Young & Restless Spoilers January 17-21: Nikki Catches Ashland in a Compromising Position & Victor Plans to Attack

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for The Young and the Restless from Monday, January  17 to Friday, January 20.

The umbrella story coming has to do with Ashland Locke and his secrets. Victor lets Michael know that he’s wary of Ashland who seems to be surprisingly recovering from cancer, that he was supposed to have died from. He decides to ask Michael to discreetly investigate, knowing that he’ll do what it takes to get to the truth. Michael agrees to the job, which leads to more questions than answers.

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Monday, January 17

Victor tells Michael he doesn’t trust Ashland.
Victor recruits Michael to help protect the Newman legacy.
Devon shares his concerns about Chance.
Abby is upset by Devon’s lack of faith in their parenting.
Adam questions Victoria’s motives.
Victoria gloats.
Billy’s back and talks with Lily about Adam’s text.
Billy and Lily make love.

Monday’s day ahead recap: Abby has a meltdown on Devon

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Tuesday, January 18

Nikki catches Ashland in a compromising position.
Mariah strategizes with Devon.
Phyllis receives a painful reminder from Nick.

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Wednesday, January 19

Billy makes a deal with Adam.
Chelsea plots against Sally.
Lily takes on a new venture.

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Thursday, January 20

Tessa pulls out all the stops to impress Mariah.
Abby turns to Christine for advice.
Noah sets the record straight with Nick.

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Friday, January 21

Victor launches a plan of attack.
Michael keeps Lauren in suspense.
Abby makes a big decision.

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