Y&R Recap: Christine Accuses Danny of Enjoying Pitting Her and Phyllis Against One Another, as Billy Accuses Mamie of Being a Threat

Thurs Feb 9, 2024: Today on Young and Restless, Jack and Nikki’s bond upsets Diane, Mamie strategizes with Nate, and Ashley stands her ground with Tucker.

Monday’s recap:  Danny Runs Away From Phyllis When She Calls Them Kismet, as Victor Grudgingly Agrees to Support Jack Being Nikki’s Sponsor

(This day ahead recap episode airs in the USA on Feb 9. Expect spoilers! Recaps go live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Daniel’s condo

In his condo, Daniel says nothing as Phyllis says she can see he has feelings for Heather.

She links it to her situation with Danny.

Daniel claims there’s no situation and Phyllis thinks it must be awkward. “Lily and all.”

phyllis claims she's innocent

Daniel thinks she’s up to her old tricks, not respecting anyone’s boundaries.

And this is supposed to be her on her best behavior. Phyllis takes a step back.

Is someone in his ear? She says nothing is going on like that between her and Daniel.

The pull is mutual and there’s no aggression, she claims. She thinks it’s fate or destiny but Daniel thinks she’s more concerned with beating Christine.

Outside, Christine runs into Danny. She didn’t like the way they left things between them.

cricket with danny Y&R recaps

She wants to clear the air and asks to go inside. He stares at the door and makes excuses that he doesn’t want to trouble Daniel.

She thinks they owe each other to finish the conversation so he takes her for coffee. 

danny doesn't want to go back inside

Back inside, Phyllis is hurt that Daniel thinks of her poorly. He asks her not to play the wounded bird.

He saw her social media post. She denies it was anything but a sweet post. They argue.

She compares him and Heather to her. “We are in the same situation,” she reminds him.

He denies it again and they go back and forth on what she’s doing to Christine.

phyllis defends herself

She asks why he can’t accept that this is the new Phyllis.

He needs to see change and doesn’t see a difference so far. She asks why he doesn’t just stop talking to her.

daniel thinks his mother is lying to herself

He reminds her she’s his mother, but she keeps derailing herself and he finds it frustrating to see.

She finds that degrading that he’s trying to guide her. She gathers her stuff to go and he yells at her that she has his dad tied up in knots right now.

Phyllis starts to worry. Did he say that? He yells that he hates seeing Dad like that. She thinks it’s a dagger in her heart that he’s pulling for Christine instead of her.

She thinks she and Danny have a chance this time but he wants her to step aside.

He didn’t say that. She decides she doesn’t want dinner with him and runs off. 

phyllis worries about danny

Abbott mansion

Diane returns home after Victor and Nikki leave. Jack assumes Nikki has forgiven him.

He wasn’t sure she would but she insisted he remain her sponsor and Victor reluctantly agreed.

Diane calls it touching, his love for Nikki, which transcends his issues with Jack. Jack’s glad it’s out in the open and thanks his wife for her support.

jack with diane abbott manse

He loves her. She asks if he can help save Nikki or is she too far gone? He doesn’t like to think anyone’s too far gone.

It’s Jordan’s fault. Diane worries Jack will be in harm’s way because of this mess. Jack assures that Victor’s excellent team is on it.

Diane asks if under all this stress, if Jack’s tempted again to take pain pills. Jack says not at all.

She just worries about him. He hugs her and calls her his rock.

diane  worries Y&R recaps

At Society, Nate’s surprised to see Audra without Tucker.

She questions why and he says they seem to have grown closer.

She smiles that he’s keeping an eye on her.

pretty audra society

He asks if public hand-holding is part of her scene or if she’s fallen under the man’s spell.

He assumes so and thinks it’ll be her undoing. Mamie turns up and Audra rushes off after telling him she knows what she’s doing.  

Nate tells his aunt that Audra’s playing with fire, and fills him in on her and Tucker. He’s done with her.

Mamie thinks she’s a young Jill Abbott.

“Vicious and scheming. Nothing but a whole lotta trouble.”

mamie calls audra vicious

She wants her nephew to stay away from her and make Billy his new BFF so they can find out what Billy and Jill are up to. Nate sighs.

She’s trying to stir things up. What indicates that Jill’s at war with her? She says he brought Billy back. Nate shrugs that off.

Lily needed to take a leave. Nate asks her not to do this but she doesn’t think she can help himself. 

nate upset with auntie mamie

Turtle-neck-wearing Tucker greets Billy at the Athletic Club. Billy sighs, not happy to see him.

Tucker asks if Ashle’s home from Paris.

Billy won’t tell him and calls him a bitter hollow man who feeds on anger and retribution.

tucker bothers billy on Y&R`

Tucker nods once, thinking it over. He takes a seat, gets some beer and tells Billy he has a lot of anger.

It pisses Billy off that he’s asking about his sister when he should have a restraining order against her.

Tucker says he just doesn’t want to run into her if she is back. Billy rolls his eyes. Tucker tells him she went to Paris to get ammunition against her.

She wants retribution. Billy knows better and shakes his head, thinking he’ has the audacity to paint himself a victim.

Tucker says he’s no victim. They talk about failure and which man is one. Billy says his days of failure are over.

tucker mulls billy's words over

He has all the things that Tucker will never have because of his self-absorption. “All you do is take, Tucker.”

Tucker agrees he is and calls it self-preservation. He thinks Billy’s being high and mighty.

The moral superiority act is a crock. He thinks Billy wants to take over Jabot from Jack and admits he’d enjoy watching that unfold. He takes off. 

tucker vs billy athletic club

On the Abbott jet, Ashley thinks back to the waiter telling her that Tucker wasn’t violent at the cafe.

ashley returns to genoa city on jet Y&R

Crimson Lights

At Crimson Lights, Christine asks if he meant what he said earlier, that he doesn’t think she wants him to befriend Phyllis.

“You don’t,” he says. She doesn’t know how it became an issue.

He doesn’t want to do this but Christine thought they were getting closer. “You made the sauce.”

danny with cricket

Since they’ve been together, Phyllis has been throwing herself at him. He doesn’t categorize it that way.

He has feelings for them in different ways and then this thing blew up.

She thinks Phyllis is only after him to get to her. Danny’s offended that she thinks Phyllis wouldn’t want him for him.

Christine points out that she’s a narcissist. It’s about winning.

Danny says this is why he can’t do this. He feels he’s a chess piece in their fight and he hates being in the middle.

Christine swears that hate’s not her motivation to be with him, even though she despises “that woman.”

danny feels like a chess piece Y&R

Back at Society, Billy walks in on Nate and Mamie and overhears them discussing what Mamie thinks Jill is up to. 

nate not happy with auntie

They sit together and Nate explains his aunt thinks Jill has an agenda in rehiring Billy. Nate disagrees.

Billy calls Mamie shrewd and understands her fear. He admits that’s true but it’s about the threat Tucker poses. But he thinks Mamie’s the one who is the threat. He agrees.

It’s why she’s in town. It’s coincidentally what Tucker wants. She rolls her eyes, tired of Tucker.

He tried to make her an ally but she’s not. Mamie says she’s not causing conflict, it’s already here.

Nate wants them to be united so Billy tells him to ask his aunt not to go after his mom.

billy calls mamie a threat

Athletic Club, Tucker’s suite

In his suite at the Athletic Club, Tucker gets an anonymous text that tells him Ashley’s back in Genoa City.

He voice texts them to let him know when she’s back at her house.

tucker voice chat

Audra arrives and she tells him she’s there to work. She’s done digging on the cosmetics businesses he wants to fold into Glissade.

Two have financial issues. He knew they were. She’s upset that he was testing her loyalty. They still don’t trust each other.

He starts trying to seduce her and she smacks his hand away. He keeps going and kisses her neck and she tells him to keep going.

They kiss. He gets a text and she looks at it and exclaims.

“Dios Mio! You are still keeping tabs on Ashley.”

audra kisses tucker



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Mishael Morgan (Amanda) returns

Abbott mansion

Ashley arrives home, surprising Jack and Diane. They thought she was staying in Paris indefinitely.

She says GC is her home and lets them know that Tucker bribed the waiter to back up his version of the events.

She calls Tucker twisted and notices that they’re quiet. She asks what happened and Jack wants to wait until Traci and Abby are there.

ashley back home

This upsets Ashley, further and wants to know what they suddenly need to discuss as a family.

“You,” Jack admits. He thinks she should go lie down since she looks tired.

Diane suggests a bath but Ashley wants to know why they’re having a family meeting about her.

“What did Traci tell you about Paris?”

diane and jack

Crimson Lights

Back at Crimson Lights, Danny tells Cricket that what they were feeling was real.

She thanks him and says she’ll try to give little thought to Phyllis but she doesn’t like that she tries to come between them and Danny just lets it happen.

Phyllis walks in as she says, “That woman is a walking apocalypse.” 

cricket wants danny

Phyllis approaches and says, “So much for Danny’s request for space.” Danny asks her not to, but she keeps talking.

“Let me guess.” Did Christine summon you to lecture you about Big Bad Phyllis? How’s that going so far?

Christine tells her to go. They’re having a private conversation.

phyllis overhears christine

Phyllis says she will but tells him she has a surprise. She got him tickets to that concert they were talking about.

Christine realizes she was at his apartment, earlier.

It’s why he wouldn’t let her inside.

Danny admits it and Christine gets up, thinking he’s enjoying pitting the two women against each other. Danny denies that, vehemently. “Not a bit!”

danny denies being a jerk

Phyllis says, “I actually am.” Christine tells Red to shove it.

Danny can’t handle this. If spending time with them is going to be like this, he thinks it’s a mistake to spend time with them at all. He runs off again.

phyllis likes the arguing


Next week spoilers for Y&R!

At Crimson Lights, Sally tells Chloe, “We are in serious trouble. Everything we  worked for, we could lose it all.”

sally says things are bad Y&R spoilers

Chloe rolls her eyes.

chloe unimpressed

At Society, Chelsea tells Billy, “I just got off a call with Connor’s school. The news was much worse than I thought.”

chelsea with billy

At Society, Chance is on a date with Summer and sees Nick with Phyllis. “Do you two want to join us?”

summer surprised

Phyllis says, “Sure.”

Nick says, “No, we’re not gonna do that. Are you having a good time on your ah… Is it a date?”

nick and phyllis go out

At the Athletic Club, Cole asks Victoria, “What’s wrong?”

Victoria says, “It’s my father. As usual, he’s gone too far.”

victoria annoyed by her dad

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