Y&R Opinion: Unpopular Opinions, Summer Finally Summering, Is Stark Another Locke, and Boy That Audra’s An Odd Bird

Y&R opinion for December 5-9.

The last few weeks of Y&R have been dishing out pretty solid drama and I’m enjoying the show again. It means I also have some thoughts to share. 

Stark, Locke, whatever

Victor and even Tucker think that Stark’s bad news, which should make us believe the man is dangerous.

But it doesn’t because we’ve heard this exact same story when Ashland Locke when came to Genoa City.

Other than stealing from the mouths of kittens, he did nothing to warrant his reputation.

Sadly. Let’s hope Jeremy wreaks havoc on Genoa City!

jeremy stark in jabot office young and restless spoiler recaps soapsspoilers

Odd bird

The bird is odd. Truly. Audra is an odd bird for Sue Ellen Miskeying us. (Seinfeld reference)

Who directed that bit? Was it supposed to be as cringe-inducing as it was?

She could have been wearing sexy lingerie under that coat instead of the awkwardness of her bra and her skirt.

Instead, it was a clunky scene. And we didn’t even get to see them in bed. Not even discussing it afterward.

What was the point then? The pillow talk could have given us intel on what was coming with their obvious scheming.

The audience should know a little more than what they’re given.

audra shows her bra young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

Unpopular opinion time. Yeah, you thought that I wouldn’t have one but oh this is a good one.

Not a new one but one that not too many I assume will agree with.

I don’t think that Tucker having sex with Audra means that he doesn’t love Ashley.

Sex is not synonymous with love, no matter how many romance novels claim it is.

In fact, romance writers purposefully don’t write the male having sex with anyone else once the couple gets together to keep that narrative going.

But it doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s just part of a trope that sells books. But I digress.

I don’t think Tucker has changed and I don’t know if he loves Ashley.

It’s more likely he just wants to take over Jabot with her help. But his getting his rocks off has nothing whatsoever to do with loving anyone. 

tucker answers the door to audra young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

That said, I also don’t think Ashley would take him back if she knew he was boning Audra.

And Audra having sex with Tucker does not mean she’s not in love with Noah. It means she felt brutally rebuffed by him when he cast her aside and she needed to feel wanted. Tucker gave her that. 

And if you didn’t think he was banging Audra from the beginning then you can hand in your soap card. Kidding.

I just assumed so. I don’t have any idea if they were.


Unpopular opinion

I like Sally and Adam together, as I’ve stated in past opinion columns. And though I understand completely that a happy couple is a boring one in soaps, I would never have broken them up in the manner in which it was written.

This writing has me feeling like I couldn’t care less if they reunited. It could change. I hope it does but for now, I can’t help but feel that they’ve been ruined.

Some wonder what the point of them having sex one last time.

Sally already knew she didn’t want him back so the point was closure, I guess, but I thought we already had that.

All it did was cause Ally fans to get their hopes up for a reunion only to have my Sally waffle like Bold and Beautiful’s Ridge Forrester.

sally and adam about to reunite young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

Really unpopular opinion: I was bored during the Sally and Adam sex scene.

Bored, bored, bored. All that dialogue? Was that supposed to be romantic?

If so, count me out. I hope it was romantic for some because it all felt like dialogue from an old Harlequin novel.

sally dumps adam in bed Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

The interesting part was having Nick arrive as Adam was leaving the room and realizing she’d banged his brother while they were dating.

But he has to think about whether or not he’ll take her back because yeah, most men need a few days to figure out if they want some woman who can’t make up her mind about which brother’s peen she wants.

And if Nick forgives her and they stay together, that’s just going to leave a bad taste in my mouth. 

Rumour: My big concern is that all the talk about Sally winding up pregnant by one of the brothers will come true.

If it happens, no matter who the daddy is, I’m not interested in recycled storylines from the mid-1980s.

nick runs into adam outside sally's Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

Bromance is back

Currently, there aren’t really any friendships between women on the show.

With Amanda gone, Phyllis doesn’t really have a close friend other than Lauren and Michael who are rarely around.

But it looks like some got their wish and Adam and Chance’s bromance is back. It’s the perfect timing and seems to have made many happy. 

Chance needs a fling

I may or may not be more interested in Chance having a fling. He’s always hanging around Sharon, using her as a sounding board.

She’s due for some attention. She’s due for a proper story, too which also irritates me, but I’ll move on.

Has anyone else had thoughts about what might happen if Sharon closed late one night with Chance’s help and they had a bit of fun in one of the booths? No? Just me?

Hey, be thankful my filter is on and that I didn’t suggest what I was really thinking about! 

sharon learns abby and chance divorcing Y&R recaps soapsspoilers

If it looks like a date, it’s a date 

Billy and Chelsea had a date night where he made her laugh and they ate popcorn. Most of his wound up not in his mouth but on her carpet while they watched a children’s movie, all in the name of his continued mission to save her.

It’s unclear if he realizes he’s throwing his relationship with Lily away for one with Chelsea (his rapist) or if he’s purposefully cutting his losses because since Lily became the CEO of Chancellor-Winters, she’s not a damsel in distress to him.

Maybe he’s moved on because he can’t handle a woman in charge.

chelsea eats popcorn with billy young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

Not to worry. They’ve found a replacement for Billy in Daniel Romalotti.

I think Billy was right that Lily needs someone to try to mold and Daniel and all of his secrets might be in the right place at the right time for her.

I haven’t forgotten the problems they had during their first marriage and I’m not sure he’s matured much which could be nice and messy.

They still share chemistry, and he has some secrets which I hope don’t take a year to come out.

daniel red coat young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

Daniel reminded us he’s Phyllis’ son when he got in Lily’s face to tell her why he didn’t think she and Billy were good together. I admit, it rubbed me the wrong way, but I accept it, because it’s drama. 

In my past column, I talked about loving Daniel’s return. I loved seeing his family scenes this week with Phyllis and Summer and though the new Summer seemed to fit into the role as new and more mature Summer, (boring AF) I miss the old messy one.

summer acting more like summer young and restless spoilers recaps soapsspoilers

With Daniel back, he already seems to have brought her out of her shell. She finally had something to say to Nick about him dating Sally, which by now, honestly, she should be able to move on from.

What I’m missing is Phyllis having words with Nick about Sally.


summer gloomy young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

Daniel obviously has some secrets. His pitch was odd. Am I to understand he wants to create a multi-player gaming platform?

Like Discord? Does anyone else think it’s just a rouse for him to get into CW and take it down from the inside because he’s in an alliance with Tucker?

Perhaps Tucker and Jeremy Stark? In last Friday’s column, I thought it’d be soapy if Daniel was being forced to do Tucker’s bidding because he was maybe holding Heather and Lucy hostage.

Soapy, but would this show go there? On General Hospital, yes. Y&R? Who knows.

daniel meets lily devon meeting young and restless spoilers recaps soapsspoilers


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Tucker would never use his grandson as a pawn?

Who knew that Tucker would be as adorable with Dominic in his arms as Devon is?

When he gave the baby back to his mama, the boy just cried, and cried.

We know, little guy. We know. I loved that Tucker got on the floor with his grandson and talked to him, played with him and that Dom spoke, for the first time!

That was the highlight of the week for me. 

tucker, dominic and devon play together on carpet young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

Off the top of my head, I can’t recall seeing that happen in soaps.

Y&R does family right. But there’s no way I’ll believe that Tucker would never use his grandson as a pawn.

I like Tucker but trust him as much as I’d trust my Diane or my Phyllis!

I loved that he was greatly amused when Diane told him, “You’re like a really rich toddler, throwing a tantrum.” 

Crocodile tears or the real deal?

I love my Diane and though her fear seemed genuine when Jeremy Stark found her alone at the Abbott mansion, I am having a hard time buying her innocence.

None of those flashbacks showed her fear of the guy. She never mentioned him being dangerous until these rewrites now. 

If Stark was this dangerous, she’d have known spending his money was unwise since one day he’d be released from prison.

And she kept the name Taylor Jensen. It’s not as if she was hiding from him. I tend to wonder if she was in cahoots the entire time. Considering it’s Y&R, I’m probably wrong.  

We all knew Jack was being played by Diane and he moved her into the mansion just like we thought he would.

He even offered to pay off Stark. Jack never learns, but the drama makes watching worthwhile.

diane sobs young and restless recaps soapsspoilers

Kyle doesn’t instill fear

I love Kyle but he just doesn’t instill fear. Look at Phyllis’ smile here when he yelled about her reckless behavior.

That was me the entire time. Going to Stark’s room (how did he get in to the hotel?) and warning the man to Leave Britney alone leave Diane Jenkins alone was hilarious. 

Please feel free to leave us a comment about the show.

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