Young and Restless Spoilers June 20-24: Victor Sets a Trap, Tessa Faces a Crisis & Adam Tries to Help Chelsea

Soaps Spoilers’ full list of spoilers for the CBS soap opera, Y&R, from Monday, June 20 to Friday, June 24

Y&R spoilers for the next two weeks! Y&R spoilers June 27- July 1. Victor reveals his game plan… and more.

Coming up! Adam tries to help Chelsea, Jack makes an intriguing offer, and Diane plays the sympathy card. Meanwhile, Gloria returns!

The spoilers below all have revised airdates for Young and Restless since an episodes was pre-empted from last week. You’ll see Monday June 27th spoilers on this page in addition to this week.

Coming up this week! Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) is back from visiting her son Danny, and she’s got a new mindset. Or does she?

phyllis hides in her hat young restless

Take a look at this week’s Y&R spoiler video promo where Summer says that her mother and Diane would kill each other if given a chance. Phyllis tells her BFF Michael, “I will never forgive what she did to me and some people I love.”

Kyle and Summer have concerns about what Phyllis plotting against Kyle’s mom. Phyllis tells someone on a call, “Sometimes people need to learn their lessons!”

Game meet game. The excitement is on.


Young and Restless is happy that the Creative Arts Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Song and Outstanding Casting has gone to their show. SoapsSpoilers has the touching song that played tribute to Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John).

Monday, June 20

Monday’s Y&R day ahead recap: Nikki goads Michael into digging up dirt.

Nikki recruits Michael for a new project.
Billy gives Jill a progress report.

Diane wants a favor from Kyle.
Imani offers Nate support.

Jill learns from Billy what Ashland did and that Victoria’s run off with him.
Billy’s feeling restless.

Amanda worries about Phyllis.
Summer admits she’s behind Phyllis’ trip to see Daniel.

diane michael drinks again restless soapsspoilers cbs

Tuesday, June 21

Tuesday’s Y&R recap: Phyllis returns to Genoa City in disguise and eavesdrops on Jack and Diane.

Kyle takes on a challenge. He’ll be CEO of Marchetti.
Summer’s happy with Kyle.

Lauren hears the idea about having Marchetti rolled into Jabot.
Summer thinks Chelsea could sketch for both companies.

Chloe and Chelsea share a difference of opinion.
Gloria steps in and gets Chloe and Chelsea to make up.

Jack, who said he would never talk to Diane about Phyllis, spills that they’re never getting back together.

chelsea irresponsible young restless

Wednesday, June 22

Wednesday’s Y&R recap: Adam tells Victor he knows why he gave him the CEO position

Victor rallies the troops to help Victoria.
Michael is asked to do some work for Victor, knowing how much he hates Ashland.

Chelsea revisits her past.
Lily makes an interesting discovery.

Lily overhears Billy’s call to Victoria.
Chelsea’s having a hard time.

Nikki goes to Billy for answers.
Sally gets a new “corporate outfit.”

Michael has advice for Victor.
Adam’s on to Victor.

lily billy talk bro young and the restless soapsspoilers cbs

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Thursday, June 23

Y&R recap: Amanda learns her mom is very ill

Amanda learns disturbing news. Her mother is in the hospital and very ill.
Amanda and Imani talk about visiting their mama.

Imani learns Elena’s going on a trip without Nate and wants to use it to her advantage.
Elena annoys Nate when she goes above his head to ask Devon if he can get time off.

Elena’s headed to Miami for a conference.

Michael points Diane in the right direction.
Michael asked for details from Diane.

Adam confronted his father about hiring him as CEO to get back at Victoria.
Phyllis extends an olive branch.

Jack i s disappointed that Kyle will leave Jabot to head up Marchetti.
Diane seizes an opportunity with Jack.

imani bad news mama young and the restless

Friday, June 24

Y&R recap: Phyllis and Diane call a truce

Victor derails Victoria’s new venture by setting a trap for Ashland.
Victor wants Michael to ensure Victoria can’t get anywhere with her new company.

Sally shows Adam her new uber conservative look.
Adam and Sally have sex in his office.

Nick hears from his sister who tells him she’s in NYC.
Victor already knows where his daughter is, but Nick tells him anyway.

Phyllis is upset that Summer wants her to call a truce with Diane.
Phyllis is petty when she does call the truce.

Diane goes to Jack to gloat.
Jack doesn’t want to hear Diane talk dirty about Phyllis.

Phyllis asks Jack to meet her.

victor ashland breakfast YR

Monday, June 27

Jack stands his ground with Phyllis.
Tessa faces an unexpected issue.
Nick contemplates a change of scenery.

tessa apartment young restless

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