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Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for Y&R from Monday, August 30 to Friday, September 3.

Monday, August 30

New comings and goings at Y&R!

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Victor helps Abby through a crisis, he gifts her baby a little bear.
Mariah reunites with Tessa and Sharon.
Chelsea meets Sally via video chat and doesn’t like what she sees.
Adam listens to Chelsea complain about Sally having a bad track record.
Adam invites Sally to the Newman party.
Nick and Phyllis discuss his concerns over his sister’s impending marriage.

Tuesday, September 1

Victor is skeptical of Billy’s intentions.
Elena considers a new professional opportunity.
Lily finds herself in a stand-off with Victoria.

Wednesday, September 2

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Adam surprises everyone when he arrives at the Newman Media party with somebody.
Victor prepares himself for a confrontation with Billy.
Nick faces a lashing Victoria.

Thursday, September 3

Billy is caught in a compromising position.
Amanda and Devon trade secrets.
Sally arrives at the launch party with Adam.
Sally receives the cold shoulder from Nikki at the party.
Phyllis’ feud with Sally takes a chilling turn when Phyllis pours a bucket of ice over Sally’s head in front of everyone at Newman Media’s launch party.

Friday, September 4

Victor and Adam share their plans for Newman Media’s future.
Mariah is haunted by her past.

Y&R fall preview from Soap Opera Digest:

Victor continues his investigation into Ashland’s past with the help of Phyllis and Nick.
Lily becomes concerned about Billy’s relationship with Victoria.
Jack gets support from Lauren and Phyllis, and his renewed feelings for Red impact Phyllis and Nick.
Amanda sets out to make Sutton pay for her father, Richard’s death while Sutton fights back.
Kyle and Summer return this fall and reunite with family for a visit.
Mariah surprises Tessa when she proposes a life-changing decision for the couple.
Both Chelsea and Sally have an eye on Adam.
Victor asks Adam to keep watch over what Chance Comm is up to.
Amanda is supportive of Devon as he attempts to figure out his role in Dominic’s life.
Sharon and Rey are supportive of Mariah while she works through the aftermath of the kidnapping.

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