Young and Restless Spoilers May 30-June 3: Allie Rejects Noah, and Victoria and Nikki Return From Their Spa Trip

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Victor builds his defense.
Sharon stands her ground.

Elena loses patience with Imani.
Noah sets his sights on someone new.

noah makes moves allie young restless

Monday, May 30

Monday’s Y&R recap: Diane taunts Phyllis and Sharon rips into Locke

Y&R opinion: Man pain, low energy pairings and is Phyllis using Jack?

Victor recruits a new ally in his plot against Ashland. Summer.
Summer decides her grandfather is right. She should either go to court to get Ashland out of their lives or at least talk to Kyle.

Kyle’s torn between what to do about Locke and Summer.
Phyllis and Jack have a picnic.

The picnic is crashed by Locke and Diane.
Diane listens to Ashland’s story and doesn’t seem to mind that he lied about having cancer.

Sharon stands her ground with Locke.
Noah and Allie share a coffee.
Phyllis and Jack strategize to keep Summer and Kyle in town.
diane gloats young and restless soapsspoilers

Tuesday, May 31

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: Nick and Sharon visit Cassie’s grave

Devon and Nate share a difference of opinion.
Nate worries to Elena about his relationship with Devon.
Elena is tired.

Elena has a nightmare that Imani wants to shower with Nate.
Chance and Sharon talk about Rey and how they’re doing since he died.

Chance makes a promise. He cleans up Rey’s old cases.
Sharon and Nick reminisce about their past.
Sharon and Nick visit Cassie’s grave.

elena being bland with imani young and the restless

Wednesday, June 1

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Ashland gets a restraining order from Michael

Victor and Phyllis took a risk that lands both of them in a rocky situation.
Kyle struggles over the possible outcome of the big decision he is about to make.

Kyle and Summer decide to get a restraining order against Ashland.
Ashland is shocked to hear he can’t see his son.

jack phyllis watch diane check out young and restless

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Y&R opinion: Man pain, low energy pairings and is Phyllis using Jack?

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Thursday, June 2

Thursday’s Y&R: Imani ignores Amanda’s warning about Nate

Jack catches Phyllis off guard.
Phyllis airs her dirty laundry.

Phyllis hurts Jack when she tells Diane she was marking her territory by sleeping with him.
Elena sends Imani a message. Stay away from her man.

Diane keeps up appearances.

elena sees nate comfort imani young and the restless

Friday, June 3

Friday’s Y&R recap: Ashland warns Victor and Amanda advises Phyllis to stop blaming Diane for her mistakes

Noah makes advances on Allie, which she hilariously rebuffs.
Allie and Noah bond over being opposites.

Diane and Traci talk about what’s next for Allie.
Victor devises another defense tactic to defend his interests from Ashland.

Ashland is angered to receive the restraining order.
Victoria and Nikki return from their spa getaway.

victor talks dark cloud young restless

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