While Romancing Abby, Chance Has to Stop Devon and Nate From Fighting — & Audra Grills Nate About the IPO

In this episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless, Chance and Abby have a night out on the town, Devon and Nate fight in public, and Audra advises Lily not too trust anyone.  

In the previous episode, Talia interviewed Tucker and Diane confessed to everything she did before returning to Genoa City.

(The Canadian Y&R day ahead recap for October 21, 2022 episode airs in the USA October 24. Recaps live by 4:15 PM EST daily.)

Chance calls Noah from Society to ask Noah to reserve a spot for him and Abby at The Glam Club.

When they disconnect, Abby appears from the kitchen, frazzled and dirty.

She says someone in the kitchen cut their finger and she had to clean a grease trap.

abby all dirty Y&R

She asks why her husband is dressed up.

He shows her flowers and says he wanted to take her out.

She is a mess and wants to reschedule but tomorrow, Chance is busy.

He misses her. Abby realizes they need this.

She goes into the back to work out some minor details. She will be right back.

chase misses wife YR

Devon arrives at Chancellor-Winters to tell Lily he confronted Nate about stabbing them in the back.

He says Nate accused him of driving him to betray them. Lily doesn’t follow.

He fills her in a little more and she disagrees with Nate but thinks it’s worth it to do soul-searching and see if there’s truth to what Nate said about their father.

devon done with Nate Y&R

Devon says okay, but wants to change the subject. Lily tells him she and Billy spoke with Jill who was furious.

Devon gets that. Lily says she wants to go forward with the IPO after they figure out where the other threat is coming from.

Devon doesn’t think it matters.

They’re open to threats. They argue.

Devon is not convinced so they table the discussion.

Lily thinks that the company has torn them apart. Devon says no, Nate did that.

He’s done with Nate. Lily wants to fix it. They wonder who the other CEO is.

Devon still thinks it’s his bio dad.

lily says company tore apart young and restless cbs soapsspoilers

Tucker returns to his suite to find Audra.

He tells her that he agreed to be grilled by Talia Morgan.

Audra’s surprised since he got her last article trashed.

He was feigning being an open book.

tucker says family sacred Y&R

He says he’s not sure if Victoria’s the one colluding with Nate.

They need a new plan of attack.

She thinks they need a way for him to undermine the company so he can take it over.

He says only he and Katherine’s grandson should be running her company.

He needs Audra to help make it happen.

audra talks ipo vicky YOUNG Restless

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Back at Society, Noah finds Nate beating himself up in a corner. He offers to listen.

They talk about wondering if people can change.

Noah thinks of his ex.

Nate doesn’t want to compare or elaborate on his troubles.

Once Noah’s gone, Nate thinks of calling Elena.

He sighs.

Abby and Chance stroll in.

nate upset devon club yr

They think the place is as fabulous as how she looks. Noah’s grateful they’re there.

They wonder what Nate’s doing alone but Noah says to leave him be.

Abby asks after Allie. “Couldn’t be better,” he says.

nate beats self up young restless

Once he’s gone, Abby wonders what’s up with Allie. Chance hasn’t noticed.

He can’t keep his eyes off her. They smooch. 

Later, Noah thinks of an argument between him and Audra when she accused the owner of a gallery of giving him a showing because she wanted to sleep with him.

He yelled, “What’s the matter with you?”

abby fab pink Y&R

Back at their table, Abby and Chance toast to the few who have found their perfect spouse.

They say I love you and drink. Tucker strolls in and Abby’s pissed.

Chance wants her to ignore him but she worries he’ll want to meet their son.

Chance asks her to leave it alone tonight. Devon appears.

He didn’t know Nate would be there and isn’t sure he wants to stay.

nate pissed devon club Y&R

Nate sees him and stands up, chin jutted out. He moves to leave and Devon snaps at him.

Devon lashes out and says what he told him about Neil was true. They start arguing and the fight gets louder. 

Nearby, Abby wants to get in the middle. She knows that things have gotten physical in the past.

Chance gets in the middle of the men as the argument gets louder.

Both cousins tell one another they’re not worth each other’s time.

Noah appears and Devon tells him everything is fine.

chance between men Y&R

Abby worries. Later, Devon refuses to admit that Nate’s the one who screwed over their IPO.

They discuss how ne’er do well has advantages.

He thinks it’s nice Devon is not like him.

They balance each other out.

Devon wants to spend more time with him.

He has Dominic this weekend and invites Tucker to meet him.

Tucker’s thrilled. Nearby, Chance tries to get Abby’s attention.

nate club bio dad Y&R

He gets a text and Abby encourages him to take it before they’re in the art gallery nearby, making out.

Chance checks and says the notification isn’t urgent. 

Back at their table, Devon relents and admits Nate’s the one who ruined the IPO.

He misses Neil but doesn’t think it’s held him back from anything.

He admits Nate thinks his connection to Neil will be the company’s downfall.

According to him, nobody can measure up to Neil’s legacy. Tucker asks if it’s true.

If so, Tucker thinks Devon needs to think long and hard about it.

abby stares tucker Y&R

Lily calls Audra to her table at Crimson Lights.

Audra offers to lend an ear or make suggestions about the IPO but Lily’s too blindsided to talk business now. Audra claims she gets it.

She validates Lily’s feelings. Lily says Devon and Billy are as furious that Nate let them down.

lily advice audra Y&R

She blames herself for proposing the merger and encouraging Nate to take the job.

She thought they were protected from a hostile takeover.

Audra has seen a lot of backstabbing in the corporate world. She tells Lily, “Trust no one.”

She starts to share that a guy she was once with took off on her without resolving their feelings.

When money and power are involved, she tells Lily that masks come off.

audra says trust nobody Y&R

Lily thinks that people can also surprise them. Her dad taught her that.

She wishes he were there.

Audra advises going ahead with the IPO and not let the transgressions of one man hurt their chances.

Lily goes and Nate pops up.

audra appreciate nate Y&R

He assumes Audra sees him as the enemy.

She says she had to put in overtime to figure out what came next but he’s no enemy.

She appreciates him and wants to know all about what he did.

nate confused by audra Y&R

He says Devon was so focused on family that it got in the way of business.

He encourages her to ask Devon but says he lacks self-awareness.

Nate realizes he should tell her nothing. He’s trying to learn from his mistakes.

audra pretty blue Y&R

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