Young and Restless Spoilers June 6-10: Lily and Billy Have a Breakthrough, and Victor and Nikki Scheme to Use Adam

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Y&R opinion: Phyllis’ petty side returned and cost her Jack

Victor makes a shocking announcement, Nate makes a bold move, Ashley and Traci walk down memory lane and Jill worries about Billy’s future. Victor keeps Adam in line, Victoria cuts ties, a surprise awaits Mariah and Tessa, and Elena keeps an eye on Imani.

Meanwhile, Sharon squeals as she sees Mariah and Tessa arrive from their honeymoon, Ashland sits with Victoria in her robe as she tells him she wants to get away with him. This time, she doesn’t want to just fantasize about it.

teriah home honeymoon young restless

She wants to do it. And Phyllis is surprised at Jack. “You’re done. After all of this. This is the end?”
Jack tells her, Yeah, this is the end. Goodbye.”

jack dumps phyllis young restless

Monday, June 6

Monday’s Y&R recap: Victoria reunites with Ashland

Victor forces Ashland out of town.
Victoria goes to see Ashland after he texts that he loves her.

Adam plots his revenge.
Phyllis apologizes to Jack.

Jack dumps Phyllis.
Diane drives a wedge between Jack and Phyllis.

ashland shocked young restless

Tuesday, June 7

Y&R recap: Victoria shocks family – she’s quitting Newman and leaving town

Diane empathizes with Ashland.
Allie and Jack bond over being runners.

Allie talks about plans to see Genoa City.
Summer and Kyle turn to Jack for guidance.

Summer and Kyle are happy that Jabot has bought Marchetti.
Victor and Nikki receive shocking news.

ashland and diane say goodbye YR

Wednesday, June 8

Wednesday’s Y&R recap – Victoria walks out on her family, while Adam celebrates

Nick confides in Sharon.
Victor makes a promise to Victoria.

Victor vows to protect his family at all costs.
Victoria asserts her independence.

Victor gives Ashland a visit.

mariah holds tessa hand young restless

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Y&R opinion: Phyllis’ petty side returned and cost her Jack

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Thursday, June 9

Thursday’s Y&R recap: Billy’s outraged by Victoria and baffled when Lily delivers an ultimatum 

Victor takes matters into his own hands.
Victoria has a bag packed.
Kyle comes to Chelsea’s rescue.
Chelsea makes an unexpected ally.
Lily loses patience with Billy.
Lily tells Billy she can’t take it anymore with how he acts with Victoria.
Billy does damage control.

adam worries about chelsea YR

Friday, June 10

Friday’s Y&R recap: Victor sets a trap for Victoria that will anger and hurt Adam

Victor and Nikki make a painful decision.
Victor and Nikki agree to set a trap to make Adam CEO which will lure Victoria home.
Elena’s exhausted and has to work the night of the launch party.

Imani razzes Elena for being tired and looking tired.
Elena sizes up the competition.

Victoria stands her ground with Nick.
Nick is supportive and decides he will remain so.

Lily and Billy have a break through.
The party is almost ready to begin.

lily ring from billy young restless

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