees to let Tucker have a relationship with Dominic, as much as Tucker makes her skin crawl.

Devon will monitor all interactions He’s glad she’s there and asks how she is.

She tells him they’re divorcing.

Why should she expect him to stay when she broke their vows.

abby snuggles dominic Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Summer finds Nick drinking alone at Society.

He tells her his dad butted into his business and he’s trying to move on from that.

He notices she’s with Kyle and Phyllis and refuses to go over there.

It’ll be filled with family drama. She pulls the dad card and he calls himself a sucker.

summer asks nick to dinner Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

He goes with her to their table. “The party is here,” he says. He asks how Marchetti’s doing.

Are mother and daughter getting along at work? Phyllis is a little offended.

They’re getting along great. The women high-five. He asks about Diane. They look at him with awkwardness.

Nick didn’t come to cause trouble. He takes off, leaving them weirded out. They agree he’s a little off.

Outside, Nick runs into Jack and Diane. Diane hightails it inside and yells at Phyllis that she’ll never drive her away from her family.

Phyllis acts innocent and shocked while Summer questions her mom and Kyle glares.

diane yells at phyllis in public Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Kyle rushes to Diane and Jack’s table. His mom explains that Stark came to the house to see her.

She doesn’t want her son near him. Kyle promises he’ll have her back. Jack says they won’t do anything yet.

He takes Diane home, but not before shooting daggers at Phyllis with his eyes.

He goes to her and yells at her about her delicate ego and yells about what she put their family through.

He leaves and Summer follows, demanding answers.

kyle demands answers from his mother Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

He tells her about Stark and runs. Phyllis appears and Summer begs her mom for the truth.

She feels her mom is making a fool of her. If Kyle’s telling the truth, how could she put their family in danger?

Phyllis feigns ignorance and Summer says she knows she told Jeremy Stark he could find Diane at their house.

phyllis feigns ignorance in green dress Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Back at Jack’s, Diane is sorry she forced him to double down on supporting her.

She’s a basket of nerves. He calmly tries to get her to smile.

She does when he tells her she’s bouncing back.

jack comforts diane at home Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Nick arrives to Sally’s and sees his brother before he walks in.

nick runs into adam outside sally's Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

He sees Sally crying and the bed covers are a mess.

“I guess this is a bad time,” he says.

sally sobs Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Tucker arrives at Society and gets a text that Stark’s in town.

tucker gets text that jeremy is in town Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Stark sits in his Grand Phoenix room.

He says, “You have done your research, Talia.”

A knock comes and Kyle appears and tells Stark to leave Diane Jenkins alone.

kyle yells at stark to stay away from his mama Y&R recaps soapsspoilers


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