Young and Restless Spoilers July 18-22: Sally Runs Into Adam & Victoria’s Stunned to Find Locke Stalking her House

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for the CBS soap opera, Y&R, from Monday, July 18 to Friday, July 22

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This week has Ashley shocking Jack, Nick taking matters into his own hands, while Ashland is backed into a corner and Adam throws Sally a curveball.

Meanwhile, Nick protects Victoria from Ashland when he notices that there’s a light on in her house, yet she’s not coming to the door when he knocks.

Elsewhere, Adam decides he’s determined not to let Sally get fired from Newman Media, so he breaks up with her so his sister will not think he has influence over her.

Adam’s cruel to Sally during the break up but she doesn’t believe him and realizes what he’s up to.

ashley unmoved diane yr

Monday, July 18

Monday’s Y&R recap: Locke is locked up and exchanges threats with Victor

Allie, Noah, Mariah and Tessa sit by the pool and talk about Noah’s career.

Allie makes a slip.

Noah makes a tough decision. He’ll leave New Hope and wants to open a night club.

Tessa makes a confession. She’s afraid of surgery tomorrow.

nikki loves victoria speech young restless

Ashland is caught by the cops, arrested and tossed in jail.

Victor has a press conference where he details changes to the company.

Diane asks if Kyle’s upset with her.

tessa afraid young restless

Tuesday, July 19

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: Adam dumps Sally, breaking her heart

Nick forms an alliance with Phyllis and Ashley.

Phyllis plots her revenge.

Ashley and Nikki decide to help Phyllis get to Diane.

Ashley surprises Jack by telling him that Phyllis deserves forgiveness.

Adam dumps Sally, who sees right through him until he’s cruel.

adam hates what he did to sally young restless

Sally is devastated.

Adam makes a sacrifice to help Sally.

Sally asks Victoria and Nick to save her job.

Allie and Noah kiss for the first time.

allie and noah first kiss young restless

Wednesday, July 20

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Adam offers Locke a partnership but he turns him down

Ashley clashes with Phyllis.

Phyllis learns that Jack trusts Diane and she flies off the handle.

Victoria tests Sally. She’ll let her keep her job for 90 days.

Sally tells Vicky she hired Chloe.

Jack shares words of wisdom with Allie about Noah.

Ashland plans his retaliation.

Sally calls Adam to talk about him dumping her to save her job. He ignores her.

sharon glow dark dress young restless

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Thursday, July 21

Thursday’s Y&R recap: Ashland stalks Victoria

Adam warns Victor that Locke is gunning for him and Vicky.

Victor doesn’t care about Locke.

Victor questions Adam’s motives.

Jack and Phyllis navigate the status of their relationship.

Jack reveals he still loves Phyllis.

Victor loses his patience with Adam.

Lily considers expanding her portfolio.

Lily offers Red to buy her hotel but she doesn’t want to sell.

lily makes offer phyllis young restless

Friday, July 22

Friday’s Y&R recap: Ashland stalks and threatens Victoria

Victoria’s nervous at home by herself.

Billy visits Victoria to tell her he and Lily are going away for business. He notes she’s nervous.

Victoria receives an unexpected visitor.

Nick learns that Noah is quitting New Hope.

Sally tells Chloe about their jobs dependant on whether Sally works out.

Sally runs into Adam by chance.

Chelsea taunts Sally about making her way to the top using sex.

Nick worries about Ashland’s state of mind.

Billy collaborates with Chelsea on their project.

Ashland stalks Victoria outside her home and she lets him in.

Ashland yells angrily and threatens Victoria.

Nick arrives at Victoria’s house.

ashland about to have heart attack yells young restless


Teasers the week of July 25:

Victor takes matters into his own hands.

Kyle delivers some bad news.

Nick gives Sally unsolicited advice.

nick outside vicky's

Nate and Devon struggle working together.

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