Adam’s Astonished Sally’s Pregnant With His Child, and Thinks it Changes Everything, While Audra’s Suspicious of Victoria and Nate’s Closeness

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Adam’s in shock with the baby news, Audra asks Nate what’s up with he and Victoria, and Connor has to do a family tree for school.

In the previous episode of Y&R, Sally fantasized and Delphine went into labor with Sharon happily waiting for her new grandbaby.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for February 21, 2023 episode airs in the USA February 22. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

In the Newman Media office, Nate and Audura think Tucker is in even bigger debt than that thought.

Victoria appears and tells them buying his debt isn’t an option.

Someone beat them to the punch. They’re surprised. Victoria confronts Audra. Who is behind it?

Is Audra working for more than one person?

audra in nate office Y&R early recaps soapsspoilers

Auda says no, this is the first she’s heard. Victoria takes her word for it and apologizes for being blunt. Victoria has another loyalty test. Find out who bought Tucker’s debt and why.

She calls and leaves a message on Tucker’s phone, making Victoria surprised she thinks he’ll just tell her. Audra suggests an enemy of his enemy can be his friend.

Nate asks how much of a monkey wrench it throws in her plan to get McCall. Vicky says they’ll have to figure it out together.

They give each other a look and Audra watches. Victoria goes and Audra asks what’s going on between those two. Nate says they’ve known each other for years and have a close working relationship.

Audra’s glad, calling it risky and foolish to strike up a relationship. She reminds him an office romance is what got his predecessor ousted.

Nate isn’t interested in an office romance. He’s with Elena.

victoria with audra Y&R early recaps

Ashley arrives at Society and Tucker tells her she can’t drop a bomb like she owns him and walk away.

“I bought you. I’m in control now,” she says. He asks why she’s being cruel. She shrugs.

She needs a cocktail and food. “All this corporate espionage has made me ravenous.”

She taunts him and tells him not to upset her or she’ll call in his loan.

ashley and tucker society Y&R recaps

He’s sullen and asks if she wants power over him. She says no, she has bigger plans.

She tells him to call off the deal with Newman. He asks if she’s making a deal. “Someone is,” she says. He’s impressed.

tucker grins Y&R recaps

Adam arrives at Chelsea’s and she tells him that Connor needs help with his family tree project.

He needs positive descriptions about each person.

He did Hope, calling her good, kind, and generous.

About Grandpa, Adam says he’s committed to his family. “Moving on,” he says and calls Nikki tough and fair.

connor family tree Y&R early recaps soapsspoilers

He laughs when he mentions  Vicky and calls her strong-willed, and Abby feisty, and spunky, and when asked about Nick, Adam calls him a good father.

The kid toddles off to his room and Adam reveals he left Jabot and his dad offered him something vague.

She laughs when he tells her he said he’d go back to Newman if his dad gives him Victoria’s job.

Chelsea says he’ll only end up miserable if he works there. He says he was miserable at Jabot, too.

“Maybe  misery is my destiny.” She says not to joke. She’s been there and says nobody’s destined for that. She suggests therapy. He apologizes for being flippant. 

chelsea calls adam good father Y&R recaps

In Grand Phoenix, Sally once again stares at her phone, not looking at the paternity results yet.

When they look, she wonders if it’s wrong.

Nick calls it a reputable company. “My DNA is not a match with the baby. Adam’s the father.”

They both look glum.

sally doing nothing Y&R early recaps soapsspoilers


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She has seen how this plays out and cries. It’s not great.

Nick thinks he could be even-keeled but Sally doubts it.

She asks how he’s so calm. He doesn’t want to stress her.

She wonders how to tell Adam.

sally calls adam Y&R recaps

She calls him as he’s with Chelsea. She asks him to come over. He says goodbye and runs into Billy on his way out. 

Meanwhile, Nick offers to stay but it’s not fair to have Nick act as a buffer.

She and Adam have a lifelong connection now and need to get used to it. She tells him to go and kisses him.

nick kisses sally Y&R recaps

Adam arrives at Sally’s suite. “Trouble?” He asks.

She says no and hopes that continues to be the case. She says there’s no easy way to say it.

She tells him she’s pregnant. “And you’re the father.” He stares and opens and closes his mouth in shock. He asks how long she’s known.

She says for a while but just found out it’s his. He asks how she knows for sure.

She talks about the DNA test. He’s not sure what to say.

She tells him it changes nothing emotionally.

adam learns sally pregnant Y&R recaps

He disagrees with that. This changes everything. He worries she’ll fight him for custody.

She reassures him she doesn’t want to do that. She meant it’s not an opening for them to reunite.

He’s shocked she won’t consider it. Is it because she’s with Nick? She says no. They agreed their relationship ran its course. He knows that’s the day the baby was conceived. 

Back at Chelsea’s, Billy and Connor talk video games, namely God of War: Ragnarok, which Connor’s playing. Chelsea talks about Danny’s video game platform.

Billy thinks it sounds cool. Chelsea will talk to Daniel and see if she can get involved.

After Billy has played games with Connor, he returns to the living room and the adults discuss the platform.

Billy knows nothing but appreciates what he’s trying to build. He likes the look of excitement in her eyes, too.

chelsea wants job Y&R recaps

Nick arrives at Victoria’s office and tells her Adam’s the father of Sally’s kid. She’s sorry.

They hug and he says he wanted to be there when she told him.

“Do you think that’d be appropriate?” Vicky asks. He thinks she’s right.

He needs a distraction so she tells him about someone buying up Tucker’s debt.

They wonder who did this and if it’s a move against Newman.

When Sally calls he runs off and Vicky calls Tucker, who is with Ashley.

He lets her wait but Ashley thinks he should take the call. Tucker appears once Nick’s gone and tells Victoria he can’t negotiate a deal. Everything in his life is in flux.

vicky hugs nick Y&R recaps


Billy and Chelsea arrive at Crimson Lights, still discussing the game.

Adam appears, looking decidedly stricken. She asks what’s wrong.

He says nothing should be wrong but everything is.

adam stricken baby daddy Young and restless recaps

Nick returns to Sally at Grand Phoenix with a hug.

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