Victor Stops Adam From Allowing Chelsea To Take Connor to Anita & Sally Records Ashland Having an Episode

This is the Canadian Y&R day ahead recap from the Friday, July 9, 2021 episode, which airs in the USA Monday, July 12. In the previous episode, Adam learned that Anita broke her hip, and Chelsea wanted to go be with her. In this episode, Sharon convinces Adam to let Connor go with Chelsea, Ashland and Victoria talk to Nikki about their merger, and there’s a picnic in the park.

Ashland and Victoria flirt until Nikki appears at her office. She asks if they’re ready to “take this” public. Victoria asks if she’s talking about their relationship or business merger. “You tell me?” They thank her for keeping quiet and he flatters Nikki like crazy. She purses her lips and tells him flattery will get him nowhere. He goes to spend the afternoon with his “son.” Nikki’s proud of her kid but concerned that she’s building an emotional connection to a man who doesn’t appear to have much time left. “Relax mom. I have the situation and my emotions under control.” Later, she dreams that Ash found a new treatment. She says she’s ecstatic and he wants more time. “This changes everything,” she says. She wakes up startled.

ash victoria office young and restless

At the park, Adam refuses to let Chelsea take Connor with her to see Anita. They go back and forth over the same points before he goes.

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At Crimson Lights, Rey jokes with Sharon. He is investigating a felony. Some man wants to take advantage of his wife. They flirt and then she goes to make coffee until Abby calls, looking for Mariah. Sharon hasn’t heard from her and they disconnect. Sharon tells Rey Mariah’s on a business trip and hasn’t told anyone about it. She’s concerned.

sharon rey concerned young and restless

Jack sits at Society and flashes to his drink with Sally, where he told her he didn’t think them getting together is a good idea. She appears and tells him she came to celebrate something that happened at work. She asks him to join her and he gets a better offer —  a picnic with Harrison. She walks with him but assures him she’ll be on her way.

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Kyle sits on the Abbott sofa and flashes to telling his dad how much Harrison has changed his life. They pick up toys and she tells him Harrison’s going to pre-school in a few weeks. They agree the kid is what their family needs. He makes jokes about getting Harrison to help them clean his toys up and then Tara calls him out on it as if she has seen it before. She asks if he heard from Summer. He tells her no, that this must be the end for them. Tara pretends that it wasn’t her who blackmailed Summer and “wonders” if the dust will settle and says maybe it’s hard for him to move on. She links his relationship to hers with Ashland and says she has to build a future with Ash being out of the picture. Kyle thinks they’re in the same boat. She suggests a picnic in the park.

tara pick toys up young and restless

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At the ranch, Adam asks when Chelsea’s getting released. Her lawyer went to court this morning and read Dr. Hedges’ favorable report. Baldwin agreed to the release with restrictions. She can leave town only with a police escort. Adam says she is not interested in fighting them. Victor scoffs at that. He doesn’t like that her devious mother is in the mix, either. Adam checked and according to the hospital, the mother broke her hip. Victor still isn’t convinced. Adam is. Victor wishes Connor hadn’t seen his mother. Adam disagrees about that and Vic tells him not to be generous or weak, and not to forget how devious those two women are.

victor adam discuss chelsea young and restless

Chelsea walks into Crimson Lights and scares Sharon to death. Rey shows up. She’s been released. Chelsea explains she’s going to care for her mama but came to apologize to Sharon. Chelsea says Adam loves her more than herself. She calls it a twisted, one-sided love. She’s not sure if the aneurism or broken heart is what made her mentally unstable. Sharon is sympathetic to her but she chose to do what she did. If she didn’t feel she was getting love, she could have left Adam instead of striking out. Chelsea realizes that now. She regrets everything and feels woke now. She tells them that Adam and Victor decide when she can see her kid. She lays it on that she can’t bring her kid to see Anita and they can turn her kid against him. She’s not in control of her life. Sharon thanks her for her apology and hopes she’ll continue to get well. She goes and Chelsea thinks that went well. They discuss her going to see Anita and Rey wishes her the best. She hopes to find a way to repay him. She goes. Sharon reappears and Rey talks about Chelsea being at the mercy of Adam. Later, Adam arrives and Sharon explains Chelsea’s visit and gets into his business and asks to let Connor go with Chelsea to see Anita. She calls his dance with Chelsea toxic and tries to convince him. He doesn’t like the idea. She convinces him and he calls Connor to ask if he’d like to go on a trip with his mom. Chelsea arrives and Adam tells her he’s letting Connor go with her. She’s so happy until Victor shows up. He nixes the idea. “Connor’s not going anywhere.”

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Jack and Sally head to the park. Harrison goes to play and the men take off while Tara says she only packed enough for four. “I’m not staying,” she says. Sally fishes for information about Kyle and Tara redirects to ask after her and Jack. Sally enjoys being with him. Nearby, Kyle asks if he’s dating Sally. Jack says it’s not a date. Later, Tara asks Sally to record her and Harrison. Sally agrees to and when Ash shows up to be with his kid, Tara acts surprised. She didn’t invite him. He says to check her texts. She did so! He has pain in his chest and asks Kyle not to let his son see him this way. Kyle takes the kid away and Tara acts like she cares. She tells him he is terrified Harrison and he shakes his finger at her and tells her to get her dates correct. He goes and Kyle returns. Harrison was distracted by the ducks. Tara starts whining about what happens next. What will seeing Ashland getting sicker do to their son? They pack it all up and Jack returns. The men take their stuff to the car and Sally reappears to show Tara the video she got of Locke. Tara watches it and turns away from Sally and then asks how to delete it. She touches several buttons and then deletes it. She thanks Sally for not telling anyone what she saw.

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Victoria finds Ashland at Society. He’s on edge and won’t talk to her. He asks her to leave but she tells him they’re in this together. He apologizes. He’ll tell her everything.

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