Daniel Blows up and Fires Phyllis For Her Interference, and Adam Comes to Kyle’s Rescue, Admitting He Wants to Quit Jabot

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Daniel and Phyllis have a fight, Kyle’s rescued by Adam and Adam says he’s done at Jabot.

In the previous episode, Jack railed on Kyle for betraying him, and Adam told Chelsea his concerns about Billy.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 9, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 10. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Jack forces Kyle to admit he’s been colluding with Victor this whole time to get Adam dumped from Jabot. Adam eavesdrops from outside the door and Summer catches him. “What do you think you’re doing?” He says he’s eavesdropping.

She threatens to tell Jack and he thinks he’ll just tell him himself because the conversation Jack and Kyle are having is about him.

Summer thinks he’ll make it worse but he promises he’ll put an end to it.

She deserves to be in on it.

He relays that Jack just learned Kyle’s colluding with his father to get him out of Jabot. 

adam eavesdrops Y&R early recaps

Inside Jack’s office, Kyle says he took great pains not to give Victor anything confidential.

Just information about his shotty work history.

Jack says that’s enough and he lied about it. Kyle claims he didn’t lie but Jack says he went behind his back to sabotage his co-CEO.

It’s insulting! Kyle claims his intentions are honorable but Jack calls that BS.

jack yells kyle Y&R recaps

Kyle says Victor just wants Adam back at Newman with his family.

Jack asks how he thinks it’ll look if another CEO jumps ship.

He yells at Kyle to stick to his decision to leave as CEO and let Jack run the company.

Adam walks in and Jack tells him it’s not a good time.

adam in office Y&R recaps

Summer appears and Adam wants to help. Summer sneers at her husband.

He wants to talk to her later about this but she’s staying.

Kyle barks at Adam for opening his mouth but Adam shrugs. It was the truth.

Summer hopes the textiles were worth it. Jack blows up. “You sold me out for some textiles?” Victor will want more back in exchange.

kyle and summer hating on him Y&R recaps

He demands to know what Victor’s next plan is. Jack knows Victor and says Kyle didn’t know what he was getting himself into though Kyle tries to deny it.

Adam doesn’t take issue with what Kyle did. He was looking out for his family’s company and Adam would have done the same.

Adam owns that his work went to hell. He lost drive and hasn’t brought anything to the table. Jack appreciates his honesty.

He wants to help put that behind him but Adam has examined his failings and doesn’t t think things will change. He’s leaving Jabot.

summer kyle learn adam wants out at jabot Y&R recaps

In his office, Victoria asks Nate for an update regarding plans for Tucker. He says he’s testing Audra first.

She and Tucker had a falling out. If she can pull this off even though, he can trust her with more. Victoria’s impressed.

She says they may have to redirect money and sell off some real estate to make the deal work.

This intrigues him as does her mind. He finds it intoxicating. She does too and calls them alike. 

nate talks to victoria in office Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

At Society, Lily and Daniel are happy that Jill greenlit Omgegasphere.

It’ll be nice to focus on it rather than her lawsuit with Devon, Lily says.

Daniel’s sorry she’s going through with that. She asks if Phyllis is ready.

Daniel says his mom has gone too far and he’s going to fire her.

He tells her that she’s been going around behind his back to shop his project.

Lily finds that out of line too and will support his decision if he wants to let her go.

They talk about her being away from her kids and she asks him not to give up hope on reuniting with Lucy and Heather.

lily at society Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Phyllis returns to Grand Phoenix and runs right into Tucker. He tells her “Welcome home.”

He doesn’t know how to say it in Portuguese. She has a lot of things to say to him but to translate it would be obscene.

She knows he told her son about her trip to Portugal. He never said he’d keep her secret.

phyllis at grand phoenix with tucker Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

He asks after the trip and Phyllis tells him to go to hell.

She goes upstairs and Audra notes that Phyllis looks like she wants to rip his throat out. He thinks he can use that to his advantage.

Or it could be hiding something underneath. A spark.

“We no longer have a spark,” Audra says.

She wants one of them to move out of the hotel so they don’t keep seeing each other.

audra at grand phoenix Y&R recaps soapsspoilers


Tucker thinks this city’s built for awkward run-ins. Tucker asks her to take a step back.

He wants to fix what’s broken between them. She asks how. He grins and says she can admits she overreacted earlier.

He wasn’t the perfect gentleman but he says they have a good history. She agrees.

There’s no reason for animosity. Maybe they can be friends without benefits.

He thinks it over and agrees it’s doable.

tucker and audra grand phoenix Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

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At the ranch, Victor and Michael discuss the Tucker scheme.

They hope when Tucker learns what they’re up to that he also knows they won’t walk away even if there’s a fight.   

“Have you ever known me to walk away from a fight?” Vic says.

Michael and victor talk Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Back at Society, Daniel gets a call from Phyllis. She’s sorry he had to hear about her trip from Big Mouth Tucker. She wants to explain. They agree to meet.

Daniel arrives at Phyllis’s suite at Grand Phoneix. He demands answers. She wanted to help him and visit Heather and Lucy.

He asks what happened there. She says she told Heather that he’s made a lot of inspiring changes.

daniel learns mom's trip not success Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Daniel seems interested. She was happy to hear and needs to process it.

Phyllis says she didn’t see Lucy for a long time but she seemed uncomfortable.

Probably teenage stuff. He can tell she’s lying. She admits that yeah, it didn’t go over well.

phyllis at home Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

She was trying to help but Daniel points out she never does. She tried and says he’s not worse off for it.

He calls her infuriating and tells her to stay out of his business. He says that wasn’t about love.

She wants to make it up to him. She wants to discuss what she’s doing for Omegasphere.

He laughs and says she’s not listening. She realizes he’s firing her. 

daniel fires phyllis Y&R recaps soapsspoilers


Audra arrives at Newman Media and interrupted Nate and Victoria. Vicky goes and she tells him about her “accidental” run-in with Tucker. 

She convinced them to be friends again and they’re dining together tonight.

Nate’s impressed.

audra with nate Y&R day ahead recaps

Daniel finds Lily at Crimson Lights. He lets her know he gave his mom the axe. She’s sorry. He’s angry that she interfered in his personal life but it’s not the first time.

Lily thinks she meant well. Daniel says she thinks so. She’ll never back down. She’s like a freight train that won’t stop until she gets what she wants.

She has a blatant disregard for what will come from it. He thinks her going to see his ex means it ruined his chances at reconciling with his family. 

daniel at crimson lights with lily Y&R day ahead recaps

Victoria finds her father at home and tells him financing is set to move to get Tucker’s company.

victoria at newman ranch Y&R recaps

Coming up next week!

Ashley tells Jack he can’t kick her out of their own family home.

Jack wants her to leave and asks how much. How much will it cost for him to buy her out?

ashley refuses to move out of family home Y&R spoiler recaps

Summer yells at Kyle for betraying her trust.

“What does that say about our relationship?”

kyle gets ragged on Y&R spoiler recaps

Daniel says, “Heather, I can’t believe you’re really here.” (Heather is played by Vail Bloom.)

heather comes back to genoa city Y&R spoiler recaps

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