Abby Breaks Up a Fight Between Adam And Billy, While Devon Refuses To Give Tucker a Second Chance & Summer Rages At Jack For Stealing From Nikki

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Abby and Devon have dinner, Tucker tries to get into Devon’s good graces, and Billy and Adam fight. In the previous episode, Audra made a reveal to Nate, and Ashley read Tucker the riot act before she went to Paris.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for January 13, 2023 episode airs in the USA January 16. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

At Society, Adam approaches his father and asks what he and Nick were talking about, earlier.

He thinks his father’s colluding but Victor says he doesn’t like that Adam’s pushing him out of his life.

How would he like it if Connor did it? Victor tells him his family did that to him and he says as parents, all they do is the best they can.

Adam calls him a ruthless businessman who claims to put family first when his actions repeatedly say otherwise. “You’re a hypocrite at best.”

victor with adam society Y&R recaps spoilers SoapsSpoilers

Victor says he’s always tried to protect his son. Adam denies that.

He needs protection from him. He also thinks it’s low that he’s trying to use his son to try to pull him back into his orbit.

Victor says sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Victor wanted to raise him in Genoa City and doesn’t think his son has ever forgiven him for not doing that but it wasn’t up to him.

He hopes that Adam never has to experience this with his own son.

He gets up and leaves.

adam angry father Y&R recaps spoilers SoapsSpoilers

At the Abbott house, Summer puts Harrison to bed.

Kyle tells her that Victor wants his help in ousting Adam at Jabot.

He wants Adam to have an epic failure that results in him being fired.

Summer’s shocked he’d hurt his own son.

kyle tells summer about victors plan Y&R spoiler recaps soapsspoilers

Kyle says he just wants him back at Newman.

Summer doesn’t think a family can be brought together through deceit and manipulation.

Kyle never said he’d help but he’ll never understand his dad’s allegiance to Adam.

kyle Y&R spoiler recap

At Glam Club, Diane tells Stark she has to get to Boston to steal Nikki’s necklace.

Stark’s hot for how naughty she’s being. He wants to go with her and pull off the heist together.

“A taste of things to come.” She refuses and says it’ll derail the plan. He thinks she doesn’t trust him.

She says she doesn’t need him. She wants to do this on her own and give him tribute. A guarantee of her loyalty.

He agrees, the robbery is hers. He invites her to his room for a “nightcap” but she says she’s on a strict timetable.

She’ll call him the second she returns. She kisses his cheek and toddles off.

stark and diane talk about stealing from nikki Y&R spoiler recaps

At Devon’s penthouse, Abby and Devon talk about Tucker trying to take over his company.

Devon feels like his life was going really well and then everything fell apart. He admits he told Jill he wanted to buy back Hamilton Winters.

Abby says it’s a big decision. He feels it’s right and wants to trust his own instincts and tells Abby that his sister compared her to Victor and claimed he stabbed her in the back.

Abby doesn’t see it that way.

They both went into this deal with the best intentions.

She says to remember he and Lily share a bond and this is nothing like the situation with Tucker.

abby dinner devon Y&R spoiler recaps soapsspoilers

At Crimson Lights, Lily’s sorry for talking Daniel’s ear off. He doesn’t mind. They share a moment as Billy and Chelsea walk in, and it becomes uncomfortable.

Chelsea breaks the ice by greeting them and they discuss him staying in Genoa City for a long time while he works on a new gaming platform.

Billy comments that he won’t have time for much and Lily looks away. As Daniel and Chelsea catch up, Lily and Billy look away, unhappy.

Chelsea finally takes off home and Billy leaves in the opposite direction. “Wow. That was very pleasant,” Daniel says sarcastically.

Lily’s sure Billy told Chelsea everything. Daniel asks if she’s okay. She shrugs and goes.

lily unloads daniel Y&R spoiler recaps soapsspoilers


Tucker stares off alone at Chancellor Park. He texts Devon to meet.

tucker misses his son Y&R recaps spoilers SoapsSpoilers

Devon refuses, but Abby thinks the man is persistent and Devon should meet and tell him he wants nothing to do with him.

Devon gives Tucker five minutes so Tucker takes off to his place.

When he arrives, Abby snipes at him and goes while Tucker says he wants a chance to tell Devon why he did what he did. Tucker wants to fix it.

Devon says there is no way he can. Tucker begs. “Let me know how to fix it.”

Devon says he never should have shown up in here in the first place and kicks him out.

Tucker leaves and holds his head outside.

devon gets text from tucker Y&R recaps spoilers SoapsSpoilers

He wanted to be a part of his life. To be a positive presence in his life.

He recalls how he helped Devon get the cochlear implants and then how they worked together on that song.

He says Ashley was a part of the dream too, to create a family conglomerate.

He wanted to marry Ashley and have his son help him run Jabot.

He just wants to work side-by-side with the two people who mean the most to him.

Devon understands but he can’t do it if he keeps deceiving everyone. “But in my heart —” he says. Devon interrupts. It doesn’t matter what’s in his heart.

He’s alienated him and he and probably Ashley doesn’t want anything to do with him.

devon kicks tucker out Y&R recaps

Diane rushes into the Abbott house. Summer freaks out. Is it even safe for her to be there?

Diane assures her that she was safe and though she knows Summer doesn’t trust her yet, she’s confident she can put this part of her past to rest.

summer angry at diane Y&R recaps spoilers SoapsSpoilers



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Y&R comings and goings


Jack turns up with Nikki’s necklace.

Summer recognizes that it’s her grandma’s. It’s priceless.

nikki necklace Y&R recaps

Her grandpa bought it for Nikki.

Kyle explains that it’s part of their plan.

Summer asks how he got it.

Her grandma never would have loaned it to him to help Diane.

jack shows the stolen necklace Y&R spoiler recaps

She sees the expression on Jack’s face and says, “You stole it?”

He admits he did but they’ll give it back. Summer worries they will get caught.

They try to reassure her but she’s pissed off and runs out.

Kyle promises he’ll fix this and takes off after his wife.

summer angry jack stole nikki necklace Y&R spoiler recaps

Diane didn’t want to cause this drama. Jack says it’s fine and he believes in her. She says he makes her feel good.

This is another whole new layer of courage that he never expected.

He finds it attractive. They kiss.

kissing diane and jack abbotts Y&R reaps

Billy sees Adam at Society. He says not tonight, Adam!”

Adam doesn’t want to engage with him but feels like he has to.

He’s insinuated himself into his life and he’s tired of it.

Billy’s confused. “Are you drunk?”

Adam says he’s taking advantage of Chelsea.

adam yells at billy Y&R spoiler recaps

Billy warns him to back off.

Adam doesn’t listen and gets in the Abbott’s face.

Adam thinks being her savior is the one thing he can cling on to.

billy yells at adam to back off Y&R spoiler recaps

Billy denies that and blames Adam for most of what Chelsea went through.

The bartender sees them and goes to get Abby.

She rushes over and splits the men up before the drama gets too exciting.

Adam apologizes and goes. Abby asks Billy if he’s okay.

abby cuts in between adam and billy fight Y&R spoiler recaps


Adam turns up on Chelsea’s doorstep looking glum.

She asks what’s wrong. He’s edgy and looks around the room.

He notices she was watching a movie.

He’s acting weird so she tells him to leave.

adam goes to chelsea's place Y&R spoiler recaps

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